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Best Fallout 4 Ending

Fallout 4 is a huge game, filled with different choices and consequences, and the endings reflect that. Fallout 4 has four main endings, with several different outcomes. They all converge after you find the Institute. The way the ending folds out depends on your playstyle and the choices you’ve made during the main quest. However, all endings will result in the destruction of one or more factions. 


1.Institute Ending (worst) 

The Institute has one of the shortest questline in the game after you infiltrate them during the Molecular Level quest. You will meet with Father, your son Shaun, who is now 60 years-old. He will give you a series of quests to complete. After completing the quests, you are tasked to destroy the Railroad and the Brotherhood. 

The list of sins the Institute has committed is nearly endless. But none are more personal than what they did to you and your family. They murdered your spouse, then took and brainwashed your son into a sociopathic dictator. The Institute does not value life or liberty, they value only total control and knowledge. They want the surface dwellers to die out so they can sort their control without anyone stopping them. Their ending leaves the commonwealth defenseless and in despair.  

How to get the ending: 

  • Join the Institute after the Molecular Level quest 
  • Complete the quests father assigns 
  • Side with The Institute during Mass Fusion quest
  • Destroy the railroad 
  • Destroy the brother 
  • Speak with Father 

Associated Quests:

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Mass Fusion
  • Pinned
  • Powering Up
  • End of the Line
  • Airship Down
  • Nuclear Family 


2. Railroad Ending (Bad) 

Do you believe that synths are human and deserve the same rights as we do? The railroad has got you covered. The Railroad is a faction surrounded by secrecy and espionage. Their ending reflects that. A lot like the Minutemen, the goal of the railroad is to free all synths, not only destroy the Institute. After completing a series of Railroad quests, during the Molecular Level quest, you will choose the railroad to help you get inside the Institute. You’ll be given a holotape to hack into the Institute servers and download data. You will also be tasked to go undercover, completing many Institute quests as well. However, siding with the railroad will make the destruction of both the Institute and Brotherhood mandatory.  

The issue with the Railroad is that they only care about the synths, and they also do not have the manpower to protect the commonwealth. Choosing the Railroad ending will leave the commonwealth in despair without a government. Although their intentions are good, the paths they walk will leave the commonwealth without protection and in the wasteland- that’s an option worse than total control.

How to get the ending:

  • Complete all Railroad quests. 
  • Choose the railroads help to infiltrate the institute. 
  • go undercover, and complete Institute quests. 
  • do not get on the institute bad side until after the quest Underground Undercover- as this will prevent the railroad from being able to infiltrate the Institute. 
  • Defend the Railroad from the Brotherhood attack. 
  • Destroy the Brotherhood. 
  • Infiltrate the Institute with the Railroad. 
  • Complete Nuclear Option with the Railroad. 

Associated Quests:

  • Underground Undercover
  • Precipice of War
  • Rocket’s Red Glare
  • The Nuclear Option 


3. Brotherhood of Steel Ending (Good) 

The Brotherhood of Steel is Fallout 4's militant faction and presents the most action-oriented questline and ending. You just don’t teleport into the institute during the climax. You follow a giant robot spouting anti-communism propaganda while firing mini-nukes at its foes before blowing a hole right into right into the Institute. If you are looking for the ending that’s the most fun- the Brotherhood is the way to go. Before you do, you unfortunately have to kill all the members of the Railroad. In addition, the Brotherhood has the longest and most in-depth questline as well.  

 The Brotherhood of Steel is a long way away from their Capital Wasteland roots. No longer are they the compassionate and diplomatic faction that Elder Lyons led. They are now an ironfisted dictatorship led by Elder Arthur Maxson. They demanded tribute from settlers and farmers for protection- that they did not ask for. They seek to exterminate all mutants, including ghouls who are capable of rational thought. They also destroyed Rivet City to obtain the power core to power their airship- possibly killing hundreds in the process. The Brotherhood of Steel is evil, but they do want to provide protection and a government to the commonwealth. They are the most well-equipped faction to do so. Maybe in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, that’s all you can hope for.  

How to get the ending: 

  • Do all the Brotherhood quests. 
  • Choose the brotherhood’s help to infiltrate the institute. 
  • Place the holotape in the Institute network to download their data. 
  • Convince Madison Lee to abandon the Institute and rejoin the Brotherhood. (optional)  
  • Complete Blind Betrayal. 
  • Choose Brotherhood during Mass Fusion. 
  • Destroy the railroad.
  • Help finish rebuilding liberty prime. 
  • Invade and destroy the Institute. 
  • Complete Nuclear Option with the Brotherhood.  

 Associated quests:

  • Shadow of Steel
  • Show No Mercy
  • From Within
  • Outside the Wire / Liberty Reprimed
  • Blind Betrayal
  • Tactical Thinking
  • Spoils of War
  • Ad Victoriam
  • The Nuclear Option


4. Minutemen Ending (Best)

Often considered the most moral faction in Fallout 4- the Minutemen have one of the fastest questline in the game. You only have to build 8 settlements- water, bedding, and defense then betray or reject the Institute, which can be done almost immediately. During the Molecular Relay quest, if you choose to use the Minutemen's help to help get you into the Institute- you will be given a holotape to download data from the Institute. 

This is the only ending that guarantees a commonwealth that will be protected and free. The Minutemen's values align with classical liberalism ideals. They also have no hostilities towards other factions unless forced to. This is showcased with the Brotherhood. You are not forced or encouraged to destroy the Brotherhood. However, if you upset The Brotherhood, the Minutemen will stand guard and destroy them.  

How to get the ending: 

  • Do all the minutemen quests 
  • Choose the minutemen’s help to infiltrate the institute 
  • Betray or reject the Institute 
  • Build 8 settlements (provide bedding, food/water, and defense) 
  • Receive a message from Ronnie Shaw at the castle about an attack from the institute 
  • Defend the castle 
  • Talk to Preston about invading the institute 
  • Complete Nuclear Option quest. 
  • Destroy the Brotherhood (optional) 

Associated Quests:

  • Taking Independence
  • Old Guns
  • Inside Jobs
  • Defend the Castle
  • The Nuclear Option
  • With Our Powers Combined (optional)

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