Top 15 Games Like Bloodborne (Games Better Than Bloodborne In Their Own Way)

Games Like Bloodborne
A walk into true horror.

Bloodborne is a masterpiece in its own right, but plenty of games have come and gone that are right there with it in the hall of fame, with some even surpassing it in different terms.

This list consists of 15 games that are similar to Bloodborne and offer something that Bloodborne lacks.

15. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay

Become Talion, a ranger with a bond to a wraith, and set out to avenge the deaths of your loved ones. Use a variety of tools at your disposal to make mincemeat out of your adversaries, or just slice and dash them with your sword. Ultimately leading up to the final confrontation with Sauron himself.

What Makes Shadow of Mordor Awesome:

  • LOTR fans rejoice as there’s finally a game that captures the essence of the Lord of the Rings while delivering a unique fresh gameplay experience.
  • Partake in the “Nemesis System,” allowing the AI to grow smarter with every encounter with you making every next battle that much more memorable.
  • Utilize both stealth and action as you go around slaying “Uruk” (the enemies in this game).

Duel against fearsome foes atop beautiful settings around the whole of Middle-Earth.

The unique “Nemesis System” allows the AI to remember you upon second return as a unique exchange, between you and them, takes place.

14. Code Vein

Code Vein gameplay

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, there is but one final stronghold left, full of Revenants: beings blessed with Gifts of power in exchange for their memories and a thirst for blood. Give in to the thirst to become one with the Lost or fight for your sanity. Team up with other Revenants and embark on a journey to uncover your past and escape this hellish world. While not out yet, previews have been hopeful enough, to provide an amazing anime adventure.

What Makes Code Vein Awesome:

  • Taking great inspiration from the Soulsborne style, Code Vein aims to deliver a strong story with anime-esque visuals.
  • Character customization is robust and deep, allowing for your deepest fantasies to take shape.
  • Different weapon types for different play styles.

A large cast of colorful characters, each with their own backstory and arcs.

It wouldn’t be a Soulsborne inspired title, without some fantastic bosses. Thankfully, Code Vein delivers.

13. Devil May Cry V

Devil May Cry V Gameplay

As another demonic invasion begins to threaten the sanctity of Earth, Nero and his new partner, Nico, join up to create a resistance against the demons. Without his iconic right arm, he enlists the help of Nico, a self-professioned weapons artist, to design a variety of Devil Breaker arms each with unique functions and modes to kick demon ass.

The Devil May Cry series is known for being as fashionable as possible when fighting with something called a Style meter. Basically, how you dish out combos and the variety you offer which, in turn, gives you a rating. This system is back and better than before with all-new ways to make your enemies dance the dance of death.

What Makes Devil May Cry V Awesome:

  • Fast-paced action with three different characters, each with their own unique combat style.
  • Amazing graphics. Hellish world or not, the folks at Capcom deliver another breathtaking game as the game, this time around, offers photorealistic character designs.
  • The style-influenced combat returns, as the game expects you to dish out pain to the enemies in the most fashionable way possible.

The mysterious new character, V.

Style, Style, and Style. The game’s all about spunk and style, and it delivers in mountains.

12. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Gameplay

From the genius minds at FromSoftware, creators of Bloodborne and the Dark Souls series, comes Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In Sekiro, you are the “one-armed wolf” tasked with protecting your master, Kuro, from enemies. When the young lord, coveted for his dragon blood, is captured, it is up to you to restore your honor and take back your lord.

Set in the Sengoku Japan, a period of war and bloodshed. Employ the usage of prosthetic tools to gain an edge in combat and prove your combat prowess against menacing fiends and beasts. Utilize stealth and action to achieve your objectives and save your lord.

The game features a completely new playing style, one that hasn’t been seen before in Soulsborne titles. With the Parry/Deflect system, the game becomes more of a rhythm game, whereupon becoming the master Deflector Shinobi that you are, you are awarded the most pleasurable gaming euphoria.

What Makes Sekiro Awesome:

  • Prosthetic tools add a new layer of combat that the Soulsborne series lacked tremendously.
  • It’s not FromSoftware if the bosses aren’t amazing. Thankfully, Sekiro delivers.
  • Deliver Shinobi Deathblows to unsuspecting enemies to instantly kill them.

Beautiful combat with some of the best bosses in the series.

New to FromSoftware is jumping. Yes, jumping. In a FromSoftware game. That’s huge!

11. Nioh

Nioh Gameplay

Embark as William on a journey on the shores of Japan, as he is caught between a war. Fight against beast and human alike, to find what you seek. A mix of Soulsborne with a dash of Diablo loot system to deliver a game that will keep you coming again and again for replayability.

Oh, and you can actually understand the story in this one. Sorry, Soulsborne fans, less cryptic stuff here.

What Makes Nioh Awesome:

  • An overabundance of weapons, the likes of which can be seen in Diablo.
  • The same FromSoftware formula of ‘whoop your ass until you learn to get good’.
  • A coherent storyline that’s easy to follow and understand.

Face the Yokai, demons native to Japan.

Use spirits to get an edge in battle.

10. Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Gameplay

In a world overrun by the Demon Legion, a man known as Harkyn, a convicted sinner, is called upon by Humanity to be its unlikely hero. He must face the Lords of the Fallen and restore light to the world. Embrace the Soulsborne formula, with more methodical play than Dark Souls, utilizing a vast arsenal of weapons to decree justice to your heathenous foes.

What Makes Lords of the Fallen Awesome:

  • Embark on an epic quest that holds the fate of both Humans and Demons.
  • Explore a large vast dark fantasy world.
  • Wield weapons from a large arsenal, mix-matching them to test out different builds.

Face amazing bosses.

Hellish beings have plagued the entire world, defeat them all with a unique arsenal!

9. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Gameplay

Play as Dracula who has been weakened and wants nothing more than to end his eternal suffering of immortality. Reclaim your powers and climb harsh mountains to face Satan. An epic fantasy set in the modern world, bound to satisfy anyone.

What Makes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Awesome:

  • Make a pact with Death to have the eternal rest.
  • Face off with Satan in fast-paced action.
  • Discover the ultimate fate behind the Lords of Shadows himself.

Face off against scourges of hellish beings.

Embrace the beauty of Dracula and utilize blood powers.

8. Vampyr

Vampyr Gameplay

The answer to everyone’s desire for a proper Vampyr game, Vampyr strives to deliver a gripping tale as a newly turned Vampyr. As a doctor, you help those stricken by the illness plaguing London, while as a Vampyr you feed on the very souls you save. Will you embrace the demon inside or fight for the sanctity of all you hold dear?

What Makes Vampyr Awesome:

  • Is basically a giant big reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  • Choice-driven gameplay which can either destroy or save London.
  • Utilize a diverse arsenal of supernatural abilities to aid you.

Shape the way London behaves, as they are all geared towards your choices and interactions.

Become a Vampyr and feed to survive.

7. Greedfall

Greedfall Gameplay

Discover a new land full of exotic goodness, supernatural creatures, riches, and lost secrets. Embrace diplomacy, a tool not used much in RPGs, to shape the way the world behaves as you join factions while betraying others in a gritty setting full of blood and war.

What Makes Greedfall Awesome:

  • Very engaging roleplaying, where every quest can be performed in multiple ways.
  • Discover magic once again, in a rich beautiful setting with fantasy brimming within.
  • Complete freedom with character, customize to your desires.

Side with humans and colonize the area.

A fantastical setting is just not complete without horrific creatures.

6. The Surge 2

The Surge 2 Gameplay

Learning from its predecessor's mistakes, The Surge 2 aims to deliver a far richer experience full of robot busting. Don a mecha suit and let loose on the rampaging robots. With an expanded arsenal and play styles, the game challenges you once again with crippling difficulty.

What Makes The Surge 2 Awesome:

  • The sceneries are still as beautiful as ever.
  • Combat is brutal and hardcore, but fun to get into.
  • Cut off the parts/limbs that you want to loot from enemies.

A spectacular boss showcased in the demo that has everyone riled up in excitement.

A rich, lush setting, with a catastrophe that only you can solve.

5. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Gameplay

Ninja Theory returns for another masterpiece. Set in the viking era, play as a Celtic warrior who has yet to accept her haunting past, as she dives into Viking Hell to fight for the soul of her dead lover. Created in collaboration with actual neuroscientists to deliver a one of a kind experience.

What Makes Hellblade Awesome:

  • Experience psychosis and enter Senua’s mind as you explore it fully.
  • Dark, depressing yet a melancholic beauty unreached.
  • Dive into madness and embrace every nook and cranny of it.

The game has stunning graphics.

Explore a dark, tragic world full of sorrow and misery.

4. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

The Monster Hunter series have been going on for quite some time now, however with this installation, Capcom has apparently finally perfected the formula with amazing controls and gameplay, while fighting some of the most terrifying and awful beasts.

Take on the role of a Hunter who slays ferocious beasts for a living and quell the roar of a monster that threatens the sanctity of anyone near it.

What Makes Monster Hunter World Awesome:

  • Take on huge beasts, craft weapons from their loot materials and destroy their families with that!
  • Hunt alone or in co-op with up to four players!
  • Locations full of life and danger as any encounter could mean life or death.

Fight off against terrifying beasts with up to 4 players.

Marking the return of Tigrex, Capcom’s iconic monster.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay

The Witcher 1 was an experiment.

The Witcher 2 was a step forward in the right direction.

The Witcher 3 is a straight-up masterpiece.

Play as Geralt again, as you try to find the child of prophecy all the while fleeing from the much-feared Wild Hunt; a band of undead warriors searching for her as well. Explore a rich, colorful world with incredible amounts of depth poured into every inch. Face off against different kinds of beasts, monsters, humans in order to reach your goal.

What Makes The Witcher 3 Awesome:

  • An absolutely breathtaking story.
  • Embrace the arsenal of the Witcher, warriors taught from an early age used to magic and sorcery.
  • Hunt down a range of exotic monsters, each with their own setting and story.

The beasts are all amazing in The Witcher 3, but very strong. Use your Witcher powers to gain an edge.

Chase down beasts and hunt them to get their head as a trophy.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gameplay

Tired of the conventional Assassin's Creed formula that nearly doomed the franchise? Worry no more, for Origins delivers a far richer experience with a combat system that has finally been perfected. With an ever-changing story revolving around your chances, there is plenty of depth and replayability available.

What Makes Assassin’s Creed: Origins Awesome:

  • An Assassin’s Creed RPG. That’s kind of awesome, no?
  • Egypt is large and perilous, explore its exotic secrets.
  • Loot and use different weapons to gain a tactical edge in battle.

Visit the history of the assassin’s as you go around Egypt assassinating targets and becoming a menace.

The DLC introduces with it mythological elements that spice up the game!

1. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Image the step in the right direction. But your path has always been in the right direction. And it’s just more steps in, and that’s Dark Souls 3. A perfected formula, being refined even more as FromSoftware delivers yet another masterpiece.

Become the Ashen One and bring back the Lords of Cinders, who in their despair have chosen to abandon their duty and not link the flame. Face terrifying creatures as you battle your way to them, all the while questioning the duty assigned to you and it's legitimacy.

What Makes Dark Souls 3 Awesome:

  • Almost an infinite amount of replayability with an amazingly large arsenal, with unique weapons, fit for different kinds of playstyles.
  • Custom challenges further increase the game’s dynamic and fun.
  • Difficulty scales with each game progress, meaning every new game plus is a harder, tougher challenge.

Face monstrous bosses with your friends.

Experience the beauty of Dark Souls 3.

And that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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