Top 5 Bloodborne Best Armor Sets

Bloodborne Best Armor
Protect yourself from the nightmare.

Armor isn’t something most players care about in Bloodborne, in contrast to the Souls series where armor can spell the difference between life and death.

Rather, in this game, it’s the additional buffs and resistances that they provide which makes them all the more alluring to wear. But to be quite honest, even above that, it’s the sense of fashion that triumphs all.

After all, what is a Souls game if you don’t go full Fashion Souls?

5. Charred Hunter Set

The charred hunter set is the default Hunter set that’s shown during the “Beast” trailer of Bloodborne. Boasting the highest fire resistance, alongside a knack for looking absolutely dashing, the Charred Hunter Set stands tall as one of the best armor sets. Couple it with the Top Hat, and you have a fashion expert in the making.

3 things that make this armor awesome:

  • Maximum Fire Resistance offered from armor alone.
  • Second best Frenzy resistance making it a must for the Winter Lanterns.
  • It just looks cool.

Charred Hunter Set details:

4. Choir Set

The most annoying part of Micolash is his magic attacks which can obliterate through even a high health player. The choir set is the perfect remedy to that, as it offers the best resistance against magic (arcane attacks), alongside some decent resistances to other stats as well.

3 things that make this armor awesome:

  • Being useful against any boss that deals massive arcane damage.
  • Become Master Wilhelm himself.
  • Decent resistance to other stats as well.

Choir Set details:

3. Executioners Set

Reminding you of Pyramid Head, Executioner’s Set not only looks mystifyingly horrific, but it’s also one of the best armor sets. It’s introduction with Alfred embracing the beast within him, is still one of the best moments in Bloodborne. If not for the armor, wear the headpiece only, to become the nightmare of other players. This was the armor piece I kept with me whole game, simply for its aesthetics.

3 things that make this armor awesome:

  • Look absolutely terrifying, spreading fear everywhere.
  • Become Pyramid Head.
  • Has excellent Arcane resistance alongside Bolt defense. With some good physical defense as well.

Executioners Set details:

2. Crowfeather Set

After Eileen was shown wearing it, players only waited until they got to wear the Hunter of Hunter garb. Looking absolutely badass, Crowfeather Garb also provides blood defense making each battle another fun dive into oblivion. Not to mention, the headpiece has some of the highest frenzy resistance.

3 things that make this armor awesome:

  • Good physical and blood defense.
  • Makes you a true Hunter of Hunters.
  • Very good frenzy resistance as well.

Crowfeather Set details:

1. Cainhurst Set

To anyone who has played Bloodborne, this comes as no surprise. Divided into two sets: The Noble and Knight’s set, both offering great resistances and looking absolutely amazing, with Noble’s set being one of the most beautiful sets out there. And they look differently on males and females!

3 things that make this armor awesome:

  • With the whole armor set equipped, you get maximum blood defense out of all the armor sets.
  • Looks dependent on your gender.
  • Considered the best armor for PVP as it’s an absolute beast against other players.

Cainhurst Set details:


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