[Top 10] DMC 5 Best Weapons Revealed

DMC 5 Best Weapons
Dante taking out the trash with Devil Arm Balrog

What weapons are both stylish and powerful?

As we all know, Devil May Cry is partially known for its incredible and creative weapons display. You can never run out of things to do when it comes to the weapons in DMC. They are almost a whole universe of their own.

You get this variation of weapons from standard swords to crazy things like shooting hats. But, most people can’t decide which weapons are suitable for what situations. They think the style meter goes up with any weapon and being able to press one button. But that isn’t always the case.

Fear not, for I am here to guide you on the Top 10 best DMC 5 weapons! In this list, we’ll be looking at which weapons kick the most ass, and make sure your rank is as high as it can possibly be. Together, we’re going to collect a plethora of those Smokin’ Sexy Styles everybody has been dreaming of.

10.  King Cerberus | Variations for days

Dante slaying demons with King Cerberus

To kick off this list, we have the famous King Cerberus. The Cerberus nunchucks are no stranger to the world of Devil May Cry. Back in Devil May Cry 3, Cerberus was one of the bosses that Dante encountered early on. Even back then, young Dante was already telling boss demons to take a hike. Unfortunately, Cerberus was one of those demons.

The weapon can shift through three abilities - the signature ice nunchucks, an all-new fire-tipped bo staff, and a three-sectioned long-staff. All of these weapons have their unique abilities depending on the use and combo. For beginners, this might take some time to pick up, while for veterans, it's a nice addition to Dante’s kickass arsenal of Devil Arms.

King Cerberus is a three-ability weapon that harnesses the power of style. The only reason it’s a bit lower in the list is due to popularity. This isn’t the first option in choosing Devil Arms because it does get limiting at times. Its attacks and picking the right weapon both boil down to having the right combos. This can get frustrating yet rewarding at times.

What King Cerberus excels In 

  • Better for veteran players, or beginner players that love to experiment
  • Always something new to discover
  • Homage to an iconic Devil May Cry boss

King Cerberus details (move list names)

  • Cerberus Combo A
  • Cerberus Combo B
  • Swing
  • Crystal
  • Revolver
  • Revolver 2
  • Ice Age
  • Long Barrel
  • Long Barrel Air
  • Thunder Clap
  • Long Revolver

9. Double Kalina Ann | Heaviest-Hitting ranged weapon for Dante

Blowing Vergil up with Double Kalina Ann

Unfortunately, this weapon isn’t playable by its actual owner - which is why it’s a little lower on the list. Fortunately, Dante borrows it and adds a little something special. He teams up with Nico to create the Double Kalina Ann - a pair of rocket launchers that are sure to blow the enemy away.

The Double Kalina Ann consists of the original one (that belongs to Lady) and Nico’s new upgraded version, the Kalina Ann II. It even has a little something extra when the player does the right combos. 

This weapon is a secret weapon that is made when Dante combines the two rocket launchers. Its little something is a powerful laser that is created when one is attached to the other at the front.

This rocket launcher is a good weapon for pushing enemies away, but it does come with a catch. The Double Kalina Ann does have some vulnerability in its attacks. As soon as the player begins using the more powerful skills, they can be stopped midway and damaged. It works better if the timing is right and the situation is perfect.

What Double Kalina Ann excels in

  • Extremely powerful firepower
  • Good for a cluster of enemies or big bosses
  • Wonderfully executed homage to the original Kalina Ann

Kalina Ann details (move list names)

  • Twin Howitzer
  • Cascade

8. Beowulf | Vergil’s best power-based weapon

Vergil using Beowulf

Much like the Cerberus weapon, Beowulf is no stranger to the Devil May Cry franchise. It was first introduced back at Devil May Cry 3 as Vergil’s primary power-based weapon. It was his staple more so than Dante’s. Like Yamato, this was one of Vergil’s signature weapons.

Seeing Vergil’s contrast in power when wielding either Beowulf or Yamato was a gift sent by the gods. You can see that aside from an excellent and capable swordsman, Vergil was also a well-rounded fighter. 

Although this is mainly Vergil’s weapon, Dante has his style in using Beowulf. They’re both heavily inspired by martial arts, making them stylishly deadly weapons. 

Its move list consists of punches and kicks that have raw strength, damage, energy, and power in every blow. They’re good for fighting enemies one-on-one when you want that stylish Bruce Lee-esque fighting style.

What Beowulf Excels In 

  • Good for one-on-one matches
  • Has good knockback features
  • Good potential for high style ranking without switching out

Beowulf details (move list names)

  • Beowulf Combo A
  • Beowulf Combo B
  • Starfall
  • Lunar Phase
  • Beast Uppercut
  • Rising Dragon
  • Dragon Breaker
  • Flush
  • Kick 13
  • Hell on Earth

7. Red Queen & Blue Rose | Nero’s most iconic weapon set

Crazy Nero combo with Red Queen and Blue Rose

Here we have one of the big boys. One of the most iconic weapon sets in the whole franchise. Although these two weapons haven’t been around for too long, they became a force to reckon with in no time.

They have become more refined in DMC 5. I like to think that was because Nero became a more controlled fighter, but I think it’s because the devs did him better. 

The EX gauge was a lovely thing to see again. The sword-gun combo came back bigger and better than ever. The better window timing makes it easier for beginners and a fun revisit for veterans.

This weapon set also gets a new upgrade with the new Tomboy Devil Breaker. The Tomboy adds to the sheer power that both the Red Queen and Blue Rose possess. Together, they are a match made in heaven. 

Now put these two together, sprinkle a little aerial combo, and you’ll be sure to get a meal full of ass-whooping.

What Red Queen and Blue Rose excel in

  • Better EX Gauge makes for heavier hits
  • Unique experience to a gun and sword combo
  • It's a good basic combination to contrast the more complicated Devil Breakers

Red Queen & Blue Rose Details (move list names)

  • Red Queen Combo A, B, C, D
  • Aerial Combo
  • Roulette spin
  • Exceed
  • EX-Act
  • MAX-Act
  • Payline
  • Hard Way
  • High Roller (EX)
  • Streak (EX)
  • Split 
  • Double Down
  • Calibur (EX)
  • Shuffle (EX)

6. Balrog | Dante’s alternative for a power-based Bruce Lee set

Dante beating the living hell out of demons with Balrog

This Devil Arm set is a fresh new entry in the Devil May Cry franchise, but it does resemble a previous one. Balrog is Dante’s love letter to Vergil’s Beowulf. It's more Dante’s speed than Beowulf, and it’s nice to see that contrast. 

Balrog was one of the previous enemies in Devil May Cry that didn’t have much going for him. The story didn’t flesh out his character, which I think was a missed opportunity. The weapon's slick design and magma-like features make this an absolutely good match for Dante. 

Much like previous iterations of the greaves and gauntlets set, Balrog has different attacks depending on which one is equipped. This makes it a bit easier for the player to determine which attacks to use. 

Combos become more refined with this set equipped, thanks to the limiting factors. But, it does become more fine-tuned to veterans rather than beginners playing.

What Balrog excels in

  • Like Beowulf, good for one-on-one combat
  • Also good for small clusters of enemies
  • Doesn’t have a charge attack BUT makes up with speed and raw power

Balrog details (move list names)

  • Ten Counts
  • Ignition (2 & 3)
  • Light Blow
  • Heavy Jolt
  • Fly Dragon
  • Welter Move
  • Bantam Revenge
  • Feather Combo
  • Rolling Blaze

5.  Dr. Faust | Most stylish long-ranged weapon

Dante playing around with Dr. Faust

Come on, we all knew this was going to be on the list. This was one of the most hyped weapons because of how ridiculous it seemed. This devil arm even broke the game at one point, creating a glitch that spawned millions of orbs. 

The Dr. Faust hat is a new Devil Arm entry into the franchise, but not a new enemy. He was an enemy encountered in previous games and one of the most annoying enemies back then. But now, he’s one of the most annoying Devil Arms. I don’t mean that in a bad way though. 

Dr. Faust is a long-range weapon used for dealing damage while staying out of trouble. Sometimes, you can even put the hat on an enemy and make them do your bidding when it comes to gaining orbs. That’s a good way to keep your rank up while having the opportunity to try out other weapons.

What Dr. Faust excels in

  • Long-range attacks, YES YES YES
  • Great introduction (refer to dancing Dante)
  • Creative use of both the weapon and enemy it’s “possessing”

Dr. Faust details (move list names)

  • Red Shot
  • Set Hat
  • Man in the Red
  • Hat Trick

4. Cavaliere | Devil Arm with the most damage output

Insane Cavaliere combo

The Cavaliere is another weapon we all knew was going to be on the list. It’s almost as ridiculous as the last weapon. It just goes even further beyond. Whoever thought a motorcycle as a weapon should make the final cut - should be given a raise.

Cavaliere is not short on the ridiculousness. It isn’t short on complete and utter raw carnage as well. Although this is one of the slower weapons, its speed is juxtaposed with its hard-hitting nature. It’s able to take down even the toughest enemies with a few combos. It’s most enjoyable for veterans that can deal with powerful weapons that are slow.

Although its attacks are, in a word, overpowered, it does make Dante vulnerable. Timing is most important when it comes to this weapon. Always wait for an opportunity to strike. If you are impatient with the Cavaliere, then that seals your fate.

Above all, make sure to have fun riding your motorcycle onto enemies’ faces.

What Cavaliere excels in

  • Heavy-duty, hard-hitting, high damage output weapon
  • Creative use of motorcycles motif
  • Wonderful homage to a previous boss

Cavaliere details (move list names)

  • Cavaliere Combo A
  • Crossline
  • Slipstream
  • Highside
  • Braking 
  • Idling
  • Gear Wheel
  • Low gear
  • Top gear
  • Overtop gear

3. Devil Breakers | The required weapon of choice for variation

Showcase of all Devil Breakers

Ah, the Devil Breakers. One of the best new additions to the overall game experience. It’s a great way to keep the style ranking high and Nero’s character as good as new. As opposed to his previous Devil Bringer, the Devil Breaker are a set of weapons that are good for specific situations. 

To make a long story short, these Devil Breakers are nothing but top-tier. They add a fresh new way to kick some demon butt. There are different Devil Breakers that have their own set of moves and specials. Just watch out for a future article on these bad boys.

Their designs, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise, are things to behold. Some Devil Breakers need some time to master, while others are a bit kinder. It's always nice to have the same game mechanic stirred up depending on the player.

The Devil Breakers are nothing short of epic, fun, and mouth-watering.

What Devil Breakers excel in

  • Variation makes the dream work
  • You can never get bored of using these Devil Breakers
  • Gives Nero a whole new edge

Devil Breaker details (names)

  • Overture
  • Gerbera
  • Punch Line
  • Helter Skelter
  • Tomboy
  • Buster Arm
  • Rawhide
  • Ragtime
  • Gerbera GP-01
  • Pasta Breaker
  • Sweet Surrender
  • Mega Buster

2.  Yamato | Vergil’s best weapon

Vergil properly using Yamato

Yamato is Vergil’s signature weapon - the one that caused a lot of things in the Devil May Cry Universe. To give a little bit of insight and history, the Yamato was needed to seal and open a gate in Devil May Cry 2. In 4, this sword was the subject of various researches and tests. Then in 5, it was the main reason V and Urizen (the actual problem) existed in the first place.

As a Devil Arm, Yamato is nothing short of breathtaking. Given the right user, its potentials are limitless. Of course, Vergil is the one with the most control over it and its capabilities. If you, the player, however, would like to unlock its potentials, remember this. 

Yamato is best when you get to play as Vergil. Doing so unlocks heavy-hitting and arguably overpowered attacks just as Judgment Cut End. The Yamato also has different abilities that differ in range. It can go close-range with his slashes and even long-range with summoned swords.

The possibilities are endless; the style, impeccable.

What Yamato excels in

  • Good variation in range
  • Maximum damage output
  • One of the most iconic weapons in the franchise

Yamato details (move list names)

  • Yamato combo 
  • Aerial rave
  • Judgment Cut
  • Rapid slash
  • Rising star
  • Upper slash
  • Aerial cleave
  • Void slash
  • Judgment Cut end

1. Devil Sword Dante | The Freshest take on Rebellion

Dante using his new main weapon, Devil Sword Dante

The main reason why Rebellion isn’t on this list is because of this weapon. The Devil Sword Dante is Dante’s Yamato. If you haven’t encountered a more iconic sword than Vergil’s, then this right here will prove you wrong. Its sheer power, both storywise and gameplay-wise, is the main reason why Devil Sword Dante is number one on this list.

Aside from being iconic as all hell, storywise, this is the true manifestation of Dante. It is representative of his character arc coming full circle. This overpowered sword is so epic that it looks like lava spewing out of a carefully crafted masterpiece. It even moves on its own.

Most of the attacks are dependent on Dante’s move list with Rebellion. Although it isn’t new, it sure brings the heat back into the game. Using this jaw-dropping sword is sure to be a classic, along with Rebellion. But, technically, they are now the same. It’s a great way to hype up older fans and a God-tier addition for newcomers to the series.

What Devil Sword Dante excels in

  • Iconic design, iconic move list
  • Powers up classic moves
  • Keep stylish ranking as fresh as ever

Devil Sword Dante details (move list names)

  • Same move list as Rebellion with more flare
  • Aerial Rave
  • High time
  • Stinger
  • Million stab
  • Overdrive
  • Reactor
  • Escort

This list of weapons is here to help you in choosing what items to get and which ones might fit you more as a player.

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