[Top 5] Bloodborne Best PvP Builds That Wreck Hard!

[Top 5] Bloodborne Best PvP Builds That Wreck Hard!
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When you fight against other player characters, you want to be well equipped, ready to face any challenge ahead of you. This list will help you to choose an effective build that is strong, versatile and over all just a fun experience in PvP. All of these builds can be found on the Bloodborne Wiki, presented by dedicated players who want to share their knowledge and strategic approaches to the game.


5. Overpower and Overcome

For number 5, we have a Strength-oriented build that focuses on simply being more powerful than your enemy, opting for Strength and Vitality as primary stats, further bolstered by Lead Elixirs, which make you sturdy and stagger-proof. Most players that you invade won’t have a plan for a full-on assault, so it’s a fun strategy.

What the Overpower and Overcome build excels at:

  • High damage output
  • High stagger potential
  • High damage resistance
  • Lead elixirs make you more stable

Link to build:


4. Silverbark of Kos

For this build we’re going to be delving a bit into Arcane. Here, we will utilize the Kos Parasite and a speedy weapon such as the Beasthunter Saif, which will add a higher dynamic of gameplay, allowing you to overwhelm your opponents, and blast through them with a wide range of Hunter Tools. Sometimes the Kos Parasite won’t be good in some situations, so the Saif makes up for that.

What the Silverbark of Kos build excels at:

  • High attack speed
  • Flat Arcane scaling from gems
  • High versatility through the use of Hunter Tools
  • Unpredictable moveset for the Kos Parasite

Link to build:


3. Blood Ranger

Now we come to an underrated build path: Bloodtinge. For this build, we’re going to be focusing mainly on Blood damage, through the means of guns and Bloodtinge-oriented weapons. A higher level is needed, to really let the extra points in Bloodtinge shine. You have a very similar premise as the Overpower and Overcome build, but here the main damage source is the Chikage and Blood damage, however unsanitary that might be. The scaling from blood gems and the Chikage’s inherent Bloodtinge scaling make this build an absolute monster in PvP through sheer damage output and speed.

What the Blood Ranger build excels at:

  • Very high Blood damage, and general damage output
  • Innate Rapid Poison effect of the tricked Chikage
  • Massive damage from firearms
  • Potential long-range gameplay

Link to build:


2. Ludwig’s Set Build

Greatswords! Everyone loves a good greatsword, especially in videogames, where it is a symbol of power and manliness! In particular, this build is modelled after Ludwig, the Holy Blade. The first Hunter of the Church employed his Holy Blade, the Holy Moonlight Sword, and Ludwig’s Rifle, to deadly efficiency, which proves to be an effective and fun approach to combat in both PvP and PvE. Victims of network lag beware.

What the Ludwig’s Set build excels at:

  • High damage due to the quality weapon
  • High stagger potential
  • Viable firearm gameplay
  • High rally potential
  • Useful moveset against enemy players

Link to build:


1. Glass Cannon

For the top position, we have a build that is a cross between a meme build and a hyper-damage build. The main aim here is to use the Cannon and a Chikage, while trying to one-shot the opponents you invade, and if they don’t die, you finish them off with a high-damage Chikage. Besides the upfront strategy, you’re also just supposed to be a menace, let’s be honest. It is not an overly complex build, you should just have fun while using it. That’s what it’s for, anyway.

What the Glass Cannon build excels at:

  • Extremely high damage
  • Extremely fun
  • That’s it

Link to build:


One of the main points of PvP is to enjoy yourself, and that is different depending on who you are, your playstyle and how you like to tackle challenges. Maybe you like having a fair fight with your opponents, maybe you like to be dominant with a giant weapon, or maybe you want to be a naked madman who blasts everything in front of him indiscriminately. All of these builds were found on the Bloodborne wiki, so they are easily accessible to anyone wanting to change up their gameplay, and the authors of the builds are there, respectfully. I sincerely hope this list gives you some ideas to innovate and invade in new and creative ways! Fear the Old Blood.

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