[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Weapons In The Game (Early To Late Game)

A hunter must hunt.

If you have been playing video games for a long time, you must have heard of Bloodborne, FromSoftware’s most underrated and accomplished PlayStation-exclusive game that introduced fast-paced gameplay to the traditional Souls games and formed the Borne in the SoulsBorne genre.

To counter the hordes of deadly enemies that you will face in Bloodborne, you will need to have the best weapons in your arsenal if you need to survive another night of the hunt. Some weapons do not deal enough damage to the enemies, but here in this list, we will show you what to have in each stage of the game, be it in the early phases of the game, in the middle, or in the late game where the most dangerous of enemies can drive you to frenzy.

Here are some of the Best Weapons in-game that we know you won’t regret picking up. Let us go into the battle; after all, a hunter must hunt.


10. Hunter Axe

Hunter Axe

When you first start off Bloodborne by dying against the beast in Iosefka’s Clinic and awakening in the Hunter’s Dream. You are presented with three starting trick weapons that will determine your playstyle throughout your walkthrough. The Hunter Axe is one of them and is arguably the strongest starting weapon to choose from in the first phase of the game.

One of the only starting trick weapons that can turn dual-handed, it has a great damage output against enemies and is pretty great for crowd control as well as the boss fight against Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne.

It is a Strength-based weapon, so increasing the Strength stat of your character will definitely increase the attack of this weapon, making you an even more formidable hunter amongst other hunters.

Hunter Axe Strengths:

  • Transforms into a two-handed weapon that is effective for crowd-control of enemies and dealing damages while maintaining a distance.
  • Has a High Stagger Potential, which can turn the tide of the boss fight, allowing more opportunity for landing Visceral Attacks.
  • Has a heavy Blunt attack, leading to high Rally potential.

Hunter Axe stats:

  • Base +0: 98 Physical / Stat scaling: D
  • Upgraded +3: 125 Physical / Stat scaling: D
  • Upgraded +6: 152 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +10: 196 Physical / Stat scaling: B


9. Kirkhammer


Another strength-based trick weapon used by the Healing Church hunters that, as the name implies, is part sword and part hammer that allows players to easily switch between light attacks and heavy attacks.

The movement during the transformed state of the Kirkhammer is slow, but if you know your way around heavy weapons, you know that the hammer packs a ruthless punch, obliterating any or all beasts in your way.

Like the Hunter Axe before, the scaling of this weapon is Strength-based, so it is great for Strength-based builds.

Kirkhammer Strengths:

  • The simple sword is effective for dealing against one enemy with less consumption of the stamina bar.
  • The hammer form provides great Stagger damage, allowing more chances for visceral attacks.
  • Charged attack gives off immense damage to surroundings.

Kirkhammer stats:

  • Base +0: 105 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +3: 135 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +6: 165 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +10: 210 Physical / Stat scaling: A


8. Blades of Mercy

Blades of Mercy.

Blending together style and menace, the Blades of Mercy is the next weapon that you get in-game, and if you are a Dexterity-based player, in which case Skill is the name given to Dexterity in Bloodborne, these dual-wielded blades will be your guided companions throughout the hunt.

These blades originally belong to Eileen the Crow, the mysterious Hunter of Hunters, whose job is to hunt down other hunters too drunk on the night of the Hunt. Its normal state is one-handed but the transformed state is dual-handed for incorporating fast combos.

Since you are still in the early stages of the game, if you manage to get this weapon (by killing her and getting the Crow Hunter badge), and have sufficient attributes in the Skills section, you will be an unstoppable force employing fast combos with enough window to doge.

Blades of Mercy Strengths:

  • Transforms into a dual-handed weapon that is effective for crowd-control of enemies and dealing damages while maintaining a distance.
  • Best suited for individual targets and boss fights since repeated attacks only increase the speed in its transformed state.
  • Very high Skill scaling, ideal for Dexterity-build players.
  • Due to its fast attack speed, perfect for inflicting Rapid or Slow Poison.

Blades of Mercy stats:

  • Base +0: 60 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +3: 78 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +6: 96 Physical / Stat scaling: A
  • Upgraded +10: 120 Physical / Stat scaling: S


7. Ludwig’s Holy Blade

Ludwig’s Holy Blade.

Attain the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge in Oedon Chapel, go to the Hunter’s Dream Bath Messengers, and get this weapon the moment you have enough Blood Echoes because this is one of the strongest Strength-based weapons that can carry you throughout your whole playthrough.

For those who enjoy the Hunter Axe’s raw power like me and are looking for an alternative, this is what you are looking for as it has a higher Stagger rate as well as more speed and damage output as well.

For Strength-Build players, this weapon is peak raw power in your own hands. Since it has a faster speed, Skill-build players can also utilize this weapon to its fullest.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade Strengths:

  • It offers versatility between strength- and Skill-based builds due to its high damage output and speed of delivering combos.
  • Has a High Stagger Potential which can turn the tide of the boss fight, allowing more opportunity for landing Visceral Attacks.
  • Has a 50% Power Boost against enemies that are weak to Righteous.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade stats:

  • Base +0: 100 Physical / Stat scaling: D
  • Upgraded +3: 130 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +6: 160 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +10: 200 Physical / Stat scaling: B (A:arc)


6. Reitterpalasch    


If you have received the Cainhurst Summons after the Witch of Hemwick Lane boss fight, you have reached the middle point of the game and can access Cainhurst Castle, where this powerful weapon is located.

This unique trick weapon, belonging to the Vilebloods, is a Rapier with a gun. Literally, you can fool enemies into thinking you are about to attack, but you can parry them, giving an opening for a Visceral Attack.

This may go with a Bloodtinge Build, but its scaling is more of a Skill and Arcane Build.

 Reitterpalasch Strengths:

  • This Rapier/Pistol Hybrid can perform parries, leaving openings for a Visceral Attack.
  • Goes well with Skill Builds.
  • The weapon can be buffed with items such as Bone Marrow Ash for more firepower and damage.

Reitterpalasch stats:

  • Base +0: 75 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +3: 96 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +6: 117 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +10: 150 Physical / Stat scaling: A


5. Chikage


And what better way to introduce Bloodborne’s most divisive Trick Weapon than to introduce the Chikage, the sword that drains the Hunter’s Blood in exchange for massive damage.

Received after joining the Vileblood Covenant and purchasing it from the Bath messengers at the Hunter’s Dream, this aesthetically pleasing sword has one of the fastest attacks with a good deal of range, but it’s only drawback is that it drains the user’s health when transformed. If you have the right Blood Gems for it, you can counter this mechanic easily.

No wonder some people hate this sword because of its complicated mechanics, but once you get the hang of it and know the mechanics behind it, you will be an overpowered samurai. Literally. It goes well with the Bloodtinge and Skill builds, but it is scaled mostly for the former.

Chikage Strengths:

  • Delivers physical damage in normal state and Blood damage in Transformed state at the expense of the player’s health, which can be countered at this point of the game.
  • Goes well with both Skill and Bloodtinge Builds.
  • Has a fast moveset which can place you in advantage against hordes of enemies while consuming less Stamina. (Provided the Stamina is sufficiently leveled enough.)

Chikage stats:

  • Base +0: 92 Physical / Stat scaling: D.B
  • Upgraded +3: 119 Physical / Stat scaling: D.C
  • Upgraded +6: 146 Physical / Stat scaling: C.A
  • Upgraded +10: 184 Physical / Stat scaling: B.S


4.  Simon’s Bowblade

Simon’s Bowblade.

Here comes the DLC Weapons, with Simon’s Bowblade making its long-awaited appearance on the list as the strongest weapon for Bloodtinge Build.

You get this weapon when you are about to reach the fishing hamlet and find the body of Simon the Harrowed, one of the first Hunters of the Healing Church. Since Simon didn’t like firearms, a special weapon was created for him, and you get this Ranged Weapon that works well in your favor.

It is best used for Skill and Bloodtinge Builds, as when fully upgraded, its scaling goes to S, and it’s charged bow attacks can help turn the tide of any fight in your favor.

Simon’s Bowblade Strengths:

  • Can be used for both Skill and Bloodtinge Builds.
  • Charged arrow shots can open windows for Visceral Attacks.
  • It transforms Blade to Bow, which is useful in changing strategy.

Simon’s Bowblade stats:

  • Base +0: 80 Physical / Stat scaling: C
  • Upgraded +3: 104 Physical / Stat scaling: B
  • Upgraded +6: 128 Physical / Stat scaling: A
  • Upgraded +10: 160 Physical / Stat scaling: S


3. Holy Moonlight Sword

Holy Moonlight Sword.

The good old Dark Souls weapon has made a comeback in Bloodborne with probably the coolest iteration of the sword ever; the Holy Moonlight Sword is a must-have for the best weapons.

This sword is attained during the DLC and is wielded by Ludwig, who is the first boss of the DLC and a memorable as well as a tough boss. After you finally slay him, you acquire his weapon, and you get to finally cheese enemies around you.

It goes well with Arcane, Skill, and Strength Builds, and the ranged transformed weapon attack is pretty overpowered; it literally shoots magic beams! How cool is that!?

Holy Moonlight Sword Strengths:

  • Transforms into a glowing greatsword that can shoot magic projectiles.
  • Can go well with Arcane, Skill, and Strength-based skills.
  • It can deliver excellent damage to enemies with a great range both in transformed and normal state.

Holy Moonlight Sword stats:

  • Base +0: 90 Physical / Stat scaling: Str D + Arc C
  • Upgraded +3: 117 Physical / Stat scaling: Str C + Arc B
  • Upgraded +6: 144 Physical / Stat scaling: Str B + Arc A
  • Upgraded +10: 180 Physical / Stat scaling: Str B + Arc A


2. Whirligig Saw 

Whirligig Saw.

Known by fans of the SoulsBorne community as the “Pizza Cutter’, The Whirligig Saw is one of the deadliest weapons that you can attain during the DLC that can give you an edge.

You get this weapon during the Old Hunters DLC, and it is scaled to the Strength Attribute, where the larger the strength, the more effective its attack power will be.

You can even imbue it with Fire or Bolt Paper and deliver massive damage to Beasts and other types of enemies, even cornering them with the constant damage!

Whirligig Saw Strengths:

  • Delivers massive and continuous damage, which is useful against a multitude of bosses.
  • Originally a long-handed mace that transforms into a Buzzsaw on a stick, optimal for changing strategies.
  • Continuous damage can stun-lock enemies.

Whirligig Saw stats:

  • Base +0: 95 Physical / Stat scaling: Str B + Arc D
  • Upgraded +3: 122 Physical / Stat scaling: Str A + Arc C
  • Upgraded +6: 149 Physical / Stat scaling: Str A + Arc B
  • Upgraded +10: 190 Physical / Stat scaling: Str S + Arc B


1. Burial Blade  

Burial Blade.

Lastly, we have Gehrman’s signature weapon, the Burial Blade which is unlocked once you defeat him, unlock the Old Hunter’s Badge, start New Game Plus, and buy it from the Bath messengers in Hunter’s Dream.

With a massive range, it acts as the perfect crowd control for hordes of enemies and delivers extra damage when dodging or doing the side-step.

It scales with the Skill attribute, so it goes well with the Skill Build, given that it requires lots of dexterity.

Burial Blade Strengths:

  • Delivers bonus damage during sidesteps, quicksteps, and dodges.
  • Provides great crowd control due to its long range and high rally potential (even in scythe form)
  • Scales well with Skill-based Builds.
  • Can be useful when exploring the Chalice Dungeons.

Burial Blade stats:

  • Base +0: 80 Physical / Stat scaling: C.D
  • Upgraded +3: 104 Physical / Stat scaling: C.D
  • Upgraded +6: 128 Physical / Stat scaling: B.C
  • Upgraded +10: 160 Physical / Stat scaling: B.B


And that’s about it with the weapons in Bloodborne. May you find your worth in the waking world.


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