Bloodborne 2 Release Date - And 10 Features We Want

Bloodborne 2 Release Date
An interesting take on the "2nd".

Will There Be a Bloodborne 2?

Bloodborne is a gem, simply put. Originally titled ‘Project Beast’, it was a spin-off to the iconic Dark Souls series, where director Hidetaka Miyazaki decided to take a side approach into another idea that he had. While very Soulslike in its style, Bloodborne ended up being its own thing, and what a thing it became.

A lot of people who are fans of the Soulsborne genres, hold Bloodborne with high esteem, usually holding it as the best Soulsborne to exist. That’s not a flawed opinion of course, since Bloodborne goes to great lengths at being absolutely amazing, something I can personally attest to.

There are a multitude of reasons which make Bloodborne great. And even more reasons as to why fans would want more. Of course, there’s actually a discord in the community where some fans can’t decide if they want Bloodborne 2 or not. Since, some argue that the story is already complete and more will be just shoehorning in like what Dark Souls 2 did, with there being nothing new to add.

But the reality is these games are already close to perfection so why fix what is broken? Rather, I personally believe in Miyazaki’s capacity to actually create a proper sequel to Bloodborne, and this article covers that exactly. Our predictions and features that we want.

First off, lets first bring this to your realization but Bloodborne 2 is, unfortunately, a pipe dream at the moment. While it’s confirmed that FROM Software is currently working on an unannounced title, the chances of it being Bloodborne 2 are slightly low considering that most of the work team would be working on Elden Ring at the moment.

However, there are certainly chances for a sequel. Miyazaki isn’t always keen on making a sequel but he said the same about Dark Souls and lo and behold we have 3 of them now. Not to mention, the number of easter eggs in other games relating to Bloodborne (granted the one in Deracine was confirmed by Miyazaki to just be an easter egg and nothing more).

Bloodborne 2 Release Date

My personal guess is that after working on Elden Ring and its inevitable DLC, they will move onto working on Bloodborne 2. So there is nothing much we know regarding the release date, rumors etc but it's such a hot title, and Sony still has rights over FROM Software to force them into making a proper sequel.

Well, whatever, let’s now talk about a hypothetical scenario where Bloodborne 2 is all but confirmed. In that case, the following are 10 features we want in Bloodborne 2:

10. More Trick Weapons

The Souls series have a plethora of weapons that define unique play styles and bring with it a lot of replayability, but undeniably a lot of weapons are simply “meh”, and not ones that you’d rather use unless challenge runs. Compared to that, Bloodborne offered a far more unique solution of introducing trick weapons, which are basically weapons that can transform into another weapon.

Not only is this idea incredibly cool, but it also brings far more depth to the moveset of a weapon. The only problem? Variety. Ultimately, Bloodborne doesn’t have as many weapons as one would want. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the amount we already have are pretty great, but in the case of a sequel, it would be nice to get even more unique weapons.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • More Trick Weapons = More Replayability
  • They are some of the coolest shit around.
  • Incentivize unique play styles.

9. Arcane and Bloodtinge need a better fit

Arcane and Bloodtinge builds were, simply put, builds almost no one used. While the DLC helped with the Bloodtinge build with a certain weapon, ultimately these builds were quite limited, especially by the fact that all Bloodtinge weapons cost Quicksilver Bullets to use which were limited, thus further limiting these weapons.

The solution? Make more trick weapons related to these two stats. Magic isn’t a big thing in the Bloodborne world, sure but it does play a part when conversing with the cosmos. Having weapons that directly link to that, would be cool. And not as just items alone.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • More variety for everyone.
  • Arcane is actually pretty nice, plus imagine magic in a gothic setting.
  • Bloodtinge builds need more justice.

8. PvP Arena

Face it, if there was something Bloodborne was lacking in, it was PvP. Bloodborne introduced the system of Chime Maidens who get summoned into your world and are the reason why other players can invade you. Meaning without them, you can basically roam free from invasions. The trick is finding them.

Only once you find them once, you can find them always, so it stops being a threat. Part of the charm of the Souls series was going into areas and having an asshole invade you and destroy you. It just added to the descent into madness, the game offered, something that fits Bloodborne’s theme perfectly well.

I suggest either removing them altogether or summoning multiple Chime Maidens at random locations so you actually have to find them every time and not just rely on memory or a quick google search.

Aside from that, Bloodborne needs a proper PvP arena like how Dark Souls 3 did. Nightmare Frontier is, at the moment, the biggest PvP hotspot in Bloodborne, yes. But I feel a proper Arena system would benefit Bloodborne well. Because arguably, Bloodborne has the best PvP in the whole series.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Brings back the essence of the Souls series.
  • PvP Arena is always fun and interesting to partake in.
  • Will be optional as a feature so no one should really complain.

7. Chalice Dungeons

Chalice Dungeons...Now this is a tricky subject to dive into considering how Chalice Dungeons are viewed in the Bloodborne community. There’s no denying that Chalice Dungeons are unique and to a certain extent even, fun. However, they are tedious as hell. Not to mention, since they are randomly generated (most of them anyway) there isn’t a lot of variety to make you keep coming back to them except to get those sweet 27% gems which is another tedious grind.

I suggest fixing the Chalice Dungeons to the point they have more identity. At the moment, we all know they have deep and very interesting lore but it's even more cryptic than the main story to the point we don’t even know the surface. A proper dive into that, plus fixing their repetitive nature could help make them shine more.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Chalice Dungeons was a great idea, just not executed well. Would love to see it in full bloom.
  • Should be more optional rather than forcing a trophy behind it.
  • They were still fun.

6. Resting at lamps

Most people who played original Bloodborne know how annoyingly long Bloodborne’s loading screens were. While they have improved by leaps and bounds by now, it's still a haunting past. To make it worse, everytime you wanted to rest you had to go BACK to the Hunter’s Dream. Which meant going through TWO long as hell loading screens.

I hope the sequel allows you to rest at the lamps and do most of the stuff there, but the more important stuff like Levelling up is still in the Hunter’s Dream.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • You’d have to be a masochist to not be.
  • Less tedious, annoying loading screens.
  • Allows for faster grinding.

5. Insight/Madness

Insight and Frenzy were the two things that connected the madness of Lovecraftian Horror into gameplay. With Insight being a number that allowed you to see hidden monstrosities and getting more damage from around you. As for Frenzy, it was a meter that took away your health in waves, in a system that could only be considered Madness upon delving too deep into the minds of the Great Ones.

Only this wasn’t that well in execution. Frenzy ended up being more annoying than what it was worth. Very akin to how Terror is in Sekiro, I suggest lowering the amount of health it takes. Insight is great, but it’s limited. There is only so much that happens with more Insight. I’d love for FROM Software to make Insight more interesting, where the risk/reward system increases alongside it? Or something like that.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Insight is a glorious system that can be perfected
  • Frenzy is a horrible system that should be perfected.
  • This is Lovecraftian. Give us some more madness!

4. More NPC interaction

Ok, this might be a controversial opinion but while the voice acting of the NPCs was phenomenal, I personally feel they were a bit lacking. Not the NPCs themselves, but rather I mean the amount of quests you could get from them. Compared to the Souls series, that is. There were only a few that offered quests, and even those ended pretty quickly.

I would like if Bloodborne 2 could expand on the NPCs giving us more of them, while offering a more in-depth questlines with them.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • A true FROM Software player knows NPCs are best.
  • We want more of that amazing voice acting!
  • Fits the story better.

3. An Expanded World

As much as we love Yharnam, the reality is that the world is bigger than that. Think of how Dark Souls had these main areas but expanded them by these other lesser-known areas in the side as well. Perhaps the best example of this would be the Ash Lake in Dark Souls 1 which could more or less be considered the roots of the world. An empty space, with people screaming randomly, there is terror and fright there but also a horrible realization of the world’s emptiness.

Bloodborne could do really well having an area like that. Or just expanding outside the walls of Yharnam. Cainhurst Castle was the closest to this we got.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Chalice Dungeons alone prove other civilizations exist.
  • Would offer variety.
  • Expanded world is always good.

2. Better Covenant Systems

The Souls series has had this system of Covenants which they’ve sadly never perfected. They can be great for PvP and everything but the reward system is busted, which is something I hope FROM Software fixes as they need to make it more optional rather than a chore. As Bloodborne did. However, Bloodborne completely dialed it to zero.

I suggest Bloodborne 2 offering a more in-depth Covenant system kind of like how the Cainhurst Vilebloods vs the Executioners were. And even NPC questlines associated with them.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Would allow for more variety in PvP
  • Covenant rewards wasn’t a bad idea but should be more optional rather than forced.
  • Easier grinding would help with the optional part.

1. An Amazing Twist

Bloodborne’s story was a masterpiece. That final fight alone is perhaps one of the best fights I’ve ever witnessed with a lot of emotions poured into every being of it. Not to mention, how amazing was the twist from a Van Hellsing setting to a straight-up Lovecraftian one.

We would love to see another twist like that happen! Not only will it make Bloodborne 2 absolutely great, but also bring people to another “Holy shit did that happen?!” moment. Perhaps one of the ancient civilizations in the Chalice Dungeons? An Aztec/Maya setting? The sky's the limit, FROM Software.

Why we're excited about this gameplay feature:

  • Why wouldn’t you be?
  • FROM Software is unparalleled in storytelling.
  • Would blow everyone's minds and make the internet go crazy.

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