Devil May Cry 5 Best Devil Breakers (From Strong To Strongest)

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Nero in his full glory

Nero’s Devil Breakers are a replacement to his Devil Bringer which he loses when he loses his Devil Arm in his encounter with Vergil. It’s an interesting take, to give one of the main characters new mechanical powers that he can switch out instead of using his devil arm.

Devil Breakers are very customizable and are made to be used and lost and switched up often. It lets you build Nero a bit more, and depending on which Breakers you like or need most, you can change Nero’s playstyle in that way.

8.Buster Arm

Buster Arm functions most like Nero’s Devil Bringer. It can grab your enemies when you use it which deals a solid amount of damage and is a good way to prolong combos. When Overcharged it performs more aggressive and intricate grabs that deal more damage.

However, once you complete the game, Nero gains use of his Devil Bringer ability which does the same, while dealing a little less damage. That makes the Buster Arm a little redundant, since you can already freely use grab attacks, and you can use a different Devil Breaker to increase your combo variety.

What Buster Arm Excels At:

  • Grabs to extend combos
  • Nostalgia for players who played DMC 4
  • Extremely cool and brutal overcharged animation

7.Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is a rather simple Devil Breaker that can prove quite useful whenever you need to break an enemy’s guard. It’s easy and quick to use to deal some damage and switch up your moves to extend combos, but it leaves you vulnerable, so be careful about breaking this one.

If you tap the button once, you drill into your enemy for some damage, but if you repeatedly press the button, you will keep drilling and your damage will increase. The Overcharged attack will make Nero move like a big spinning drill that can instantly break an enemy’s guard.

What Helter Skelter Excels At:

  • Drill attacks that can be chained
  • You can use it whenever you are not swarmed without worrying about it breaking
  • Easy guard break whenever you overcharge Helter Skelter


Rawhide is a Devil Breaker perfect for a game with a hell of a lot of fast-paced action like Devil May Cry 5. It’s a whip-hand that extends from Nero’s arm and is capable of dealing damage in an area around you, which is always useful.

When you tap the button, Nero whips a chain around him and hits all enemies that are nearby. If you time your attacks correctly, you can keep whipping your enemy for increased damage. If you overcharge it, you will deal a lot of damage to a single target that cannot be avoided or blocked. Your Wire Snatch is also increased, which is always useful to prolong your combos for more style.

What Rawhide Excels At:

  • Easy way to damage and keep enemies at a distance
  • It’s extremely satisfying to whip enemies in mad combos
  • Extended Snatch range


Ragtime is a unique Devil Breaker that miraculously has the ability to slow down time while in combat. It’s quite useful to slow down enemies, especially in air where you can prolong your combos and wait for them to fall.

If you press the button, Nero creates a small sphere in the direction of his enemy and every enemy in that sphere will move greatly slower. When overcharged, Nero essentially slows down time completely, and can freely move between the slowed enemies and attack them freely. It has a very big range and it lets you attack your enemies freely for a short while. Keep in mind that this Devil Breaker won’t work against every boss.

What Ragtime Excels At:

  • Slowing time in a small zone lets you extend combos
  • It’s the only Devil Breaker that doesn’t deal damage by itself, but helps you experiment more
  • It can give you a lot of crowd control when you overcharge it


Punchline is the definition of a glass cannon in this game. It deals a ton of damage with any of its moves (and it has a lot of combinations for a Devil Breaker), but it gets destroyed rather easily, with one of its moves even being a self destruct.

If you tap the button, Nero will send out his arm like a rocket which will start violently punching an enemy in range. Nero can also return the rocket to him at will, and you can even mount the rocket and use it for attacks. Once overcharged Nero will begin to charge an insanely powerful explosive slam. Keep in mind that you will be vulnerable while you’re charging your attack, so use it carefully.

What  Punchline Excels At:

  • Easy to use when sending it at an enemy
  • It makes Nero look very cool while skateboarding on a rocket and fighting Devils
  • Very high damage output when overcharged


Overture is the first Devil Breaker that we see Nero using. It’s rather simple and intuitive, but it has a very high damage output, and you can use it often, without worrying about it breaking too easily. 

If you tap the button once, Nero will extend his arm forwards and deal damage to an enemy near him. Overture will aim itself to the nearest enemy hitting them even if they’re above or below you. If you charge it, instead, you will place an explosive into the enemy and deal a huge amount of damage which can be useful against bosses to help you dish out a lot of damage.

What Overture Excels At:

  • High damage with a single tap
  • Extremely high damage with overcharged attacks
  • Easy to use in almost any situation


Gerbera is a very useful Devil Breaker which can help you move around the combat area more freely, and it even has 2 overcharged attacks which deal a lot of damage in a large area.

When you press the button while using Gerbera, Nero will do a simple grab and deal some damage to the enemy. But where this Devil Breaker shines most, is the ability that you can do by moving the left stick and pressing the button which will make Nero dash through the air in any direction, dealing damage to enemies and escaping harm.

Gerbera has 2 overcharged attacks, one of which is a big laser that shoots out of Nero’s arm and deals massive damage. You are however going to be vulnerable while using it, so try to carefully position yourself beforehand. If you overcharge Gerbera in the air, it will instead shoot out a plethora of smaller lasers which bounce around the walls and can deal a lot of damage to a lot of enemies.

What Gerbera Excels At:

  • Gerbera has a very versatile kit
  • 2 Overcharged attacks that can dish out a lot of damage
  • Gives Nero increased mobility to avoid enemies in combat


Tomboy is a simple Devil Breaker that just modifies Nero’s weapons Blue Rose and Red Queen. That doesn’t sound like much, BUT Tomboy doesn’t just increase the damage you do, it also gives you unique moves that can lead into more creative and unique combos, most of which will bounce the enemy from the ground. However, beware that this weapon is very easy to break.


You can tap the button to boost your weapons. Red Queen will become fiery and will deal more damage when you use melee attacks. Once you press the shoot button, Nero will aim with Blue Rose and deal a lot more damage with his explosive shots that can even be charged. And, once you overcharge it, you will deal more damage for longer compared to the base attack.

What Tomboy Excels At:

  • Extremely satisfying and strong melee attacks
  • Blue Rose can be aimed for a lot of devastating damage and a knockback
  • You feel like a boss while using it

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