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Yeah, because those non-humans were starting to become nuances!

Arguably one of the finer games of 2018, Detroit: Become Human is chock-full of amazing skills and detail that you just can’t look away from. How can you possibly choose just one supreme photo cool enough to have as your screensaver so all will know that you’re a fan? (Or you just like looking at Jesse Williams). In this article, I’ve selected the top ten snapshots that captivate the game’s overall imagery. This article contains spoilers of Detroit: Become Human*


10. Hank Anderson and Conner

Players must decide whether or not Hank should pull the trigger.

I really appreciated the relationship between Sergeant Hank Anderson and the prototype RX800 android, Detective Conner. Here, Hank grapples with shooting Conner despite Conner’s continued efforts to bridge the divide between himself and his human partner. Hank wrestles with hating and supporting androids throughout the game. What makes this scene so heavy is the player gets to decide who the real evil ultimately is – man or his own creation?

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9. Game Stats

Review your stats to see you choose the right path.

One of the coolest features on the game is that after every chapter ends, you can go back and look at the choices you made via a stat branching. It also indicates which little Easter eggs you managed to locate and unlock and which you missed completely. The pearl white backdrop makes each individual branch visually aesthetic with just the right amount of futurism. And from a distance, the story branching looks like a digital chemical compound! (Nerd: Alert!)​

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8. Markus Thinking

A picture foreshadowing the scale of Markus' journey ahead.

This is a great photo if you’re an admirer of scales. Here, Markus overlooks the city of Detroit – trying to find the right way to go about saving it from itself. Despite being a futuristic game, the architecture gives you quite the nostalgic feeling of modern-day society with brick buildings and abandoned warehouses. It pays homage to a city that rebuilt itself from an economic abyss and continues to stand years later.​

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7. Markus and Co.

One of the most pivotal moments in the game, choosing how you demand equality.

I like how this shot provides choices you can make in a pivotal gaming moment – classic Quantic Dreams niche. Whether to ‘kneel, sit, raises hands, or raise a fist’. If you’ve watched any kind of news program lately, you’ll see a lot of instances where the actions here are beyond just moments in a video game. One of the things that I love about gaming, particularly Detroit: Become Human, is there isn’t much of a parallel between its reality and mine! Which would you pick?​

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6. Markus: Man, or Machine?

As human as he looks, Markus is an Android who is fighting for a chance to be something greater.


God, those eyes! This is for all those Jesse Williams fans out there! This picture captivates the essence of the game’s story very well. On the outside, Jesse’s character, Markus, appears human. But on the inside, he is 100% Android. The androids’ skin is basically digitized and can be cleared away at any time. You can see the intensity of Markus’ internal struggle with the same question in his animatronic eyes: “Am I alive?”​

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5. Kara and Alice

A tender moment shared by Alice and her Android, Kara.


Kara and Alice’s storyline hit me hard. To outsiders who’ve never played the game, this photo could easily be seen as a daughter and her mother. Not a child and her android. Kara quickly becomes more than a protective robot. She morphs into Alice’s sole defense against living and dying. This photo represents everything we strive to be and hope for.​

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4. Carousel

The innocence of a child can have a powerful impact on even the non-human.


Let’s just start off with the visual pleasure it is to look at this! I get all the feels looking at carousels. I loved them as a child. In this, after fleeing for her life with Kara and winding up in a dead amusement park, Alice gets the opportunity to ride a carousel. With the help of the park’s android attendants, each plainly named Jerry, watching as she rides. There is a stillness and peaceful element that arises from this that begs to be learned more about.​

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3. Fight Scene 

One of all, and all for one!


Depending on which choices you make in this choice-based game, you may have come across this scene during gameplay. The action was lit! The tension was nerve-racking! A fight scene definitely worth checking out, the end game here is the androids’ last stand to gain their rights and prove that they are in fact alive and having feelings. But hopefully, you chose the peaceful route and avoided this explosive scenario.​

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2. Markus and North

Love wins!


I was definitely shipping these too! This is one of the more tender moments in a game that highlights the hate that a person can feel towards another and how it can literally tear humanity apart. Markus and North’s characters (played by Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly) may share differing opinions on how best to make their demands for equality heard, but then comes that lustful ‘opposites attract’ that we all know too well! It was their shared onscreen kiss that ultimately convinced humans that androids do in fact have feelings and thus aren’t so different.​

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1. Markus vs. Drone

A leap of faith.


How awesome is this photo? As Markus leaps to take down a drone to avoid being spotted? It helps that Jesse Williams is quite the stunt man. The visual effects on the reflections that cause them to gleam and glare as if time is barely moving are top notch! It’s so cinematic that it could easily be a movie poster ripped from the headlines. Not to mention, Markus' dismount score: perfect 10!​

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