[Top 5] Bloodborne Best Saw Cleaver Builds That Are Fun

[Top 5] Bloodborne Best Saw Cleaver Builds That Are Fun
The terror is coming

The infamous Saw Cleaver. With its serrated edge and deadly efficiency, this weapon is the star of Bloodborne and is one of the most popular and effective weapons to choose for any playthrough. As is the case with a large number of weapons in Bloodborne, variety is certainly present across multiple playthroughs, so you can change an aspect of a weapon for a massively different experience. This article will cover some variations on the use of the Saw Cleaver, which are all very fun in their own regard.


5. Uncanny Saw Cleaver

Each weapon in Bloodborne has three variations: Normal, Uncanny, and Lost. These variations only change the gem imprints that a weapon has, allowing for some interesting gem combinations to use in battle. The Uncanny version of the Saw Cleaver has two Radial slots, and one Triangle slot. The Triangle slot allows you to use special triangle gems, some of which provide large damage bonuses, or perhaps elemental scaling. It’s fun because you can choose to deviate from the normal Saw Cleaver in favor of something fresher.

What the Uncanny Saw Cleaver build excels at:

  • Variety
  • Very high damage output, depending on gem type
  • Possibility for elemental build
  • High Strength scaling

4. Poorman’s Saw Cleaver

Poorman’s Gems grant you a massive boost to damage when your HP is under 20%. You can have up to three Poorman’s Gems in one weapon, and they are ideal on a weapon as strong as the Saw Cleaver. The easiest way to trigger the buff is to use blood bullets, fire one, and repeat until your HP is low enough. Naturally, this strategy is very risky, but the fun and thrill of constantly being on the verge of dying is well worth it. 

What the Poorman’s Gem build excels at:

  • Potentially ridiculous damage
  • Added fun due to the high-risk factor of Poorman’s Gems
  • These gems are easily farmed with glyphs

3. Bolt

 Bolt damage is one of the best uses for dealing with Kin enemies. For better clarification, Kin enemies are the alien-like creatures that prowl the later parts of the game, such as Brainsuckers and Celestials. This build utilizes the standard version of the Saw Cleaver along with very easily attained Bolt gems. To create a higher damage output, you need to put some levels in Arcane. Overall a very fun build for some elemental damage. 

What the Bolt build excels at:

  • Very fun effects
  • Great against Kin enemies
  • Elemental damage
  • Arcane scaling

2. Fire

The reason that the Fire build is better than the Bolt build is the fact that the Saw Cleaver deals Serrated damage, ideal against beasts. Given that beasts are also very weak to Fire, this combination is quite deadly in most stages of the game. Fire gems are easily farmed in the Pthumeru Ihyll Chalices, so it is relatively easy to make this build work early. Very fun and exciting as a fresher take on the classic build. 

What the Fire build excels at:

  • Great damage
  • Ideal against beasts
  • Quite fun to utilize
  • Easy set up

1. Strength/Tempering Build

Now, you can’t go for a better build than the standard one. The Saw Cleaver features some of the best DPS in the game, and using Strength points as well as Tempering blood gems will give you amazing damage. High-level Radial blood gems can be farmed in Depth 5 Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalices. This is a build path that many players use when just starting off, and it gives you the best opportunity to rend anything you come across. 

What the Strength/Tempering build excels at:

  • Great damage
  • Very easy to set up
  • Reliable in every situation
  • Great for any enemy

We have come to the end of this list, and I hope that it gives you some idea on how to utilize the iconic weapon in new and more creative ways. Besides the listed options, you can also use almost any other gem or set up you want, ranging from more Skill scaling to pure Arcane damage. The possibilities are vast and you can do anything that comes to mind. Experiment and see what fits your playstyle. Happy hunting!

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