[Top 5] Bloodborne Best Starting Weapons (And How To Get Them)

Bloodborne best starting weapons.
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Choose your weapon, and choose wisely.

Bloodborne is known for its punishing difficulty, unique playstyle, and various trick weapons available to players as they uncover the mystery of Yharnam. Unfortunately, most of these weapons are not available to players as they begin their journey. 

Instead, you will have to make a troublesome decision between 3 main starter weapons, the Hunter Axe, the Saw Cleaver, or the Threaded Cane. 

This guide will break down the top five starting weapons offered in Bloodborne so you can skip buyer's remorse as you start your next playthrough.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Aren’t there only three weapons available at first? First off, good eye! But, believe it or not, there are actually five to choose from! Apart from the Kirkhammer, every weapon on this list is available before you fight any early-game boss, making them all starting weapons. So without further ado, let's get into it. 

5. Kirkhammer

This one just barely meets the early-game criteria. But it is still a very early game weapon and is very fun to use.

It does require that you defeat the first optional boss, however. No small feat I’m sure, but for how early you can get it, the Kirkhammer is a great strength weapon to start your strength build off with. 

Did I mention it’s not just a massive war hammer? In its regular form, it is a longsword that allows you to deal Righteous Damage, with a ridiculous 50% buff. Enemies of the Healing Church beware indeed. 

But do be careful, for this weapon is unforgiving. The transformed war hammer attacks are slow and telegraphed, meaning you will have to time them perfectly to impart maximum damage. Also, since it is a blunt weapon, it does not have any Serrated or Righteous Damage bonuses in its tricked-out form. It also chews through your endurance like nothing else. But by golly, when it lands, it seriously lands.

With proper strength and stamina, you can hyper-armor and rattle off a long L2 chain, staggering your enemies across the map. 

And the sound of the hammer smashing into your enemies? 

Pacha loves it.


Base Stats

  • Physical Attack: 105
  • VS Beast: 100
  • VS Kin: 100
  • Durability: 250

4. Saw Cleaver    

The Saw Cleaver is one of three weapons available to players at the start of the game. In its regular form, it acts like a saw and allows you to add a Serrated Damage buff to your weapon.

In its tricked-out form, it acts as an extended cleaver, losing the Serrated Damage buff in exchange for monstrous overhead blows and a larger range. 

Overall, the Cleaver offers great DPS, is buffable, and has one of the coolest L1 transform attacks in the game. If you’re looking for a great all-around reliable weapon, the Saw Cleaver is perfect for you.

How cool is the Saw Cleaver here?

Shortcomings of this weapon are pretty negligible, the only one I can think of is the limited range in its Saw version. This means you will have to get very close to your enemies to rally off a combo.

Base Stats

  • Physical Attack: 90
  • VS Beast: 100
  • VS Kin: 100
  • Durability: 200

3. Threaded Cane

This weapon is quite polarizing. Many Bloodborne hunters swear by it, and many others complain about its pitiful damage compared to other weapons. This writer is fairly neutral on the subject. It is my opinion that as with most weapons in the game, it can be a complete monster when used correctly. 

The Threaded Cane acts as a sword in its regular form and when transformed, it becomes a serrated and bladed whip. In its regular form, you will inflict Righteous damage, allowing you to deal extra damage to enemies dubbed ‘enemies of the Healing Church’. In its tricked-out form, it has the added benefit of imparting Serrated Damage. When buffed with the appropriate paper, it can chew through enemy health bars while also keeping you outside of harm's reach. 


While the Threaded Cane is an extremely versatile weapon, it has a sharp learning curve and comparatively lower damage to other weapons on this list. To make the most of this weapon, try going for a skill-based build. 

Base Stats

  • Physical Attack: 78
  • VS Beast: 100 
  • VS Kin: 100
  • Durability: 200

2. Saw Spear 

The Saw Spear is like the Saw Cleaver’s cooler older brother: a brother that probably has a band and listens to vinyl. With that painful simile out of the way, let's get into why the Saw Spear is an excellent early game weapon.

For starters, it is available before you even fight your first boss. To find it, you will need to go on a bewildering adventure through Yharnam’s sewers. Fun stuff! Remember to load up on Quicksilver Bullets and Blood Vials beforehand as you are sure to get lost the first time you go down there. 

Here is what you need to know about its moveset and damage output. The Saw Spear offers players a wide array of attacks with different ranges to hit enemies from any angle you choose. In both states, it imparts serrated damage, allowing you to dismantle beast-type enemies with impunity. 

Saw Spear in-game.

To improve its performance against different types of enemies, consider buffing it with fire or bolt paper. 

Base Stats

  • Physical Attack: 85
  • VS Beast: 100
  • VS Kin: 100
  • Durability: 250

1. Hunter Axe 

The Hunter Axe is one of the first weapons that become available to you. Play your cards right and you could find yourself finishing your first playthrough with this very weapon.

As such, the Hunter Axe holds a special place in many hearts amongst Bloodborne players. Primarily a strength weapon, its transformed state has many sweeping and stabbing attacks at a range that are sure to delight. More of an up-close and personal type player? Have it your way: in its untransformed state, this axe allows you to get in your enemy's personal space and hack away to your heart's content. 

This weapon is dubbed "spin to win" because of its charged L2 spin attack. This move is great for staggering large enemies and controlling the mobs that descend upon you, driven mad by the hunt. I cannot begin to recount how many times this move has gotten me out of a tight spot, and I know you will lose count too!

Base Stats

  • Physical Attack: 98
  • VS Beast: 100
  • VS Kin: 100
  • Durability: 250

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