[Top 4] GTA V Best Cocaine Lockups

GTA 4 Best Cocaine Lockups
Cocaine can help you get the big bucks in GTA!

If you want to make major bucks within Grand Theft Auto V, starting a business is a great option for you. There are a plethora of illegal business opportunities within the game.

 However, selling coke, the Big C, powder - that's right cocaine - is a viable option!  When starting your own cocaine business you will see a variety of different locations. But, which one is the best? Here I will discuss the top Cocaine Lockup Locations to make your business a success!


4. Paleto Bay: 

This location is a warehouse option. It cost $1,098,000 and is at the very bottom of the list strictly due to its location. It is the farthest location in the city. Since driving time is a factor in these missions, having a reasonable central home base is essential to making sure you make that high profit. Every second counts in a cocaine heist!

What Makes Paleto Bay Awesome? 

  • Great price
  • If you love driving in the game, this would be a good option
  • Somewhat reasonable for outside the city heist, unreasonable for city heist.

Paleto Bay Details: 

Paleto Bay is located north of Blaine County in San Andreas. It is a small coastal town that has a variety of shops but not a lot of notable business to buy besides the cocaine lockup location. 

3. Elysian Island

This location is in a large industrial warehouse. It cost $1,462,500. It is located in the harbours of GTA V and although it is far away from any heist outside of the city, it is a prime location for any heist inside the city. Although it is on the pricier side, it is a great location for your cocaine ventures. 

What makes Elysian Island Awesome? 

  • Good price point
  • Great for city cocaine heist
  • Wanting an industrial warehouse vibe

Elysian Island Details: 

Located on the port of Los Santos, it is considered the industrial district of Los Santos. 

2. Alamo Sea 

This location is a debate between GTA V players: Alamo Sea Vs Morning Wood.  Alamo Sea’s price point is low at $975,000. Although it is randomized, people agree that being so close to the Sandy Shores location is where most cocaine operations happen and the roads are quick and accessible in and out of the city. 

You will get a shabby and grimy looking place but it is a good option for players who are low on cash. It is far from the city but close to other cocaine missions that can occur in Sandy Shores or Blaine County. 

What Makes the Alamo Sea Awesome?

  • Good price point for players low on cash
  • Close to outside the city  cocaine opportunities 
  • A good start-up cocaine location 
  • Accessible roads to and from the city. 

Alamo Sea Details: 

The Alamo Sea is considered an oasis in the desert. It is located within Blaine County. 


The Morning Wood location is the ideal location for GTA V players and the best option in my opinion. Personally, I prefer the city over the desert and it still offers easy road access for all of your cocaine missions.  

It is the most expensive option of everything available starting at $1,825,500. Although it is a pricer option it offers great amenities for players. 

What Makes Morningwood Awesome? 

  • Central to both and outside the city cocaine missions
  • Located in the upper-class part of the city 
  • If you like the city vibe, this is a great option 

Morningwood Details:

Located in the more affluent and wealthy part of San Andreas, Los Santos, this location offers a prime spot of players. Located close to the city and other areas on the map this location will help to cut down your driving time and make a profit. If you enjoy the city life and all that it has to offer then I would recommend starting your cocaine ventures in Morningwood! 

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