[Top 15] Best Hack And Slash Games For PC

15. Scarlet Nexus - 2021 (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX)

In a distant future, humanity fell into the brutal hands of mutants known as Others. These creatures came from the sky seeking to feed their hunger for human brains. As they spread terror among survivors, you get ready to kill them all.

Two psionic characters, Yuito and Kasane join forces to fight and exterminate the problem. Use their psycho-kinetic abilities to make your environment a lethal weapon. 

Scarlet Nexus is set in a futuristic Japan where you can experience the dual story of Yuito and Kasane.

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Futuristic setups. Scarlet Nexus is all about new technology.
  • Anime style.
  • Easy starter. Combat is pretty simple and friendly for the newbies.

The girl in the middle is Kasane, one of the playable characters and a group of other characters you encounter in your journey. 


14. Hayai - 2022 (PC / GNU / macOS)

Hayai is a very addictive game that consists of a mouse-based combat system. Choose between 5 Ronin and defeat all the enemies in a single line.

Use your mouse to draw a line of attack and slay everything in your way. Hayai offers a frenzy and competitive gameplay where every Ronin has a different playstyle. 

It also supports drawing tablets!

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Tactical battles. To complete Hayai with all its achievements, you’ll have to think deeply about your strategy.
  • Short games. This one lasts about an hour, or less if you’re good enough.
  • Arcade action. Hayai is reminiscent of challenging arcade mechanics.

These are the 5 Ronins available to play with. As you can notice, each one has a personal achievement. 


13. Pulling No Punches - 2022 (PC / PS4 ( PS5 / XBOX / GNU / macOS / Nintendo Switch)

This is one of those artworks that were inspired by the pandemic and ended up with a great outcome. 

Set in a global pandemic, in Pulling No Punches we play as 4 characters who must beat the non-believers. Those who deny the existence of a pandemic. 

In the purest arcade style, this game is an amazing piece of art. Fun, entertaining, and with a lot of punches to throw your rage away. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Arcades. This game is a classic arcade set in the modern world.
  • Beat’em up mechanics.
  • Controversial topics. Of course, no indie developer is afraid of controversy.   

Four little girls as the playable characters who are eager to put you in jail or kick your ass for not using your mask. 


12. The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile - 2011 (PC / XBOX / GNU / macOS)

The Dishwasher is a bloody arcade experience. With a lot of nuances in between, it offers an incredibly gory gameplay.

Play as Yuki, a girl who gained new powers, escaped from jail, and is now seeking revenge against those who imprisoned her. When you’re done with her, play as The Dishwasher, Yuki’s stepbrother and once a dishwasher at the Foghorn Café. He only seeks to exterminate an evil force that is tearing his world apart. 

Both stories intertwine flawlessly in a frenzied battle for justice. And if that’s not enough, it has a cooperative mode!

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Dark, bloody, violent aesthetics and gameplay. 
  • Platformers. The Dishwasher is a mixture of action platformer and other genres.
  • Fast-paced combat. All battles are super fast so you’ll need to be very focused.  

This screenshot reflects what the game is about: a blood feast. What you see here is Yuki and a reflection of her mental instability.  


11. Eternights - 2023 (PC / PS4 / PS5)

Eternights is an upcoming game based on dating and frenzy battles. This one is set in an apocalyptic world where humans are turning into deathly monsters. You and a group of friends are the last hope. Explore dungeons filled with traps, puzzles, minigames, and enemies to defeat. Upgrade your character by interacting with the girls or going into a dungeon.

This title features the possibility of starting a relationship with one of the girls at your party. Each girl is different and has different cutscenes as well as dialogues. 

This game has limited time for almost everything, so you’ll have to choose your next movement very carefully. Do you prefer to spend your precious time flirting or will you be the hero? 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Persona concept. Eternights is pretty much a persona game.
  • Anime. This game was designed in a futuristic anime style.
  • Fast-paced combat. Expect to have frenzy battles but leave some energy to your chosen girl.

A very adorable scene taken from one of the game’s interactions. The boy is the protagonist and the girl is one of the companions with whom you can establish a relationship. 


10. Warriors Orochi 4 - 2018 (PC / PS4 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

This title is a classic musou crossover of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors. 

Take control over three main characters each with a different class and skills. Featuring 170 playable characters, Warriors Orochi is a highly replayable game. 

The story mixes Greek aspects and offers +70 quests. You can explore labyrinthic scenarios and face swarms of enemies that grow harder as you progress.

Play the story mode or venture yourself into the online competitive challenges.   

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Simple battles and mechanics. In Warriors Orochi 4 magic is introduced as a new skill. And is pretty op compared to the other classes.
  • Grinding. You’ll probably spend a lot of time grinding to upgrade your character.
  • Endless games. Warriors Orochi will always have something new for you to enjoy.   

This is an epic scenario of one of the characters available to play in an intense sword battle. This one is known as “Ryu Hayabusa”.


9. Hero Siege - 2013 (PC / PS4 / GNU / macOS / iOS / Android / Nintendo Switch)

Hero Siege features elements from ARPG and roguelike games that are perfectly blended. 

Choose from 8 classes available in the base game plus 9 unlockable classes available on the DLCs and become the mightiest hero in your journey through a randomly generated world.

Enjoy the battles against hordes of enemies, explore and grind to upgrade your character, discover endless secrets, and always find something new. 

You can play by yourself or go into a multiplayer campaign with up to 4 players! 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Indie games. Like many others in this list, Hero Siege comes from an indie developer.
  • Pay2win. Although is quite cheap, the game does have a lot of transactions in the game. You can still have a lot of fun with the base game. It offers replayability but the best classes and other stuff are obtained for a price. 
  • Pixel art. Hero Siege is made in pixel art style, very cute by the way.

Meet Perkele, one of the many boss encounters in Hero Siege. Killing him unlocks an achievement.


8. Mortal Sin - 2022 (PC)

Mortal Sin is a unique action horror roguelike game. Designed in a spectacular art style this game offers fast-paced combat and a huge map with up to 45 levels to enjoy. Each level is procedurally generated to provide endless hours of gaming. 

Choose one class to dive into a bizarre adventure and unlock more classes on the run! This is one of those games that might seem weird but is an actual gem. 100% worth trying. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Challenging gameplay. Mortal Sin can get hard.
  • Endless runs. Mortal Sin can be played as much as you want, it offers battle arenas, randomly generated quests, and more.
  • Berserk. If you are a Berserk fan this game is the one.

Take a deep look at every single detail of this scenario. This is how the game looks and it makes the gameplay insane.


7. Warframe - 2013 (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo Switch)

Join other players in this online third-person action game. 

Warframe is set in a distant future on Earth. You belong to a race known as Tenno, ancient warriors who have awakened from a long sleep. 

Fight against different factions to reestablish order using your Warframe, a powerful bio-metal suit. Explore an incredible open world and upgrade your suit while following Lotus, your guide. 

Play in cooperative mode with other players and have a blast with the many things this game has to offer. From flying your spaceship to customizing all your gear. This game is a full experience.

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Futuristic designs.
  • Grinding.
  • Slow progress. Unlike the rest of the games, it takes time and a lot of patience to grow your character in Warframe.  

These are some of the Warframes available in the game. Your character can look as stunning as one of these.


6. Bayonetta 3 - 2022 (Nintendo Switch)

The most recent adventure of our beloved glamorous witch Bayonetta. This game has earned a lot of respect and love among the community due to its great mechanics and highly entertaining gameplay. 

In Bayonetta 3 we’ll be facing an entity known as Singularity. This entity is creating evil creatures and trying to destroy several worlds. A very chaotic antagonist to defeat with a chaotic witch. Hunt this entity with the help of Bayonetta’s devilish assistants. 

Unleash all your infernal power, meet other witches, and slay!

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Fast-paced combat. Bayonetta is all about keeping the rhythm to get to the Witch Time and make the most epic battles 
  • Female protagonists. Bayonetta is one of the best female protagonists to ever exist in a game. Plus this title introduces Viola, an exquisite addition.
  • Devilish demonic designs. The whole lore is designed around this concept.   

Our beloved Bayonetta is in the middle with her infernal demon known as Madama Butterfly or Mistress of Atrocity. This demon is the source of most of Bayonetta’s power. 


5. Projections - 2021 (PC)

A one-kind game that has left so many people confused. Projections is an arcade cosmic game that offers unique gameplay. 

You’re in an unknown and strange universe, you can move through endless dimensions, and there’s music everywhere you go. Your goal is to understand the game’s purpose with no guide and once you understand what’s all about you can enjoy one of the most interesting arcades out there.

Projections is more than just a musical journey, it gets closer to a spiritual journey which is where the magic comes from.

Dodge, fight, chain score, and reach your zen by mastering all your skills. There are no limits.

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Music. Projection's main protagonist is the music besides the spectacular scenarios.
  • Alien, cosmic themes. The whole game’s environment and characters are a cosmic design.
  • Spectacular unique games. To be honest, Projections is a masterpiece and is probably the best on this list.     

This is how the game looks. Strange and pretty confusing right? But worry not, because before diving into this level you’ll have a training scenario to understand what's going on here.


4. Ghostrunner - 2020 (PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBOX / Nintendo SWITCH / Amazon Luna)

Ghostrunner is a brutal, hardcore cyberpunk action game that puts us in the shoes of a slasher superhuman fighter. 

The world is on the edge of extinction. The last chance to save it is yours. Take your katana and immerse yourself in the most intense and gory battles.

Your goal is to reach the source of the problem which is hiding in the Dharma Tower. Climb the tower to find the despicable evil who put humanity in this obnoxious situation. Take your revenge in the bloodiest battle for justice and rise. 

You are unstoppable. 

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Futuristic cyberpunk aesthetics. Although is a post-apocalyptic world, the whole setting is designed in a fascinating futuristic style.   
  • Fast-paced combat and movement. You can also reach the tower by doing parkour and is damn cool.
  • Challenging gameplay. Ghostrunner can be frustrating so you better be patient and ready to suck all your frustration and play again, and again, and again.

This screenshot shows the incredible cyberpunk futuristic design of the whole game. This is pretty much the kind of environment you should expect.


3. Katana Zero - 2019 (PC / XBOX / macOS / Amazon Luna / Nintendo Switch)

This is one of the greatest 2D action platformers so far. Katana Zero offers frenetic gory battles where if you take one hit you die immediately. 

Do your best to resolve each level creatively using all your skills to perform the most brutal execution. Manipulate time, dodge, deflect gunfire, use your environment as your best lethal ally, but most importantly: try not to die!

Release good amounts of adrenaline with the perfect soundtrack and perfect gameplay in Katana Zero.

Choose this game if you like…

  • Indie games.  
  • Inconclusive stories. The game will probably have a second part to end the story, but it is important to know that the story, although truly exciting, doesn’t have a conclusive ending.
  • Hotline Miami. Katana Zero has a very similar gameplay (but in its unique style)   

You can see Zero on the floor below. She’s going through a night club which gives an idea of how interesting each level can be. 


2. Hades - 2018  (PC / PS4 ( PS5 / XBOX / macOS / Nintendo Switch)

Hades mixes the RPG, roguelike, dungeon crawler, and hack-and-slash genres to give birth to a masterpiece. 

Inspired by Greek mythology, in Hades, you become the Immortal Prince of the Underworld. You want to escape this hellish place and reach the Olympus. But you are the son of Hades himself. So it’s not going to be easy. Get ready and pack all your supernatural powers and strength because this is about to get heavy.

Hades is a 10/10. Every aspect of it is perfectly created. The story, interactions, map design, combat, and atmosphere are made with lots of detail to provide the best gameplay experience.

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Greek mythology. The characters and map are inspired by Greek mythology. You can even pet Cerberus.
  • Replayability. Hades provides a high replayability factor. 
  • Dysfunctional families. Ok, you don’t have to like it but maybe you can relate.   

This is the Prince of the Underworld almost reaching his ultimate destination. 


1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance  - 2013 (PC / PS3 / XBOX / macOS)

Play as Raiden, a half-cyborg human ninja and the most epic protagonist of the series. Wield your deathly katana and dive into the best action experience you’ll have. 

Get ready to live an intricate story of revenge and growth. Raiden is now a mercenary for Maverick Security Consulting and is willing to take any quests they give him.

Raiden has become the most merciless brutal assassin. Now you can chop into little pieces anything that steps in your way. Make your battles as gory as you want. Taste your enemies' blood and enjoy an endless slaughter.    

Choose this game if you like...  

  • Kojima Productions. They never fail to bring the best games to life.
  • Stealth. Although this game is focused on direct and gory battles, stealth is still part of it.
  • Great frenzy soundtracks. Music in this game is a perfect companion for the campaign.
  • Short but replayable games. Although you can beat the whole game in 3 to 4 hours, there’s a high chance you’ll want to play it again to achieve your best score.  

Let me introduce you to Raiden, a white-haired brutal half-cyborg. He still has most of his face in this image.


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