[Top 10] Best FromSoftware Games to Play Today

Best FromSoftware Games
Great combat is one of FromSoftware's best strengths, even if you're the one usually screaming in agony.

You enter a dark world, lost and cold. Rage consumes your body as you tirelessly fight your way through hordes of vile creatures.

Numerous controllers broken, heart racing, yet you finally beat that tough boss. These are the feelings FromSoftware instills on you as you boot up their games, but how do you distinguish what game to trudge through next?

Below you will find the top 10 games from the company that has made a staple in fun, yet challenging worlds: FromSoftware. 

10. Otogi: Myth of Demons - 2002 (Xbox)

(Otogi: Myth of Demons - Gameplay)

In Otogi: Myth of Demons, play as Raikoh in this classic hack and slash adventure. With a wave of demons sprawling across the land, fight your way through 29 levels in intense combat. Each demon is unique, some large and some small, and every battle is fun and rewarding. Do you have what it takes to save the world from the horde of demons that invaded there?

  • Destructible environments add to the tension and fun of hacking away at monstrous foes.
  • As an Xbox 360 game, enjoy 29 3D stages, one of the larger worlds of any title in that era.
  • Use of powers and abilities feels rewarding as you level through the game.


Otogi: Myth of Demons - Destroy huge demons that walk about the lands.


Otogi: Myth of Demons – Fight an array of demons as you uncover the secrets of the world.

9.  Enchanted Arms - 2006  (Xbox 360, PS3)

(Enchanted Arms – Gameplay)

In this science fantasy RPG, become an Enchanter and power your way through tough enemies. As with games like Final Fantasy, combat is turn based, but unlike those games, classic JRPG elements of random encounters are sprawled throughout each level. Tackle the lands with your party of two other playable characters as you endure grueling tasks to become a renowned Enchanter. With unique graphics and sounds from the 360 era, enjoy a classic fantasy adventure.

  • Classic gameplay that is similar to Final Fantasy, but incorporates elements of a traditional JRPG.
  • Random encounters are intense and require quick thinking to beat your opponent.
  • For its time, graphics and music are outstanding and immerse you into the story and lore.


Enchanted Arms – Take on large foes without hesitation.


Enchanted Arms – Turn-based combat requires precise planning.

8. Evergrace - 2000 (PS2)

(Evergrace – Gameplay)

In Evergrace, play as two characters, Darius the swordsman and Sharline the homemaker. With two unique characters and different storylines, you have the option to switch back and forth at any save point to get the fullest out of the story. With classic RPG mechanics, level up your characters to tackle the hordes of enemies that you encounter. Enter beautiful and rich dungeons as you progress to unlock your full potential and every ability.

  • Two storylines allow you to play how you want and experience the story from different perspectives.
  • With various weapons and abilities, you have the option to choose how you want to engage in combat.
  • Experience is awarded through equipment and items, unlike traditional leveling up mechanics.


Evergrace – Inventory management is key to success.


Evergrace – Take your party with you as you explore deeper into the lands.

7. Armored Core 4 - 2006 (Xbox 360, PS3)

(Armored Core 4 – Gameplay)

In this vehicle-based mecha combat game, fly through the skies and take down various enemies. Set in the future after a great war, fly around in huge vehicles as you take on some tough mechanical enemies. With a rich customization interface, each unlock feels great as you make your mecha look how you want. Take your skills to online play and test your shooting against other players.

  • Each mecha is fully customizable to your liking.
  • As a 12th installment to the franchise, Armored Core 4 stays true to its roots while adding new mechanics to the game for smoother gameplay.
  • Faster gameplay than its predecessors makes flying around in a mecha feel smooth and enjoyable.


Armored Core 4 – Fly through the air as a huge mecha.


Armored Core 4 – Use your mechas abilities and weapons to take down enemies from afar.

6. Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin - 2015 (Xbox, PC, PS4)

(Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin – Gameplay)

Cold, dark, and alone, you travel to the forgotten land of Drangleic, to try to reverse the curse of the hollows. Tasked with bringing 4 great souls to the Queen in order to reverse your curse, you embark on a deadly journey. The land is bare but not abandoned, as at every turn an undead monster blocks your way. Be prepared in battle, as when you die, your health bar is reduced and humanity is the only element to bring you back to what you once were.

  • A new mechanic of permanently losing a portion of your health bar upon death add to the difficulty of the game.
  • A lighter world than its predecessor brings a new atmosphere to the gameplay, yet still staying true to the deep lore.
  • With 3 DLC worlds included, hours more of grueling gameplay is a welcoming treat.


Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin – Enter a world full of dragons, but be cautious.


Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin – Invade or be invaded by fellow players.

5. Dark Souls III - 2016 (Xbox, PC, PS4)

(Dark Souls III – Gameplay)

As the world fades to dark, it is up to you to ignite the flame to bring the evil to bay. Five lords of cinder need to be returned to their thrones and it is up to you to bring them there. Through the darkened lands, explore a rich environment teeming with tough enemies around every corner. With two exciting entries already in the Dark Souls series, do you have what it takes to light the flame once more?

  • A refined combat system allows for cleaner movements in and out of battle.
  • New co-op mechanics allow for invading and summoning fellow players easier than the previous entries.
  • Bigger bosses and fast-paced combat require skill and learning to defeat your targets.


Dark Souls III – Fast clean combat at every corner.


Dark Souls III – No matter how big the enemy is, try and find its weakness.

4. Bloodborne - 2015 (PS4)

(Bloodborne – Gameplay)

Stemming away from the swords and shield lands of the Dark Souls trilogy, play as a hunter in this dark and twisted Victorian-era world. As a hunter, it is your job to rid the lands of Yharnmam from a nightmare that blankets its residents. With no shields in sight, you equip a pistol and a special melee weapon with two forms of combat unique to its class. Faster gameplay requires quick thinking in how you will tackle each horrifying boss.

  • Faster gameplay than the Souls trilogy makes combat unique to the Bloodborne world.
  • With multiple stages of each boss, they grow harder as you dwindle their health down.
  • The return of a player hub allows for quick travel and freedom to choose your own path as you complete the game.


Bloodborne – No enemy is too big for you to battle.


Bloodborne – Explore the player hub to plan out your next steps.

3. Dark Souls Remastered - 2018 (Xbox, PC, PS4)

(Dark Souls Remastered – Gameplay)

You awaken in the unknown land of Lordran, a desolate and dark place. In an asylum, you wander around with nothing but a broken sword and shield, only to encounter your first boss. Immediately you try to slay the beast, but with two quick swipes, you are dead and resurrect just outside its doors. Welcome to Dark Souls, an unforgiving, yet rewarding game full of rich and deep lore. Traverse through the lands to light the flame and bring order to the dark world.

  • Updated graphics make the old game run smoothly on modern hardware.
  • Better matchmaking makes it easier to summon and invade fellow players.
  • The only DLC is included in the remaster, which adds a new tough area to explore before or after you complete the game.


Dark Souls Remastered – Bring a friend to tackle some of the bigger bosses.


Dark Souls Remastered – The use of spells may be the saving grace you need in battle.

2. Demon’s Souls - 2005 (PS3)

(Demon’s Souls – Gameplay)

In a land consumed by demons, you grab your sword and shield to fight back the evil entity known as The Dark One. Through the Nexus, you embark on a journey through five grueling worlds, slaying the demons that reside there. Each encounter, no matter how big or small, requires precision. One failed step or missed attack can result in an unforgiving bloodbath that can end in death.

  • The use of a central player hub allows you to navigate the various worlds with complete ease.
  • A non-linear story allows you to decide which path you want to take.
  • The numerous classes allow you to tackle the demons whichever way you want, either through your trusty sword or learning one of the various magic casting abilities.


Demon’s Souls – Uncover huge demons right from the start.


Demon’s Souls – With numerous enemies around the dark world, don’t get too cocky as more may come.

1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - March 22nd, 2019 (Xbox, PC, PS4)

(Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Gameplay)

Stemming away from the Soulsbourne series, FromSoftware introduces Sekiro. In Sekerio: Shadows Die Twice, take on the role of Sekiro who is engulfed in rage and seeks out to take revenge on a samurai who attacked and kidnapped his lord. Fast-paced combat like Bloodborne, with new elements of grappling with your mechanical hand to fly through the air in order to slay your foes. With rich and updated graphics for modern consoles, enjoy this new installment from FromSoftware.

  • The new mechanic of flying through the air as you grapple enemies and building with your mechanical hand adds to the intense fights of grueling bosses.
  • Beautiful graphics and crisp FPS make combat flow perfectly.
  • A new story set in the world of Samurais makes this a fun new entry that stems away from the Soulsborne saga.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Play as a hardened samurai to revenge your lord.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – The use of two-handed combat can be interchangeable with your mechanical arm.

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