[Top 5] Bloodborne Best Origins - Which To Choose

Bloodborne Best Origins
Your choice will inflence how you tackle the world

Looking for extra information regarding Bloodborne origins? Look no further. This list will feature some of the best origins and when to choose them.

Where do you come from? What is your reason for coming to this cursed city? A foreigner, you arrive in Yharnam with your past to guide you forward into the hunt, and into the Dream. Your first gameplay-oriented choice is your origin, which dictates your stats and it serves as a general guideline for how your playthrough will go. In this list, I'll cover the best origins to choose from.

5. Waste of Skin

The weakest of the origins, you start from nothing. You are nothing.

The Waste of Skin origin makes you start from zero. You are nothing, but with the potential for everything. All of your stats are the lowest they can be, and your blood level is four. While this may sound scary, it is actually a good build to start with, as you gain levels quickly and you can figure out your build and funnel points into whichever stat you find interesting for your playthrough.

Choose Waste of Skin if:

  • You want a balanced leveling path
  • You appreciate the challenge of starting as a weaker class
  • You prefer taking advantage of your situation to level up according to your needs
  • You prefer higher versatility
  • You are planning to attempt a BL4 run (highly recommended after finishing the game)

4. Noble Scion

Heavy focus on Bloodtinge.

The Noble Scion origin has stats focused on Bloodtinge, so it is ideal for players who plan to get specific weapons and sidearms. The other benefits are higher damage resistance from Bloodtinge points, as well as the possibility of using unique and fun weapons for your run!

Choose Noble Scion if:

  • You want your sidearms to deal more damage
  • You have a specific weapon you're aiming for
  • You want access to specific Hunter Tools
  • You like to have more damage resistance

3.  Cruel Fate

Arcane is a favorite here, ideal for Hunter Tools and Arcane gems.

Cruel Fate is a class that specializes in the Arcane stat, allowing you to use a vast variety of Hunter Tools to send volleys of magic and death to your enemies. Certain Arcane-scaling weapons also have increased damage from the stat, so it's good for a Holy Moonlight Sword build, for example.

Choose Cruel Fate if:

  • You like Arcane-focused combat
  • You prefer fighting from a distance
  • You like having good crowd control
  • You want more item discovery

2. Military Veteran

A veteran of Skill and Strength.

One of the most popular origins focusing on Strength and Skill, to some extent. When you select this origin, you get the option to focus on stats that fit most weapons, so it offers a balanced experience in many regards. It doesn't matter if you want to use a Strength weapon or a Skill weapon, you can always have the freedom to choose with this origin.

Choose Military Veteran if:

  • You like physical damage-focused combat
  • You want a balanced damage experience
  • You want to adapt to situations depending on what's needed in the heat of the moment
  • You want well-rounded combat stats, fit for many weapons

1. Milquetoast

Best balance of average stats. Potential for anything.

This is the first origin, the one you sometimes gloss over when you first start playing. That being said, it is underappreciated and deserves some love. This origin allows you to freely choose your path through the game. It is essentially the Waste of Skin origin, but the stats are higher and they are more well-rounded and average. If you suddenly decide you want to switch from your Bloodtinge build to an Arcane build, you can do that with the Milquetoast origin.

Choose Milquetoast if:

  • You want a well-rounded experience
  • You want adaptability in gameplay
  • You prefer to forge your own path according to your needs
  • You have a niche that you want to fill, regarding specific strategies
  • You prefer to have your options open

With that, this list is complete. Feel free to experiment with the origins and see what you prefer. Some players start playing one way then decide they want to take a different route, and that is completely fine. Just like every weapon, path, sidearm, and quest is a choice, so is your origin. The most important thing is to make sure you have fun and you enjoy the hunt. Fear the Old Blood.

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