Fallout 4: 10 Awesome Screenshots You've Got To See‏

Fallout 4: 10 Awesome Screenshots You've Got To See‏
Are you ready for this?

Alright guys, its Fallout 4.

Woo!! Exciting stuff, isn’t it? Well, in the wake of this BIG announcement, we have extracted some awesome screenshots from the three minute announcement trailer to pick apart and examine.

So, sit back, turn on your Pip-Boy 3000, and enjoy.

1. Vault 111: Another Beginning

The numbers make you wonder just how many of these vaults are out there…

Keeping with standard Bethesda tradition, in that your character always starts off “imprisoned” somewhere, Fallout 4 appears to start our lucky player in Vault 111. This appears to just be Fallout 4’s version of Fallout 3’s Vault 101.

The trailer’s various flashbacks show us a lovely family of three: mother, father, and child. This family lives in a nice house, enjoys some pleasant accommodations, and, by the end of the trailer, is shown trying to enter an unknown Vault.

Now, this could just be a clever way of giving Fallout’s backstory to newbies. However, it could also be the origin for our player character. Perhaps this person has spent years living with the parents in the Vault. Maybe the parents died outside, and the player tries to find out more about them. Perhaps the parents were involved in conspiracy?

I don’t know, but I’m speculating.

2. The Deathclaw Strikes Back

It’s a lovely day for a stroll, don’t you think?

We all saw this coming, but it’s nice to see regardless. This marks the Deathclaw’s 10th appearance in the series, having appeared in every Fallout game thus far. These massive hulking beasts are, honestly, one of the more terrifying in-game creatures I think I’ve ever encountered. 

The background certainly gives us a very Fallout vibe as well, what with the barren trees, crashed phone lines, and, most potent of all, the abandoned swing set. You can almost see the kids swinging merrily from the yellow bars, a severe contrast to the rest of the image.

I’m happy to see Bethesda hasn’t lost their touch in creating environments that swallow you whole with the smallest details.

3. The Mirelurk from the Sandy Lagoon

Welcome to Mirelurk Beach, where clothing (and living) is optional.

While this screenshot doesn’t give us the best look, as it was zoomed out a fair bit, it is fairly easy to identify this little guy as a Mirelurk, one of the more… crabby enemies you’ll find in Fallout 3. These newly introduced enemies are apparently making a comeback in Fallout 4, which is good, as they were largely well received.

And by “well-received” I mean that there have been numerous occasions during which Fallout 3 players have been truly and completely trounced by the Mirelurks. Crushing defeat tends to help memory.

4. Watch out! Zombies! Ghouls!

All he wants is a hug.

What would a AAA shooter be without zombies? Each series has their own interpretation of what a zombie is. Several games play it lazy and just call them zombies, while games like The Last of Us try to infuse some novelty to the term. Fallout’s version are called ghouls, and are a series regular.

They operate much the same as you’d expect, running at you and flailing their low health limbs, begging you to shoot out their legs (if you’re feeling diabolical) or just deliver a clean headshot. The trailer seems to show much off the same, as the lead zombie in the pack shoves past a cart to get at you.

It’s nice to know some things never change.

5. Iron Man and War Machine

Nothing suspicious here. Just two guys. Heavily armored. With assault rifles. Another day in Fallout.

All kidding aside, these two will wrap up our screenshots of enemies returning in Fallout 4. While not quite as well-equipped as Iron Man or War Machine, these two armored individuals represent the human threat within the game. But, honestly, these guys aren’t too bad.

The biggest thing these particular humans highlight is the powered suit of armor that YOU will get to wear later in the game, as also confirmed by the trailer. And, who wouldn’t want to cause destruction in a powered suit of armor, really?

6. Houston, we have Propaganda

How do those Eyebots float anyway?

Show on the rightmost part of the screenshot is an Eyebot. These guys, not technically enemies as they pose little direct threat, with only a small laser pistol at low levels, are most well known for their late game ability to call in reinforcements and for the propaganda they spew from their front mounted speaker system. 

The long wires spitting from their back serve as antenna to receive the broadcast signals, and the signs scattered around show us that this particular Eyebot is patrolling a marketplace of sorts, likely educating the general public in inspiring ideas such as suppressing individuality.

7. The British Are Coming!

I don’t think Paul Revere thought they’d come by air…

This is a fascinating screenshot that tells us several things. First, Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, Massachusetts, as indicated by the statue of Paul Revere standing tall in the middle here. Only one statue like that exists, and that is here. So, we have a confirmed location for Fallout 4.

And then, of course, we have the flying ship in the background, a previously unheard of element in the Fallout series. These will likely be controlled by something akin to the Enclave from Fallout 3 (a military focused organization seeking to replace the fallen governments).

Perhaps the flying ships serve as homes for survivors? Or maybe our first impression was right and they are weapons of war?

8. We be Beached, Captain!

So, why do they need sails again?

While similar to the flying ship in the previous image, this galleon-esque ship has some very noticeable differences. Firstly, this ship’s design is based off of an actual ship built to sail the seas, whereas the last one was built more like a blimp.

Secondly, this ship seems to be built as a part of the shop/store/bar that can be barely seen at the bottom of the image. However, if it is attached, that begs the question; what are the large engines on the back used for?

And, what exactly is on the front of the ship? It looks like a nuclear warhead, given the size and shape. Add that to the spotlights we can see installed on the sides of the ship, and it feels safe to assume that this ship, while likely not airborne, is probably the home of one of Fallout 4’s human factions.

9. You’re Listening to Galaxy News Radio…

You know, I could have sworn that pig was a camel.

As opposed to the collapsed phone lines back in the Deathclaw picture, this one seems perfectly operational. In fact, it seems to be running a pretty tidy operation, what with the two story clubhouse, armed security, and pig bound transportation system.

Give their position, it is possible that the people in this building are part of another Galaxy New Radio type group (broadcasting to the public various items of information). But, it is just as likely that this is an image of one of the many locales you will visit while traversing the landscape of Fallout 4.

All I ask is that, when you play the game, please spare the pig.

10. You Ready?

Please tell me the dog doesn’t die.

With your trusty dog companion, Pip-Boy 3000, rifle, and obnoxious Vault 111 suit, you’re ready to tackle the adventures of Fallout 4. In the distance you see the city we’ve discussed so much. Be cautious on your way, though. Deathclaws, Mirelurks, Ghouls, and other foes await you, eager to kill you.

But, if the look these two are giving each other is any indicator, it’s for a good cause. There’s something out there worth risking your player character’s digital life for, and I wish you luck finding it when Fallout 4 finally releases. 

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