10 Reasons Why GTA Online Is Addictive

The addictive features of GTA Online
Sometimes, it's okay to develop an addiction

Leave drugs alone… get addicted to GTA Online

A good reason why GTA Online is still alive, even after 9 years since its launch, is because of its addictive elements. The reason why it’s addictive is not that it’s a gambling game or something, it’s purely because of how fun it gets to play, and the interest you develop over time to earn money is unmatchable.

Rockstar has done a commendable job of releasing free DLCs that have kept the players coming back for more. The drip feed and new missions the game brings every year have addictively hooked the players to keep an eye out on what Rockstar will be offering for every update.

This article lists the 10 reasons why players are so loyal to GTA Online. 


10. Fantastic Controls

Controls that feel grippy

What good is a game if it has the best graphics or storyline but has janky controls? Luckily, GTA Online doesn’t disappoint at all in the controls department. From the player movement all the way up to flying a helicopter, the controls respond predictably and have sufficient weight to them depending on the vehicle you’re driving or the activity you’re doing.

Rockstar added great effort in adjusting the controls based on what the player tends to do. Even from the point of playing the game just for experiencing and appreciating the controls, it’s still worth it. 


9. Fast Supercars

Stylish whips

Commuting with your average daily driver sure gets boring. You just feel like getting yourself an exclusive car that’s going to turn heads and get you the missing attention you deserve. It’s a masculine dream to drive around in fancy and fast supercars. Or else, you just live the rest of your life with that missing piece. 

GTA Online is a great getaway for driving around in extraordinary-looking cars. Whether it’s a Mercedes you fancy or a Lamborghini that’s going to give you a warm feeling, the game offers unmatchable replicas of famous supercars. It’s not only the design that’s going to excite you, but also the speedy performance and crisp controls that’ll motivate you to keep buying more.


8. Flying Jets and Stunt Planes

Flying that's fun

If you’ve watched Top Gun, then you know how tempting it is to become a pilot and fly around at supersonic speed. It’s your innate rebellion that whispers in your ears to get hold of a fighter jet and start performing ridiculous maneuvers and stunts. 

GTA Online has a spectacular collection of lethal fighter jets and amusing stunt planes. Flying around in them is an absolute blast. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself logging on to the game just for the sake of flying back and forth across the map to appreciate the flying mechanics. Plus, you’ll get a guaranteed smile on your face when you fly through narrow gaps beneath bridges and pull off outrageous stunts.


7. Scenic Landscapes

Serene nature

One of the most joyous things you can do in GTA Online is to just hop in your convertible, tune in to your favorite radio station, and go on a long and scenic 20km+ drive that circles the entire map. 

Especially gazing at the sunset while passing through Chumash is a sure-fire drive to make your worries fade away. Aside from the beautiful beaches and shores, the wilderness and mountains in GTA Online are jaw-dropping. Once you get a distant look at Mount Chiliad and Josiah, you get compelled to go on an off-road journey to explore what’s more beyond what the eye can see. Raton Canyon, Zancudo Lago, Paleto Forest, all these areas, and a ton more, are going to keep you busy finding a great escape from the city. 


6. Fun Races

Competitive clashes on the road

Racing against players in GTA Online is a great way of testing your might and driving experience. Once you start getting close to winning, you become obsessed to continue challenging others – you start to experience a different essence of what the game has to offer.

Racing with different classes of vehicles gets really fun over time. You start to appreciate the unlimited possibilities of track layouts across the entire map. It’s not just the normal races that are enjoyable, the stunt races are also really fun. The element of competition gets an admirable boost when you have to perform all sorts of whacky jumps.


5. Great Adversary Modes

Establish commendable rivalries

If you get tired of playing freemode missions in GTA Online, you can always live true to your combative spirit by playing adversary modes. The types of game modes you have at your disposal are just amazing. From team deathmatches to fighting in a sumo-style setting in your car, you just don’t run out of what you can possibly do. 

On weeks when some of the adversary modes start paying double, triple, or even quadruple money, you must jump on these jobs and begin scourging your rivals with full force.


4. Magnificent Graphics

Stunning visuals

To this day, GTA Online still holds up to the standard in terms of visuals and graphics. It’s 9 years old and it still sets the benchmark for many new games that use advanced engines and graphic settings, and rightfully so. The attention to detail and impressive graphics optimization make the game awe-inspiring.

The sunsets, the rain, the clouds, and the distance scaling indulge you in the grand world of GTA Online. Just in consideration of the game’s graphics, you get motivated to keep playing. 

The game was truly ahead of its time, and it still holds strong competition for newer titles.


3. Endless Activities

You won't get easily bored

Skydiving, playing darts, watching movies, and even arm wrestling; GTA Online has it all. Once you step foot in Los Santos, you won’t be disappointed by the limitless activities you can take part in, and that’s a good reason why many players that started playing GTA Online a long time ago still play the game to this day. 

Not only are there untold activities, but they’re also genuinely entertaining to carry out. As soon as you get hold of a group of friends, you can start having a blast battling each other. The moment you go down this rabbit hole, it gets difficult to swap GTA Online with other games.


2. Great Car Culture

Riding in style is the name of the game

The most appealing factor of GTA Online is the accessibility to great-looking cars. The scope of customizability of many cars is beyond imagination at times. You can turn an average-looking motor into a tarmac-avulsing beast.  

The car meets culture and showing off your whip to other players has become the backbone of flexing in GTA Online. Plus, the fact that many of the cars in the game resemble real-life sports and supercars has got the players enthusiastically logging on to Legendary Motorsports and Sothern San Andreas to confirm their next purchase; you can’t really blame them.


1. Heists with Friends

Nothing beats a good time with the boys

Getting your gear ready and maxing out on snacks and ammo, all for carrying out a heist with your close buddies, is probably one of the best feelings you can have in GTA Online. The story-driven heists in the game allure you to keep progressing so you can keep up with the events taking place across the city as a continuation of GTA V’s storyline.

The best component of all this is that you get to share the experience with your friends. Surely, many veterans of the game are still active because they’re not really in the struggle to earn more money, they just want to spend time with their friends and have a good laugh all while sneaking into The Diamond Casino or infiltrating the missile silo of Mount Chiliad. 



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