[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Boss Killing Weapons And How To Get Them

Top 10 Blooborne Boss-Killing Weapons
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Picking your weapon for maximum damage is not simple, so this list will help you with that.

Hello, fellow hunters! Remember your first playthrough when you were slogging through the bosses and enemies ill-equipped, with a poorly sculpted build path that made it 10x harder to progress? Me too! This list will cover the weapons I find to be the most effective at killing various bosses throughout the game. Each of these weapons are relatively easy to get, so you should plan them for your next playthrough. When you get to the boss encounters, you will notice that you can break some bosses' limbs or parry them outright with firearms. These weapons will focus on those aspects of battle as well as building beast meter.

10. Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe is one of the starting weapons of the workshop, and it has the highest base damage out of all three. Utilizing good Strength scaling, a moveset with wide, sweeping attacks, and a very effective charge attack, this weapon will certainly aid you in your journey to end the Dream. To get it, you simply have to get to the Dream for the first time, and it will be available to you for free.

What makes the Hunter Axe great:

  • Good strength scaling
  • Moveset useful for groups of enemies
  • Tricked charged R2's can easily send enemies (and some bosses) flying away
  • Has a vertical slam for extra reach

Hunter Axe stats:

  • Base: 98 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Hunter Axe +3: 125 physical damage | Strength scaling: C
  • Hunter Axe +6: 152 physical damage | Strength scaling: C
  • Hunter Axe +10: 196 physical damage | Strength scaling: B

9. Stake Driver

How to get the Stake Driver

To acquire this phenomenal weapon, you first need to access Old Yharnam, which is done through Cathedral Ward. As you traverse Old Yharnam, you will notice a man shooting at you with a Gatling Gun, yelling at you to leave the city. Notice him? Great, what you want to do is reach his tower, climb the ladder and as soon as you are at the top, shoot him 5 times with your pistol. This will knock him down and quitting the game, then getting back in will spawn the item next to you. This is the Powder Keg Hunter Badge and it allows you to purchase the Stake Driver at the messenger bath. As long as you time your attacks properly, you can absolutely blow enemies away with the charged R2 attack of this weapon.

What makes the Stake Driver great:

  • Highest damage out of any charged R2
  • Moveset good for single targets
  • Can be combined with Oil Urns to deal extra damage
  • Quick, slashing/punching combos
  • Arcane scaling

Stake Driver stats:

  • Base: 85 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Stake Driver +3: 109 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Stake Driver +6: 133 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Stake Driver +10: 170 physical damage | Strength scaling: C

8. Boom Hammer

How to get the Boom Hammer

Let me get me mallet! The Boom Hammer is one of the most fun weapons you can use in a playthrough. This is because of its incredibly bombastic moveset, which can be combined with the transforming feature to buff your attacks with fire-damage explosions, ideal for beasts and beast bosses alike. It is found in the Hunter's Nightmare, in the building just before where Cleric Beast would usually be. You know you're going the right way when you see a group of Delayed Molotov-throwing enemies accompanied by a Boom Hammer Hunter.

What makes the Boom Hammer great:

  • High blunt and fire damage
  • Good strength scaling
  • Good for crowd control
  • Quick transforming animation
  • Arcane scaling
  • Strong charge attacks

Boom Hammer stats:

  • Base: 90 physical damage | Strength scaling: C
  • Boom Hammer +3: 117 physical damage | Strength scaling: B
  • Boom Hammer +6: 144 physical damage | Strength scaling: B
  • Boom Hammer +10: 180 physical damage | Strength scaling: A

7. Saw Spear

How to get the Saw Spear

This is the counterpart to the Saw Cleaver, or to be more precise, the Skill version of it. This does not lower its potential, however, since Skill can be a very powerful build if utilized properly. The most important things to note is that it has almost the same moveset as the Cleaver, but with small differences. Arcane can be a good stat to pair with the weapon, especially through Fire gems. It is found in the pre-sewer area (near where you meet Eileen).

What makes the Saw Spear great:

  • Bonus damage for transforming attacks
  • Serrated damage in both forms
  • Good Skill scaling
  • Potential Thrust damage
  • Fast combos and moveset

Saw Spear stats:

  • Base: 85 physical damage | Skill scaling: D
  • Saw Spear +3: 109 physical damage | Skill scaling: D
  • Saw Spear +6: 133 physical damage | Skill scaling: C
  • Saw Spear +10: 170 physical damage | Skill scaling: C

6. Rakuyo

How to get the Rakuyo

One of the best Skill weapons in general, the Rakuyo proves itself to be a prominent boss-killing weapon because of its strong moveset, high Skill scaling, and dynamic transforming attacks. To get it, you have to get to the well in the middle of the Fishing Hamlet, where two sharks will be waiting to eat you. Only after killing them can you get the weapon.

What makes the Rakuyo great:

  • High general damage
  • Different combos depending on the buttons you press
  • Fast attack speed
  • High Thrust damage

Rakuyo stats:

  • Base: 82 physical damage | Skill scaling: C
  • Rakuyo +3: 106 physical damage | Skill scaling: B
  • Rakuyo +6: 130 physical damage | Skill scaling: B
  • Rakuyo +10: 164 physical damage | Skill scaling: A

5. Chikage

How to get the Chikage

The Chikage is a weapon that is simply good no matter what scenario. It scales with Skill and Bloodtinge, offering more variety for damage, whilst also having high attack speed and a fluid moveset that is easy to get used to and incorporate into battle. To get the Chikage, you must defeat Martyr Logarius and talk to Annelise, the Vileblood Queen. She gives you the Cainhurst Badge which lets you purchase the weapon at the Dream.

What makes the Chikage great:

  • Rapid poison damage in tricked form
  • Fast attack speed
  • Tricked form scales with Bloodtinge
  • Unique transforming attacks

Chikage stats:

  • Base: 92 physical damage | Skill/Bloodtinge scaling: D/C
  • Chikage +3: 119 physical damage | Skill/Bloodtinge scaling: D/B
  • Chikage +6: 146 physical damage | Skill/Bloodtinge scaling: C/A
  • Chikage +10: 184 physical damage | Skill/Bloodtinge scaling: B/S

4. Bloodletter

How to get the Bloodletter

One of the most metal weapons of Bloodborne, this mace uses the depths of the user to turn into a giant morningstar made of blood, ideal for bashing and goring enemies and bosses in your path. Excited? Good. To get it you need to acquire the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key and kill Brador, the Madman. This weapon has good Strength and Bloodtinge scaling, and a strong moveset to deal maximum damage. Goes well with Brador's set to get the full experience.

What makes the Bloodletter great:

  • Very high Strength and Bloodtinge scaling
  • AOE frenzy attack
  • High stagger potential
  • Overall high damage

Bloodletter stats:

  • Base: 90 physical damage | Strength/Bloodtinge scaling: C/B
  • Bloodletter +3: 117 physical damage | Strength/Bloodtinge scaling: B/B
  • Bloodletter +6: 144 physical damage | Strength/Bloodtinge scaling: B/A
  • Bloodletter +10: 180 physical damage | Strength/Bloodtinge scaling: A/S

3. Ludwig's Holy Blade

How to get Ludiwg's Holy Blade

One of the hardest hitters in the game, Ludwig's Holy Blade is a quality weapon, meaning that it gains power from both Strength and Skill, allowing for absolutely massive damage. It is very versatile as well, so you can use it in almost any situation. It can stagger and break the limbs of bosses easily. To unlock it you need to get the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge from a chest when ascending Oedon Chapel. The Badge will be in one of the chests while you're ascending.

What makes Ludwig's Holy Blade great:

  • High versatility between both Strength and Skill
  • Quick, fluid longsword attacks
  • Can scale with Arcane as well
  • Gaining damage from Strength and Skill
  • Longsword has Righteous damage

Ludwig’s Holy Blade stats:

  • Base: 100 physical damage | Strength/Skill scaling: D/D
  • Ludwig’s Holy Blade +3: 130 physical damage | Strength/Skill scaling: C/D
  • Ludwig’s Holy Blade +6: 160 physical damage | Strength/Skill scaling: B/C
  • Ludwig’s Holy Blade +10: 200 physical damage | Strength/Skill scaling: B/B

2. Whirligig Saw

How to get the Whirligig Saw

Named the pizza cutter by players, the Whirligig Saw packs a very high amount of damage in both saw and mace forms, allowing the player to cut everything in front of them to pieces. It deals serrated damage and is great for rending the limbs of bosses and staggering smaller enemies. To get it, you need to reach the Nightmare Church in the Hunter's Nightmare, go down the steps, drop down and walk down the path next to the snail lady that falls from nowhere (Bloodborne worlds are stacked on top of each other, if you're wondering) and the weapon will be on the ledge.

What makes the Whirligig Saw great:

  • Extremely high Strength scaling
  • Serrated damage
  • Easily breaks limbs
  • High stagger potential
  • Good for poison gems
  • Continuous L2 for good damage
  • Strong charge attacks

Whirligig Saw stats:

  • Base: 95 physical damage | Strength scaling: B
  • Whirligig Saw +3: 122 physical damage | Strength scaling: A
  • Whirligig Saw +6: 149 physical damage | Strength scaling: A
  • Whirligig Saw +10: 190 physical damage | Strength scaling: S

1. Saw Cleaver

At the end of the list, we have the highest DPS weapon in the game: the Saw Cleaver. There is a reason that speedrunners use this weapon for their runs, and that is its consistent high damage, good beast meter build-up, and a quick moveset that's great for breaking boss limbs. To get it, you just go to the Hunter's Dream for the first time and it'll be there for free. Transforming attacks are a good thing to keep in mind for this weapon, both for extra damage and beast meter build-up.

What makes the Saw Cleaver Great:

  • Very high damage
  • Decent scaling
  • Bonus to transforming attacks
  • Good beast meter buildup
  • Easy limb breaks
  • Quick moveset

Saw Cleaver stats:

  • Base: 90 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Saw Cleaver +3: 117 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Saw Cleaver +6: 144 physical damage | Strength scaling: D
  • Saw Cleaver +10: 180 physical damage | Strength scaling: C

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