[Top 10] Fallout 4 Best Companions

Best Fallout 4 Companions
Nick Valentine enjoying a cigarette and a drink (somehow?).

The Commonwealth Wasteland is a really big, scary place teeming with all sorts of vermin and killers that would lve nothing more than to turn you into swiss cheese with bullets or cut you up and stuff you in a bag full of viscera. Never fear though! Not everything wants to kill you! As a matter of fact there is a sizeable cast of varying characters throughout the Wasteland that are just waiting to tag along with you and hit the radioactive road. These potential friends come from all different backgrounds, with different personalities, opinions, and attack styles. From a 200 year old butler robot to an angry, drug addicted brawler, these are the top 10 best companions in Fallout 4.


10. Codsworth

Codsworth looking shiny (and fancy) as ever.

Codsworth is a domestic model Mr. Handy who served as the butler of the player’s home in Sanctuary before the bombs fell. When the player and their family evacuate to the vault to escape the atomic blasts, Codsworth stays and survives at the player’s pre-war home for over 200 years. And that’s exactly where the player will find him upon escaping the vault. Codsworth will be available as a companion after investigating the town of Concord. Codsworth is a great companion because: 

  • He is the first robot companion available to the player so he can be quite helpful in battle at the early levels.
  • Depending on the name of the player’s created character, Codsworth can address the character by name which is very unique.
  • High strength means Codsworth can carry quite a bit which is very helpful. Codsworth also has a fair, sensible, and cheerful attitude about him making him an enjoyable companion to have around.

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9. Piper

The ember at the end of Piper's cigarette is even dimmer next to the fiery expression in Piper's face.

Piper is a reporter for the Diamond City newspaper, “Publick Occurrences”. The player meets her upon trying to gain entry into Diamond City for the quest “Jewel of the Commonwealth”. Upon realizing the player is over 200 years old and from a vault, she asks for an interview for her publication. Piper is available as a companion upon completing her interview. Piper is a great companion because:

  • Her affinity perk, Gift of Gab, grants the player double the amount of XP upon successful charisma checks and the discovery of new locations.
  • She fights with a pistol and is fairly good in combat.
  • Charismatic and passionate character. 

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8. Preston Garvey

Preston Garvey and his classic worried expression. Wipe that look off his face and be his buddy:)

Preston Garvey is the brave leader of what's left of the Commonwealth Minutemen. The player will find him upon investigating Concord in the beginning of the game where he will recruit your help in fighting off Raiders. After doing so and helping (or not) them move to Sanctuary, Preston is available as a companion. Preston is a great companion because: 

  • The affinity perk he grants the player, “United We Stand” is one of the more powerful ones, giving a +20% damage boost and 20% damage resistance when fighting 3 enemies or more.
  • Specializes in energy weapons, more specifically, the laser musket which is very powerful especially early on. 
  • He is a part of a faction which means more quests and eventually more rewards.

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7. Cait

Cait has stayed struggling in life but she stays swinging the whole way down. As well as scream obscenities at the world around her.

Cait is a drug addicted former Raider who the player finds working as a fighter at a less than delightful bar known as the Combat Zone. The quest in order to find the Combat Zone can be picked up by hearing the security guards around diamond city talking about it. Cait is not as nice a companion as Preston. As a matter of fact, Cait is the opposite. Cait is pleased by combat and violence and still has a Raider’s foul language as well as a drug addiction. Cait is a great companion because: 

  • She can pick just about any lock. This makes her extremely useful in scavenging and exploring. 
  • Her affinity perk is Trigger Rush which gives the player an accelerated AP regeneration rate when health falls below 25%.
  • She is a vicious fighter and makes for excellent help in a nasty battle.

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6. Maccready

Don't let those friendly eyes fool you. Macready can be a bit of an asshole (majority of the time). But he's got an incredible marksman's eye.

Macready is an ex-gunner, operating as a mercenary in Goodneighbor where the player can find him in a bar known as the Third Rail. Maccready is a sniper, pleased by sarcasm, greed, and violence. Maccready is a great companion because:

  • His affinity perk, Killshot, gives the player a 20% bonus hit chance on headshots in V.A.T.S.
  • Maccready is able to steal any item undetected. This makes him a perfect companion for heavy builds who need a stealthier hand to steal things for them.
  • He is an excellent sniper making him a very big help from afar in combat.

Learn more about Maccready here!

Learn how to get Maccready as a companion here!


5. Dogmeat

Look at him. Just being a good boy. In a world where somehow the dogs didn't mutate into giant versions of themselves like the scorpions or the cockroaches did and yet continues to kick ass.

Dogmeat is the very first companion available to the player. The player can find him at the Red Rocket truck station just outside Sanctuary where he can be recruited immediately. Dogmeat can provide small assistance with combat but his biggest assistance lies in his scavenging abilities as well as alerting the player to different items and enemies. Dogmeat is a great companion because: 

  • He has no opinions when it comes to ethics so there is no appeasing to be done when deciding actions the player makes. 
  • He is always sniffing and looking around and alerts the player to items or enemies he’s found and he also brings the player different items whether it be some duct tape or a rocket launcher. If Dogmeat thinks you’ll like it, he’s bringing it.
  • He is able to incapacitate enemies for moments at a time making him very helpful in combat.

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Learn how to get Dogmeat as a companion here!


4. Paladin Danse

If the hall monitor in middle school were a fully grown man wearing a tank as a jumpsuit and sporting a laser rifle. Strangely, makes a great companion.

Paladin Danse is the commanding officer of the Recon Squad Gladus unit of the Brotherhood of Steel and can be found at the Cambridge Police Station fighting off ghouls. This is a quest that can be started by listening to an emergency radio frequency in the area. After helping with the ghouls, Danse will be available as a companion. Paladin Danse is great because:

  • He is always in a suit of Power Armor, meaning he is a walking tank, capable of taking loads of damage all while fiercely fighting back with his trusty laser rifle. 
  • His affinity perk gives the player a 20% resistance against the primary enemies of the Brotherhood of Steel; ghouls, super mutants, and synths.
  • One of the best companions to have as far as fighters go.

Learn more about Paladin Danse here!

Learn how to get Paladin Danse as a companion here!


3. X6-88

The post-apocalyptic version of one of the twin cartel hit-men in Season 3 of Breaking Bad.

X6-88 is an Institute Courser available to the player later on in the main story of the game depending on whether or not the player chooses to side with the Institute. For those that do and want the Institute protection of a courser then he is your guy. X6-88 is a cold, emotionless, and ruthless killer as is standard with Institute Coursers. If anything pleases him it’s selfish and practical acts. X6-88 is a great companion because:

  • He is an absolutely fierce fighter and focuses on survival and so ethical or generous decisions do not please him.
  • His affinity perk, Shield Harmonics, gives the player +20 energy resistance.
  • Great for stealth and energy builds because he brings the player fusion cells and he is inherently stealthy.

Learn more about X6-88 here!

Learn how to get X6-88 as a companion here!


2. Nick Valentine

The Sherlock Holmes that the helpless, confused denizens of Diamond City need.

Nick Valentine is an early synth prototype that has gained freewill and become a detective working out of his own agency in Diamond City. Nick Valentine is found through the main story when the player has to go and rescue him in order to help find his son. Nick Valentine is great because:

  • He is able to pick just about any lock and he can hack just about any terminal which makes him EXTREMELY helpful when exploring and scavenging.
  • His affinity perk gives the player an extra attempt at hacking terminals as well as a 50% lower wait time between attempts. 
  • Nick Valentine is a solid fighter, typically arming himself with a revolver and providing solid assistance in combat.

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1. Curie

Don't let the doll like appearance fool you. She can reduce you to chunks of meat in seconds. Only if you're rude though.

Curie is originally Miss Nanny unit in vault 81 but the player can eventually put Curie into a modified synth body and that is when Curie becomes the top companion. She does immense amounts of damage and can take immense amounts of damage in return. Curie is the best companion because:

  • Her affinity perk, Combat Medic, gives the player 100 HP once every day if the player’s health goes under 10%. 
  • Curie has the largest amount of hit points of any companion in Fallout 4. Meaning she can take lots and lots of damage.
  • Curie also has some of the highest damage outputs so she can respond to extreme force with even more extreme force.

Learn more about Curie here!

Learn how to get Curie as a companion here!

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