[Top 7] DMC 5 Best Devil Breakers That Wreck Hard!

DMC 5 Best Devil Breakers
Nero reaching out for a sandwich with Overture

Which Devil Breakers hit the hardest?

Devil May Cry is a franchise built around style. The most recent release, Devil May Cry 5, kicks up its style meter with the breakers’ wide variety of moves and attacks. 

With the introduction of the new Devil Breakers, ‘Smoking Sexy Styles’ have become more rampant. But most people are confused as to which breakers get them the sickest rankings. 

To end this confusion, here is a list of some of the best Devil Breakers and why they’re the cream of the crop.

7. Ragtime | The Most Convenient of them All

Insane Ragtime combo

Stopping time and being able to go ham on enemies is no stranger to the DMC universe. Ragtime takes a signature Dante skillset and kicks it into overdrive. Using ragtime would be like wanting to slow down time just to enjoy five more minutes of sleep before school.

Its cool, Terminator-esque design adds to its mystique and fantasy. As Nero activates the wristwatch, a time-slowing bubble appears out of thin air. It forms pockets in the area that slow down all enemies within it.

Slowing time down with Ragtime is a perfect way to master your sword and gun combos.

If you want to taunt your enemies as they slowly fall to the ground, Ragtime is definitely the Devil Breaker for you.

A word of caution though; if the enemy manages to hit you in the bubble, you’ll be damaged. You, or the character rather, are not invincible. 

What Ragtime excels in

  • Convenience - slowing time is always a good and reliable way to get a few hard-hitting attacks in
  • Free reign - as time is stopped, you have the freedom to practice combos and even try out new ones while putting that rank up

Move Set & Breakage

  • Slow Sphere - the signature move of ragtime; a sphere forms out of thin air, slowing down anyone moving inside it - even Nero
  • Slow World (Breakage) - Ragtime’s ultimate move that doesn’t slow, but STOPS all movement in an area (even bosses) except for Nero

6. Gerbera | The Most Versatile of them All

Crazy-sick Gerbera combo

Gerbera is known for its unique versatile playstyle. Most players and pros use Gerbera to get out of sticky situations, or even start them. It’s no one-trick pony, let me tell you.

Its slick black and green design coupled with a shockwave aesthetic give the player both style and power. It even has a petal motif that acts as a complex furnace. This furnace creates an incredibly intense heat that is sent out as a powerful shockwave.

Players can utilize this shockwave to move away from enemies, or get closer to them. It’s a good way to start a date with the enemy.

The pulse from the shockwave launches Nero (the character) into the air, which puts him out of harm's way. But, it can also send enemies flying with him, giving him a chance to finish them off.

What Gerbera Excels In 

When using Gerbera, utility is the name of the game.

  • Attack / Initiation - Gerbera is a good initiator for attacks coming from the sword (Red Queen) or the gun (Blue Rose)
  • Defense - this is what separates Gerbera from the others - its ability to block incoming attacks
  • Movement - flying and jumping are all a large part of maintaining combos, and Gerbera knows exactly how to help with these

Move Set & Breakage

  • Jocky - a heavy-hitting palm strike attack 
  • Diagonal propeller - a less damaging attack that propels the character and enemies into the air
  • Stamen Ray (Ground Breakage) - Gerbera’s ultimate ground move that fires a large laserbeam, dealing continuous damage
  • Petal Ray (Midair Breakage) - Gerbera’s ultimate midair move that fires multiple ricocheting lasers, bouncing off surfaces

5. Helter Skelter | The Most Precise of them All

Nero drilling the point home with Helter Skelter

Aside from looking like chicken feet, Helter Skelter is known for its guard-breaking, armor-shattering drill. Not only are its controls simple, but its raw power is also breathtakingly strong. Most, if not all, players and pros use this against heavier guarded enemies such as the Angelos.

Its simple design ensures the concentration of power in one area. This creates a sure hit zone that cracks even the strongest armor. 

Although Nero won’t really be able to hold anything else, he is assured of hits that can go through, regardless of enemy type. 

The more you mash the button, the more damage output there is. Helter Skelter really drills the point home. However, much like with Ragtime, you are still very vulnerable to attacks.

What Helter Skelter excels in

  • Simplicity - speaking technically, you need to mash one button to get that visceral feeling of drilling holes into your enemies
  • Concentrated Barrage of attacks - attacks are sure to deal insane amounts of damage regardless of armor
  • Armor penetration - the best feat of Helter Skelter: its ability to easily crack insanely sturdy suits of armor and shields

Move Set & Breakage

  • Drill Rig - a rapid drill attack that breaks an enemy’s guard and parries enemy counter-attacks
  • Drill Master (Breakage) - Helter Skelter’s ultimate move propels Nero forward then into the air, damaging all enemies in the path of destruction (even with them blocking)

4. Rawhide | The Distance-Closer

Nero's Rawhide boss battle

Rawhide is a whip-like breaker that puts even Christian Grey back in his place. Although this breaker needs a decent amount of technical maneuvers, it is still a great way to pull enemies in close.

Be careful though, instead of your beautiful date, you might be pulling a nightmare in disguise.

It's simple two-pronged, tong-like structure makes it easier to grab onto enemies. Nero’s snatch ability is further enhanced using Rawhide. This is always the go-to breaker to bunch enemies up and completely eviscerate them all at the same time.

It either pulls enemies closer to you or brings you closer to them. You just have to pick which one you’d prefer being: the pursuer or the pursued. 

If you want something similar to the classic Belmonts in Castlevania, Rawhide is your pick. 

What Rawhide excels in

  • Distance closer - rawhide is great at either pulling enemies closer or propelling yourself towards them
  • Technically challenging - this is a good breaker for those who want to stretch their fingers a little bit more
  • Invulnerability (limited) - its attacks put Nero into an invulnerable state, depending on position and move used  

Move Set & Breakage

  • Sidewinder - a basic three-hit combo and pushback that is excellent for parrying attacks
  • Loop the Loop - Rawhide’s ultimate move with Nero swinging the wire around, picking up and repeatedly slamming enemies onto the ground. This attack renders Nero invincible.

3. Tomboy | The Unstoppable Force

Crazy Tomboy combo

If you’ve always wanted a toy that made you crazily overpowered but clumsy, Tomboy is the toy for you. A portion of the players wholeheartedly agrees this is what it feels like to be sprinting full speed while drunk, in the middle of the night.

It has two forms: one with the sword, Red Queen, and one with the gun, Blue Rose. Tomboy gives both weapons a stylish new upgrade. It engulfs the weapons in burning orange and crimson flames. 

Both the sword and gun gain new skills and attacks, dealing insane amounts of damage. The moves get more complex. The button-mashing gets more complicated.

Previous skill sets such as Red Queen combos become even harder-hitting. The unstoppable barrage of blade swings and gunshots will make sure to pulverize the enemy. 

This is the perfect breaker for those who want to use classic weapons with a twist.

What Tomboy excels in

  • Amplifier - it amplifies attacks and combos that are perfect for the player who just wants to use the classic sword-gun combo
  • Somewhat easy to utilize - there are no new complicated moves for the Tomboy, just more damage output and flashy falls

Move Set & Breakage

  • One Night Stand - activating this will power up the sword (Red Queen) and the gun (Blue Rose)
  • Rendezvous - more charge-up means the longer these power-ups will last
  • EX Shot - attaching Tomboy to Blue Rose to fire hard-hitting, penetrating shots
  • EX Shot Air - same function as the EX Shot but it’s easier to maneuver from the air
  • EX Charge Shot - a charged up version of the EX shot with an even stronger penetrating shot and is able to pass through multiple enemies
  • Red Queen Combo EX - a beastly 7-hit combo with the Red Queen, granting more damage output with each subsequent attack
  • Red Queen Air EX - a midair combo with a powerful propelling spinning slash
  • Bloody Queen - an unstoppable barrage of powerful attacks creating a whirlwind of damage to any enemy in your way
  • Bloody Queen Air - a midair unstoppable rage combo that shreds any enemy

2. Overture | The Beginner-friendly Powerhouse

Overture versus Goliath

The strongest vanilla-type weapon any Devil May Cry game has ever had. The beauty of this breaker lies in its simplicity. It is revered by and good for both beginners and veterans.

Unfortunately, people dub it the “sleeper arm”. Well, it’s time to wake up, people.

Despite its simplistic maneuvers, Overture is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with. Its blue, silver, and gold chrome-like finish gives its simple structure a sleek upgrade.

There are a lot of combo potentialities when it comes to Overture. Since most of the moves are context-sensitive, the combos become situational. This is a good way to rack the player’s brain, despite a very straightforward skillset.

Just with its palm strike attack, Overture has a shockingly massive damage output. Its simplicity is only rivaled by the sheer amount of power it has. It's true aesthetic though, lies in stacking enemies and setting off that time bomb.

What Overture excels in

  • Simplicity - with a limited yet powerful moveset, Overture is kind to beginners, and more creatively used by veterans
  • Raw Power/Damage Output - Overture has the highest damage output out of all of the breakers

Move Set & Breakage

  • Battery - a heavy damage palm-strike attack that can be done on enemies on the ground, in air, or below Nero
  • Exploder (Breakage) - Overture’s ultimate move that places the arm in an enemy and can either be detonated automatically or manually
  • PRO TIP: Stack enemies before detonating the bomb for maximum damage output

1. Punchline | The Complex Heavy Hitter

Crazy sick combo with Punchline

The Big Kahuna of Arm Breakers. The Big Daddy. The literal Fist of Destruction. This is the breaker to use when you want to have a good time hitting all the buttons on your controller.

With its black, red, and yellow motif, this is the breaker with the edgiest design. Although its arm structure is basic, Punchline is far from basic. In actuality, this is the most complicated breaker to date.

Punchline has a wide array of features. Attacks range from sending your arm flying like a rocket to making you skate on it like Tony Hawk. Along with these features comes a variety in damage output.

You can ride the rocket and do multiple flips. You can send a rocket-powered punch locked on the enemy. You can even launch yourself from the rocket and send it flying towards the enemy.

There are a lot of hidden moves that have been discovered as well. These are the moves that have not been mentioned in the game but have been found out by some other hardcore players.

Punchline’s complexity forces the player to try out new things and plan ahead. It’s the breaker that requires the most style and keeps the style meter high.

Always remember this when using Punchline: “With great power, comes great responsibility”.

What Punchline excels in

  • Technical nature - since Punchline has a lot of moves, it requires a sort of technical touch (meaning your hands are fast and clean enough to pull it off)
  • Variety - due to Punchline’s plethora of moves, attacks are highly varied. It also garners the most style points
  • Unending Discovery - there are a lot of hidden moves that players can come back to and explore. This opens up limitless combo possibilities.

Move Set & Breakage

  • Jet Gadget - an attack that shoots the arm as a guided missile
  • Boost Knuckle (Breakage) - a powerful, heavy-hitting, haymaker punch that deals insane damage and knocks back even the largest enemies

Now that you have a bit more of an idea about which Devil Breaker wreck the hardest, I do hope to see a flurry of Smoking Sexy Styles. If you’re interested to read up on more Devil May Cry / Hack and Slash stuff, you may also be interested in:

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