[Top 5] Bloodborne Best Arcane Builds That Are Fun

Bloodborne Best Arcane Builds
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Arcane is an attribute that focuses on the mystical aspects of Bloodborne. It shuns the idea of beasthood and the Old Blood, instead focusing on transcending humanity altogether, through insight. An Arcane Hunter will opt for Hunter Tools to bombard their enemies with magic and phantasmic energy, weapons infused with specific Arcane blood gems, or weapons that are pure manifestations of Arcane themselves. This list will focus on the different ways to utilize Arcane to its fullest potential. The important thing to take away from this introduction is that Arcane builds are very versatile and you can change them to suit your needs. Improvise, be imaginative and channel your inner sorcerer.

5. Minimalistic Arcanist

This build will focus on casually utilizing Arcane and its benefits through your (ideally) first playthrough. As you progress, you’ll need to get your Arcane stat to at least 20, in order to be able to use most Hunter Tools as you wish. Your other stats should go into Strength or Skill, depending on your goal and build.

Build Details:

  • Origin: Military Veteran
  • Weapon: Any
  • Hunter Tools: Augur of Ebrietas, Empty Phantasm Shell, Executioner’s Gloves, Old Hunter Bone (as needed)
  • Stats: Arcane 20, other stats should fit your needs

What the Minimalistic Arcanist build excels at:

  • Stronger arsenal due to Hunter Tools
  • Higher gameplay versatility
  • Bonus damage to Arcane-scaling weapons

The most important thing to take away from this build is that it should just serve as an augment to your current build. Use the Empty Phantasm Shell to buff your weapons, the Augur of Ebrietas to deal solid damage and parry; others should be used creatively to help you progress. You can add more levels to Arcane to increase you damage output, if you find yourself using Arcane more than intended.

4. Dual Weapon Arcane Build

For this build, you will be focusing on two weapons, more specifically the Saw Cleaver and the Saw Spear. To make this build effective, you’re going to use two different types of blood gems to slot into your weapons, giving you two effective means of dealing with the enemies you will be encountering. Nice and crispy, however you look at it.

The Saw Spear will be equipped with a fire gem that you can find in the alleyways of Cathedral Ward, next to a Brainsucker. Other fire gems can be found in specific areas of chalice dungeons. The Saw Cleaver will be equipped with Bolt gems, allowing for extra damage against Kin enemies. The best Bolt gem can be found in Yahar’gul. Right after the first lamp, go down the steps into the room with a Bell Maiden. The gem should be behind her, blocked by a door.

Build Details:

  • Origin: Military Veteran
  • Weapon: Saw Cleaver, Saw Spear
  • Hunter Tools: Any
  • Stats: Arcane 25+ | Skill: 25 | Strength: 25

What the Dual Weapon Build excels at:

  • Using Fire and Bolt weapons makes you formidable against most of the enemies in the game, depending on their weaknesses.
  • Strong damage presence
  • Higher discovery stat, through arcane
  • Very fun to play

3. Strength and Arcane

Strength and Arcane focuses on the hard-hitting aspect of Strength and how it can be augmented with Arcane. Essentially doubling down on straightforward damage output. The weapons for this build are Logarius’ Wheel or the Holy Moonlight Sword, depending on your preference. The Wheel is slower and more robust, while the Moonlight Sword is quicker. Both of these weapons scale very well with Arcane and Strength, allowing you whack enemies, repeatedly.

Build Details:

  • Origin: Cruel Fate
  • Weapons: Logarius Wheel or Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Hunter Tools: Any
  • Stats: Arcane 50+ | Strength 25+

What the Strength and Arcane build excels at:

  • High stagger potential
  • High blunt damage on the Wheel
  • Normally high strength damage is even higher with Arcane buffs
  • Hunter tools can be utilized for more damage

2. Arcane Hunter Tools Only (Challenge Build)

And now, we come to the challenge run of the list. This should be attempted on a casual run where your goal is to have fun and see how Hunter Tools work. Of course, this is only a guideline, so you can use a weapon, but tools are preferred. Some tools require some progression and grinding, but they are definitely worth it.

Build Details:

  • Origin: Cruel Fate
  • Weapon: Any
  • Hunter Tools:  Executioner’s Gloves, Augur of Ebrietas, A Call Beyond, Blacksky Eye, Accursed Brew
  • Stats: Vitality 50 | Arcane 50+

What the Hunter Tool build excels at:

  • Powerful, raw Arcane damage
  • Versatility, every weapon for a certain purpose
  • High discovery stat, leading to more items found
  • Bullet management. Not having a weapon forces you to be more careful and calculated in your approach.

1. Lumenwood Build

For the Lumenwood Build, we’re going to be utilizing every aspect of an Arcane approach, most notably using the Milkweed rune and the Kos Parasite. This is the purest form of Arcane you can do, and it is also the most fun. When you equip the Kos Parasite and the Milkweed rune, you gain a new moveset for the weapon, including spitting attacks, bodily explosions and tongue lashes, which is just fun, no matter how you look at it. Sidenote, you turn into a cauliflower which is both strange and fun at the same time!

Build Details:

  • Origin: Cruel Fate
  • Weapon: Kos Parasite
  • Hunter Tools: Any
  • Stats: Vitality 50 | Arcane 99

What the Lumenwood Build excels at:

  • Very high Arcane damage
  • High versatility
  • The Milkweed rune gives you more moves for the Kos Parasite
  • Higher mobility with the Milkweed rune
  • High stagger/limb break potential

With that, we have come to the end of the list. Something that most players will tell you is that Arcane is very versatile at its base. You don’t have set rules on what to do, so make sure that you take any of these prescribed builds and make it your own. Ultimately, we all get into this brilliant game to have a personal experience, where you make your own decisions to progress. That is why this list doesn’t have specific details or videos on some builds, as they are loose guidelines that you can incorporate into your playthrough. Just make sure to have fun, and our Lord Miyazaki will bless you with blood.

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