[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Hunter Tools And How To Get Them

[Top 10] Bloodborne Best Hunter Tools And How To Get Them
The Call Beyond

Tools are a hunter’s best friend. They are special items that you can only use when you acquire a specific level in Arcane or Bloodtinge, and that serve many different purposes. You can find them throughout the game, often hidden somewhere on the map or found by special means. This list will cover 10 of the best Hunter Tools that you can utilize in your playthrough based on damage, usefulness, and QS bullet consumption.

10. Empty Phantasm Shell

 Something that any hunter can use to bolster their offense, the Empty Phantasm Shell is ideal to dish out a bit of extra damage right when you need it. The bullets used by the Tool are easily replenished with blood bullets, so you can easily keep the buff active most of the time. An important thing to note is that the buff is not a percentage of Arcane damage, but instead, it is a flat amount of Arcane damage (80).

What makes the Empty Phantasm Shell great:

  • Additional Arcane damage on hit
  • Good QS bullet efficiency
  • Flat Arcane damage
  • Cool whooshing noises when attacking

Empty Phantasm Shell stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 15
  • QS bullet usage: 3
  • Arcane scaling: N/A

9. Tiny Tonitrus

 A wondrous little Tool that is comparable to the ordinary Tonitrus, except this one can send waves of lightning in a straight line in front of you. Ideal for crowd control and bolt-susceptible enemies, the Tiny Tonitrus will destroy narrow spaces with ease, and should definitely be considered for your next playthrough.

What makes the Tiny Tonitrus great:

  • Very good crowd control
  • Good Bolt damage
  • Very good for narrow passages
  • With blood bullets, the consumption can be decent

Tiny Tonitrus stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 25
  • QS bullet usage: 6
  • Arcane scaling: S

8. Madaras Whistle

 One of the most interesting Hunter Tools, the Madaras Whistle can summon the maw of a giant snake from under you, snapping onto enemies that find themselves in its path. This one comes with some risk, however, since the maw can damage you as well. Despite this, it has incredible Bloodtinge scaling and high damage output. High risk, high reward, as they say.

What makes the Madaras Whistle great:

  • Tricky to land, but deals great damage
  • High Bloodtinge scaling
  • Decent crowd control
  • Very fun

Madaras Whistle stats: 

  • Bloodtinge requirement: 18
  • QS bullet usage: 4
  • Bloodtinge scaling: S

7. Choir Bell

 Multiplayer cooperation is exceptionally important in any Souls game, and Bloodborne is no exception. With the Choir Bell, you can assist partners or simply help yourself, since the bell provides a full heal and a clear on status effects, enabling you to get right back into the action as you wish. It can also interact with the environment, ringing the big bell in the chalices, or oddly enough, killing Eileen when she is lying on the Cathedral steps. 

What makes the Choir Bell great:

  • Provides a full heal
  • Clears status effects
  • Quick to use
  • Useful in cooperation

Choir Bell stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 15
  • QS bullet usage: 7
  • Arcane scaling: S

6. Old Hunter Bone

 Not usually seen in the main game, the Quickening art is a very useful tool that increases your mobility and safety during a battle. The effect is a gust of dust from your hand, after which quicksteps will make you vanish in a puff of smoke, and appear a little distance away. It is quite useful for builds that invest a few points into Arcane to just cross the threshold for the usage of the Tool, so realistically, any hunter can use it.

What makes the Old Hunter Bone great:

  • Increases mobility massively
  • More invincibility frames
  • Quick to use
  • Efficient bullet usage

Old Hunter Bone stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 15
  • QS bullet usage: 4
  • Arcane scaling: N/A

5. Augur of Ebrietas

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos is a Great One made of pale flesh with tentacles spanning her frame, and this Tool is an augur of her power. The user sends a tentacle flying in front of them, dealing great damage and possibly parrying, based on the timing. It is a very reliable Tool that you can use in most situations and should be focused on when fighting humanoid enemies, as the Augur will send them flying.

What makes the Augur of Ebrietas great:

  • Very efficient bullet usage
  • Low cast time
  • Able to parry attacks
  • Usage to the back opens enemies up for visceral attacks

Augur of Ebrietas stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 18
  • QS bullet usage: 1
  • Arcane scaling: S

4. Accursed Brew

 In the Old Hunters DLC, coming to the Fishing Hamlet will prompt a villager to walk next to you, muttering about Byrgenwerth and blood. Talking to him won’t do anything, it just keeps him talking. However, if you equip the Milkweed rune and talk to him, he will give you the Accursed Brew, a Tool that sends out a volley of magic towards enemies. Overall, it is a great weapon that has efficient QS bullet usage and should be utilized in any Arcane-based playthrough.

What makes the Accursed Brew great:

  • Good range
  • Efficient bullet usage
  • Slow cast and travel time, but good damage

Accursed Brew stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 30 
  • QS bullet usage: 2
  • Arcane scaling: S

3. Blacksky Eye

 After you defeat Ludwig the Accursed, you will come across an area similar to the Grand Cathedral, and there will be a woman praying at the same place that Vicar Amelia usually prays. If you aggro her, she will attack you with meteor-like shots of Arcane energy from a long distance. To get this item, you need to get to the point in Adeline’s questline where she gives you the Balcony Key, and after crossing onto the balcony, you will enter an area very much like the Celestial Emissary area, where the item will be. Usage-wise, it is very reliable, with efficient QS bullet usage, long range, and solid damage. 

What makes the Blacksky Eye great:

  • Quick cast time and travel time
  • Extremely efficient bullet usage
  • Able to parry attacks
  • High stagger potential

Blacksky Eye stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 16     
  • QS bullet usage: 1
  • Arcane scaling: S

2. Executioner’s Gloves

 Within Castle Cainhurst, you will find numerous treasures for the picking. Some are weapons, and some are Hunter Tools, like these gloves here. Using them, you send out three homing skulls that hunt down enemies, staggering them and dealing massive Arcane damage. For maximum potential, you should level Arcane to at least 50. These are a personal favorite of mine, mostly because they are very useful and insanely fun to use!

What makes the Executioner’s Gloves great:

  • Three damage sources
  • Great damage to QS bullet ratio
  • Stagger potential

Executioner’s Gloves stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 20
  • QS bullet scaling: 3 
  • Arcane scaling: S

1. A Call Beyond

Now we come to the best Hunter Tool you can use. A Call Beyond is found in the area preceding the Ebrietas fight. When you use it, you send out multiple volleys of Arcane magic, bombarding enemies with massive damage and knockback potential. It is especially useful when dealing with groups of enemies, or giant enemies with specific weak points, such as Amygdala or Ebrietas. A definite must-have for any Arcane build.

What makes A Call Beyond great:

  • Massive damage
  • Can knock down humanoid enemies
  • Good for multiple targets
  • Great for large bosses such as Ebrietas

A Call Beyond stats:

  • Arcane requirement: 40
  • QS bullet usage: 7
  • Arcane scaling: S

With that, we have come to the end of this list. Hunter Tools are phenomenal things, and they should generally be used in any playthrough, no matter the end goal. Any of these Tools can be used in a variety of situations, and none of them should be ignored. I personally find much joy and excitement in finding out new ways to use them and make the whole experience more fun. It is important to experiment and see what you like, so make sure to give some of these a try sometime.

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