The 17 Best Hack and Slash Games for PC

Best Hack and Slash Games
Like lambs, they line up to the slaughter

How Many of These Hack and Slash Games Have You Played?

Whether it's impossible combos, controller gripping adrenaline, or just the sight of seeing numbers flying all over the screen, there is something about Hack-and-slash genre that has held an invaluable position in the heart of gaming for decades. These weapon-centric brawlers put the power of a one-man army in your hands allowing you to eviscerate dozens of enemies simultaneously or rapidly unleash dozens of blows into colossal creatures. While this genre tends to incorporate a handful of sub-systems from other genres, such as RPG elements or exploration, the main allure of a hack-and-slash is its potential for stylish, jaw dropping, action. Here are some of the best contenders for the Largest Bodycount category.

17. Monster Hunter: World

Flying machines, adorable cat-people, and dinosaurs, oh my!

Colossal monsters, hulking weaponry, and hard-hitting combat, Monster Hunter: World focuses less on slapping around thousands of jobbers and throws your directly under the heel of a juggernaut capable of crushing you in an instant. This game requires you to synergize offense and defense in tactical confrontations where you appear to be at the disadvantage.

Monster Hunter: World coming to PC is a dream come true for many of the series’ fans as previous titles were limited to the PS3 and handheld consoles. This game feels like what Monster Hunter was meant to be: a massive world that is alive and reacts with a constantly changing ecosystem and endless opportunity. Every creature is a valuable resource and will drop the necessary materials for crafting new armor and weapons. MH:W proves to be a perfect blend of preparation and grueling combat urging you to upgrade, buff, and choose your equipment carefully before engaging the most titanous of opponents in an evolved version of ‘the most dangerous game.’

What stands out:

  • Team-centric beat-em-up where you can combo off your allies attacks
  • Guerrilla combat - focuses planning, trapping, and ambushes.

A massive opponent calls for a massive weapon!

Why risk it? Shoot from afar.

16. Dead Cells

Death is only the beginning

The latest from MotionTwin, Dead Cells burst into the hack-and-slash scene with flare reminiscent of the arcades - button-mashing, rage-inducing, mindless heroics. There’s no rest for the wicked as you are tossed into a treacherous medieval-fantasy littered with relentless enemies and punishing environments. Dead Cells embraces an arcade style, urging you to constantly progress forward in a seamless stream for greater rewards and equipment.

This hack-and-slash strives on the roguelike mechanics of death leading to progression. You will be challenged to storm forward utilizing every cheap tactic, well-placed dodge, and impeccable platforming on your way toward your goal. The world is unforgiving and void of the sane ensuring your only way out is through your own skill and indomitable will.

One of the qualities that makes this game so great is its procedurally generated levels which are constantly keeping track of every move the player makes from deaths to equipment pick-ups. Each playthrough of Dead Cells will feel unique supported further by a non-linear design and abilities that unlock new areas of the game. These systems and vibrant design will be sure to keep you intrigued and starry-eyed while the dungeon punches you in the face.

What stands out:

  • Death is not the end, rather the beginning of a new adventure
  • Procedurally generated levels for maximum replayability

A tease of the many items at your disposal

Sweet, sweet damage numbers and depleting health-bars

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