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Which Devil May Cry songs deserve an SSS?

Music is very important in setting up the tone and feel of any piece of media. They create some of the most amazing moments in gaming history. Having a great score accompanying the best video game experiences, creates such magical moments.

Devil May Cry is a franchise not lacking at all in musical flair. They have some of the best songs that hype you up and get you ready to kick some demon ass.

But the fandom - new players and veterans alike - becomes divided in determining the best songs in DMC. This is why I’m here to create a list of some of the most iconic songs from the franchise that we all know in love. 

Take this with a grain of salt, and more like a guide rather than a definitive ranking. I’m sure you all have your favorites when it comes to DMC music, and I’m all for it.


15. Devil Trigger - Tropic Devil Night Remix | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: Devil Trigger - Tropical Devil Night Remix

First off, we have the ever-iconic Devil Trigger, but with a little twist. This track features the main track of the entire DMC 5 game, but puts a little chill, driving-at-night flair. It definitely mellows down the song but in all the best ways.

There’s no question that this song is an absolute banger. But it's more for those who just want a chill song with some of the edgiest lyrics on the face of the planet. It’s an amazing tune that is sure to get you relaxed and pumped at the same time.

14. Any Special Orders? Tropic Devil Night Remix | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: Any special orders? - Tropical Devil Night Remix

We have another Tropical Devil Night remix from the immensely talented Hiromitsu Maeba. He has turned one of the most chill songs in a demon-slaying game and turned it even colder than Antarctica. It features Nico’s theme, but with a bit more flavor.

The song is incredible for several reasons. One, it has Nico’s iconic theme, which is always a great addition to a franchise built around rock and heavy metal. Two, it’s a nice change of pace to hear such a mellow and relaxing song in a literally demon-filled world.

13. Mundus Battle Theme | Devil May Cry 1

Now playing: DMC 1 Mundus Battle Theme

We have the very first entry from a game that is not Devil May Cry 5. We also have the very first boss battle song that completely slaps. For those who don’t know who Mundus is - all you have to know is that he’s the big baddie in the entire franchise (aside from Vergil, of course).

This song features a kick-ass track that has guitars and synths in all the right places. It also helps that we’re fighting such an iconic boss. It’s even accompanied with an angelical background sound that ties in the whole theme of demons and demon-slaying.

12. The Duel | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: another deadbeat dad soundtrack

Here we have another song dedicated to our favorite deadbeat dad, Vergil. Spoiler alert, just in case. We hear this song when we finally get to him. It’s the song we hear when we begin to fight with Vergil during the last confrontation. 

It boasts a more contemporary take on the usual rock music and adds different flavors. It has a hint of Vergil’s theme from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (UMVC3), with more of a menacing tone. This helps make the song an absolute banger, and a boss theme for the history books.

11. Divine Hate (Dante’s 2nd Battle Theme) | Devil May Cry 3

Now playing: a Dante theme that's catchy but not as catchy as the others

We have another very iconic song from arguably the most iconic game in the franchise. All of Dante’s themes are recognizable in their own right, but this song takes the cake as one of them. It’s just Dante’s original theme with more flair and extra tones.

It completely revamps Dante’s theme and gives it a fresh new take. It’s definitely refreshing to hear Dante’s theme in a completely new light after kicking demon ass with the original theme, so many times over.

10. Silver Bullet | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: a DMC song that others might have not heard before

Next, we have an iconic Devil May Cry song formula. It first starts out slow-paced with some angelic undertones. But as the song progresses, we hear the more noticeable roots in rock and metal. Some people have even remixed the song to have Nero’s iconic swear-word line.

The song is nothing short of the hype. It perfectly captures a slow, orchestra-like composition, coupled with the signature guitar riffs. It tells an entire story in under 5 minutes, and that’s what makes the song so awesome.

9. Any Special Orders? (Nico’s Shop) | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: a breather song from all the heavy metal

We finally get to the official version of the cutest theme song in any hack-n-slash video game. For a game that revolves around the carnage and the beheading of demons, this song definitely came out nowhere. The fact that it plays every time you’re shopping with Nico adds to its awesome factor.

Its awesomeness also comes from the fact that it’s connected to such a badass character. But it does a complete 360 later on. When you see Nico, you see cool and quirky. But when you hear the song, it feels a bit more relaxing and suave. This complete flip in the theme just adds to the overall aesthetic - that we absolutely love.

8. We Shall Never Surrender | Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Now playing: a very special song for a very special character

At number 8, we have a more mellow song from the whole franchise. Although, since it belongs to the Special Edition of DMC 4, some people might not have heard it before,I’m telling you it’s a great track to find. It’s kind of like a hidden gem.

Aside from the fact that it’s connected to Vergil (in a way), what makes it so awesome is that it has such a powerful message too. I know, I get it, the DMC story isn’t the strongest suit in the whole franchise, but it definitely has some of the best themes. This song reiterates the different, much deeper themes the game has. It’s absolutely stunning!

7. Vergil Battle 2 | Devil May Cry 3

Now playing: a Vergil theme that's as iconic as the others'

Again, we have a gorgeous representation of the iconic Devil May Cry song formula. In the beginning, we have the slow, mellow beats, but then they progress into the rock-filled, hype-train that we all know and love.

It also features the very first vocals we have in this entire list. We have a singer subtly singing the lyrics of such an amazing song. The lyrics, coupled with his stunning voice make this such an awesome song. It might be a rollercoaster ride of musical themes, but it definitely sits as one of the classics.

6. Subhuman | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: a song that created the Great Divide

A little more than halfway through, we have a very controversial song. I mean controversial in the sense that this song definitely has the fandom divided. There are a plethora of memes that say that song isn’t good and it’s unenjoyable, especially considering Dante’s personality. But we have another side of the memes that says this is the greatest Dante theme ever.

But it’s number 6 on this list because it still serves as one of the most famous songs from the entire franchise. Although it had a rough development, the developers were quick to rectify the problem and make sure the fans were satisfied. Nonetheless, this is a banging song that could potentially be someone’s first entry into heavy metal.

5. Crimson Cloud | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: a theme that's hard rock but absolutely lovely to hear

We continue the heavy metal/rock train with V’s theme known as Crimson Cloud. When this song first came out, people weren’t sure whether they loved it or not. But it was a perfect introduction to our favorite poet. 

What makes the song even more awesome is the fact that you can just scream the lyrics and be extremely hyped. It also tells of V’s tales, and by extension, Vergil’s innermost thoughts. The song is so great that some fans have even set it as their ringtone. I know I have.

4. Shall Never Surrender (The time has come) | Devil May Cry 4

Now playing: the most annoying yet iconic theme of all time (fight me)

Now we begin to move onto the most popular, recognizable, and iconic character themes in all of Devil May Cry history. These are some of the themes that all fans collectively love. The very first theme on our list is Shall Never Surrender, which was Nero’s main theme in DMC 4.

This theme song has such an iconic first three seconds that it’s honestly difficult to forget. When you hear the first two guitar bars, you immediately know that it’s Shall Never Surrender. 

It even indicates when enemies are there, so it’s always nice to have a multi-purpose theme. Although it might get redundant sometimes, you can always be sure to get pumped to kick some demon ass.

3. Bury the Light | Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

Now playing: the most iconic Vergil theme to date

At number 3, we have one of the newest releases from the entire franchise. It took everyone by surprise when this song suddenly blew up everywhere on the internet. I mean, who wouldn’t want to listen to the battle theme of one of the best characters to ever come out from an action game?

Yes, sign me up for the next approaching storm. I bet no weather forecasts saw Vergil coming. The song is so awesome that there are thousands of memes dedicated solely to it. It has such amazing vocals, guitar riffs, and drum techniques that definitely leave the listener at the edge of their seat, flipping their hair back and forth.

2. Devil Trigger | Devil May Cry 5

Now playing: a DMC song that's been blasted in almost every home

The number 2 DMC song that we love has garnered around 34 million views on YouTube alone. Imagine if we added the Facebook or Twitter views. That would probably amount to billions of views. But that isn’t the reason why it’s number 2.

There’s no doubt that this is an amazing song, with some of the best vocal performances we’ve seen in any DMC song. It even has some of the catchiest lyrics that I know every DMC fan has memorized by heart. It’s such a legendary song that will go down in the history books. Mark my words, this song will be remembered for decades to come. The fans will make sure of it.

1. Devils Never Cry | Devil May Cry 3

Now playing: a piece of nostalgic music that hits like a truck

Of course, we can never forget this absolutely iconic banger from the game that put Devil May Cry onto the radar of a lot of video game aficionados. This song even became the first entry that people had to the whole DMC song aesthetic. It was what people saw DMC be like - a rich, edgy, super cool, video game with some angelic and religious undertones.

What makes this song even more awesome is the fact that it encapsulates Dante and his entire journey throughout the game. It has a lot of ups and downs which represent what Dante has gone through as he’s starting out as a Devil Hunter. There’s a special place for this song in every DMC fan’s heart for sure. That’s why it sits pretty at the top spot, of the best Devil May Cry Songs we love.

If you want to, you can check these songs out and make sure to download them. Stream them on Spotify as well, if you can. What are you waiting for? Go listen to these god-tier songs right now!

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