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What are some of the greatest hack and slash games ever to be made?

The hack-and-slash genre is perfect for any gamer - either tryhards or casuals who just want to blow off some steam over the weekend. All you need is a PC, console (or any other unlisted video game player) to enjoy a fun night of hacking and slashing enemies from either the baddest demons to the most-skilled ninjas.

Let’s dive into the wonderful world of the best hack and slash games that span the entire decade. Please keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily ranked in order, and just serves as a guide for you gamers who are looking for some of the best hack and slash games.

Sit back, relax and make sure to warm those thumbs up!

15. Devil Slayer: Raksasi | Nintendo Switch, PS4, Microsoft Windows

Devil Slayer: Raksasi gameplay trailer

First on our list is a fairly new game that is very similar to others on this list in the sense that it has the same gameplay style. It can also be quite similar to some more punishing games like Dark Souls or more roguelite ones like the Binding of Issac.

This game is about a group of heroines who are trying to make their war-ridden world finally see the light. There are creatures that come from these seeds of war that threaten to end many lives and destroy the world. So these heroes must come together and find the keys from a transmigration trial in order to save their world.

Much like many games before it, the mechanics are fairly simple yet difficult to execute. You will have to dodge, time, and rhythmically plan your attacks to make sure you get the whole experience. You can choose between 7 heroines who are unlocked by completing the different stages. 

Just make sure you’ve got your combos down pat so that obtaining these keys are just a walk in the park. Also, don’t argue about who the best girl is. We’ll have a discussion on that another time.

14. GetsuFumaDen: Undying Blade | Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

GetsuFumaDen first trailer

The second entry on our list is another new game called GetsuFumaDen or Getsu Fuma Descends. The story is something out of any good old Japanese literature. A thousand years have passed since the first leader of the Getsu clan defeated the big, bad demon lord known as Ryukotsuki. He drove him and his goons back to the demon world and restored peace to the world. But as soon asRyukotsuki breaks free once again, he unleashes a new-found hell onto the world. 

Now, with these new problems comes a new hero to take him down.

This game is a really good looking side-scrolling, roguelite, hack-and-slash game that is still currently in early access. But the parts of the game that are available are truly a sight to behold.

The artstyle resembles that of traditional Japanese tapestry with a few more fantasy-like elements thrown in. I think this feature makes it one of the more unique-looking games to come out recently. It also has a very nice and crisp sound design that will definitely tickle the fancy of your ears.

Gameplay-wise, however, it might be similar to the game Hades in the sense that it has some roguelike features meshed seamlessly with hack and slash. Although it might seem a little slow-paced with the limited items at first, you’ll definitely be soaring through the stages in no time. Be sure to wait for its full release sometime this 2022!

13. No More Heroes | Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, Wii

No More Heroes Official Trailer

No More Heroes is essentially about a misfit protagonist known as Travis Touchdown. He is a man on a mission. What mission, you ask? Well, how about having to beat down deadly assassins to make sure they aren’t going for you anymore? That’s what he has to deal with - all while being your average anime and video game enthusiast.

The development for this series of games was a bit difficult to talk about. It wasn’t necessarily a troubled development, but it wasn’t as smooth as it could possibly be, either. There were a few marketing problems such as the failed toilet paper sale in front of a video game store.

Other than that though, the story and gameplay are pretty standard for a hack and slash. There were some minigames that the developers had so much fun with that they made one too many. The director of the project even had to tell them to stop.

This game has so much personality that you could probably pinpoint each reference made. But that doesn’t take away from the overall charm the entire game has.

12. Darksiders | Linux, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Stadia, OnLive

Darksiders first official trailer

For this list, we’ll be including only the first Darksiders game since it is the most popular one with the most feedback from almost the entire community. This game is set in modern-day Earth with a few mystical subplots. A war suddenly breaks out between Heaven and Hell where one of the infamous Four Horsemen is on Earth in the middle of the war. During the carnage, the demonic forces defeated the hosts of the heavens and came to finally claim Earth.

You get to play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in a war-ridden Earth with some of the smoothest gameplay mechanics. The gameplay is mostly open world where you have to explore and solve various puzzles.

I think this game is a wonderful way to explore the Earth when other entities begin to roam the land. Although it’s a hack-and-slash game, it does have some features that make it close to RPG levels of storytelling. There are even many chests to find that make the gameplay a little bit more complex than your average run-off-the-mill hack and slash game.

11. Diablo III | Microsoft Windows, OS X, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox 1, Nintendo Switch

Diablo III official trailer

If you wanted a larger-than-life version of Dungeons and Dragons with a little more spice thrown in there, then Diablo is your game. But not just any Diablo - Diablo III! For the uninitiated, this just means Diablo 3. This game is a hack-and-slash game with almost all of the features of an RPG.

The story takes place in Sanctuary, which is the dark fantasy world Diablo is known for. It’s nitty-gritty setting definitely sets the mood for the game moving forward. Although the story overall may seem cheesy, it’s still a gem in the hearts of many.

What makes this game so fun is the way some of the interactions and decisions are made completely by the player. The story is tethered in a way that makes the player choose his or her character archetype based on their playstyle.

What’s funnier is that the world is so expansive that you’ll never know what’s waiting for you down the road. I’ve known some elderly people play Diablo 3 and let me tell you, it’s a story they’ve been telling their grandchildren for decades.

10. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow | PS3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trailer

Let’s be honest here. I think we all knew this was going to be on this list. Now Castlevania is a very interesting entry. It’s a gorgeous franchise with some of the most iconic characters to ever exist. It’s even been the basis of one of the most successful Netflix original series!

But what makes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow such a well-received and loved game?

To begin with, the original Castlevania games were already such a classic. It’s no wonder that, despite a reboot, there are still those who come back to this game over and over again. It’s a complete 3D overhaul of the originals, and a pretty darn good one at that.

You get to play as our beloved badass Gabriel Belmont in a quest to completely bulldoze what is essentially a cult known as the Lords of Shadow. As he seeks retribution, he is also looking to resurrect his wife. You, the player, get to control this man on a mission through gorgeous 3D environments riddled with puzzles all while perfecting your smooth melee combat skills.

The game is interesting for a number of reasons: creepy cultists, epic fighting sequences, crisp and new graphics, stunning sound design and OST, and a complete overhaul of an already beloved series. There are countless hours of all these reasons and a lot of replayability. You definitely won’t get bored despite the game being almost 11 years old already!

9. Hades | Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5

Hades Official Trailer

Honestly, there isn’t any other video game goat much like Hades. It came out of left-field so fast and so furious that to this day, people are still wondering what they did to deserve a game like Hades. Now, although this game doesn’t have pure hack-and-slash elements, it does have parts that do the genre so much justice.

It’s a game about Zagreus, the son of the Greek god Hades, and how he has to trek through the Underworld to get to Mount Olympus. He is aided by some of the other Olympians he meets and they give him gifts that help him on his journey.

Let me just start off by saying everything about this game is gorgeous. 

The environment is so beautifully crafted, while paying homage to traditional Greek architecture. The voice acting is impeccable with some of the most heartfelt and unforgettable voice line deliveries. The character design and art are truly things to behold. Everyone is so stunning and beautifully designed - all while keeping a unique and completely fresh feel.

What makes the game so fun is the combination between fast-paced, straightforward combat and some RPG elements (like when you need to talk to other NPCs). The gameplay is something to behold. I would’ve cried my eyeballs out if I wasn’t completely enamored by the entire environment. 

I’d definitely go out with Zagreus over and over again - I mean, on his journey, in-game.

8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance | PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, OS X, Shield Android TV

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer

Have you ever heard of a more ridiculous name? Well, probably. But this game is definitely up there. It’s a spin-off hack-and-slash game from the critical and commercial success known as Metal Gear Solid. Instead of our beloved Snake though, we get to play as his best friend and colleague, Raiden. 

This game is actually such a confusing one to talk about. It has many diehard fans that keep coming back to it as well as those who think it’s just a waste of time. But let me tell you, it definitely is worth all the effort in buying, starting up, and finishing. It’s a gorgeous game with a completely different feel from its original series.

The story is one we’ve seen before, with a little twist. There are “evil” people who apparently want to do right by the world through war. These “terrorists” known as the Winds of Destruction wreak havoc across the city and it’s up to you, as the rogue cyborg assassin Raiden, to stop them.

There are a lot of funny moments in the dialogue alone, but when you couple it with Kojima’s flair of out of touch humor, then you’re definitely going to be rolling on the floor laughing. You know what’s not something to laugh at though? The intense combat system.

It’s a pure, unadulterated, hack-and-slash game that definitely tickles anyone’s funny bone. The action and combat is fast-paced, the graphics are mesmerizing, and the themes extremely chilling. Not to mention the vocal tracks for each boss are extremely well-done and would get you ramped up to take down the next boss.

This is definitely one for the books. Why, you ask? Well, NANOMACHINES SON!

7. God of War 4 | PS4

God of War 4 Trailer

Our favorite god of destruction, Kratos, is back but with another goal in mind. Since he’s done killing the gods of Olympus he now turns towards the Scandinavian countries. He sets out with his son, Boy (sorry, no spoilers). Eventually, he has to make one of the toughest decisions for a character like Kratos. He is divided between choices that both define him.

Gameplay-wise, it's as crisp and clear as the whole series can go. It has gorgeous gameplay mechanics that build upon the already near-perfect previous installations. However, there are times where the executions get a little lackluster and repetitive. This doesn’t really affect the game as much since it’s already a very fun and exciting game to begin with.

I think it’s such a great idea to explore another character trait of Kratos. By introducing his son, we are given more to believe he isn’t just a rampaging God with a thirst for blood. There are added layers to his character which I think adds to the entire feel of the game. There is now more at stake - rather than simply his life.

Come on Bird Box, Kratos already had named his kid - please step up your game.

6. Ninja Gaiden: Master’s Collection | PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Trailer

Let me ask you: who doesn’t want to see a bunch of badass ninjas run around and take down evil doers with their mystical blades and techniques? This might come as a surprise to no one, but the Master Collection has finally been announced and will soon be released. In fact, you can pre-order your copy now (no I am not sponsored, but it’s such a good game to support).

In this collection, you get a total of three games: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. These are some of the most iconic and recognized games from the series. They follow the ever-elusive Ryu Hayabusa on his quest to take down the raging evil across his cities.

The game has so many elements taken from traditional Japanese culture that is always such a delight. Hayabusa is continually a great character to explore because he’s such an interesting man with a curse that threatens to eat him alive. But he’s not the only playable character we get. Oh, no, some of the ladies get their fair share of screen time.

Four gorgeous ladies: Ayane, Rachel, Momiji, and Kasumi make their way into the game. You can play the different stages of the game with these stunning kunoichi. They have their own unique play styles and combos that ramp up the playability of the game by huge amounts.

I think what makes the game so interesting and fun is just being able to go ham on all of the enemies in true ninja fashion. You’re using blades, spears, kunai, shuriken, and many other tools and tricks ninjas commonly use. It’s a great, fast-paced game that definitely grips you for hours. The Master Collection makes sure you get all of the best features of the best games, and so much more!

5. Middle-earth: Shadow of War | Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trailer

This game is set in an already familiar place in popular media. It gets cues from J.R.R Tolkien’s universe getting inspiration from stories and movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Hobbit trilogy. I mean, its name is lifted directly from the setting of the universe - Middle-earth.

Gameplay-wise, however, it does take cues from previous action-adventure RPG games while staying true to the source material. It takes on a third-person perspective much like its predecessor. It also boasts a large, open-world environment that can be explored as extensively as the J.R.R. Tolkien legendarium is.

This is an extremely unique and interesting game because no other Tolkien expansion medium does the universe much justice like this one does. There are many dynamic scenes and interactions that keep the game fresh all while adding a whole new dimension to the external universe.

I’d definitely love to play as Frodo or young Bilbo one day (developers please let me know if there are any idea openings, thank you).

4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice | PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Trailer

Meet the best crossover between the Souls series and Japanese culture. Sekiro is about a shinobi named Wolf who seeks retribution on a samurai clan that attacked him and kidnapped his lord. So now, he’s on a hunt, through gorgeous feudal Japan to slay all who slighted him and bring back his master.

This game is literally just a crossover between feudal Japan and one of the Dark Souls games. The main difference is that it does play a little differently, especially during a boss fight. When you die, you respawn in an area near the boss’ lair. This definitely helps cut down the run time by a lot. It also helps that this game has some gorgeous cinematics that rival even some of the best, most recent movies.

It’s also always breathtaking to go through some of the features that make the Japanese environment one to die for. You pass through stages with breath-taking cherry blossoms. Some even feature gorgeous Japanese architecture.

Sekiro is a grade A game that is both critically and commercially acclaimed. It definitely deserves all of its awards and everything else it has received in the recent year.

3. Bayonetta | PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Bayonetta Trailer

From the beautiful mind that brought us the very first Devil May Cry, we have another ground-breaking masterpiece in the form of Bayonetta. Generally-speaking, the game is about female Dante - oh, I mean Bayonetta - who is an Umbran witch with no recollection of her past. She then meets a little girl named Cereza whom she needs to take back to where she came from. Throughout the game, she meets different Umbran witches and “angels” who are trying to subdue her once again. She does well to kick their butts in true, seductive witch fashion.

Let’s get this right out of the way. This is one of the best games ever to be made. It’s such a fresh take on the hack-and-slash genre with all of the best elements injected into it. The combat is fast, fun, and furious. You have Bayonetta dishing out damage from all parts of her body - from her legs to her hair. It’s a concept that I’m here to just enjoy and completely eat up.

This game is extremely fun because the theme and story is completely crazy - and that’s what makes it even better. You have this beautiful witch that uses her hair as a weapon to summon a demon known as Madama Butterfly. This creates interesting, unique combos that have a completely earth-shattering visual (no pun intended).

It’s a great game to pick up when you just want a feel good game with a crazy-strong female lead.

2. NieR: Automata | PS4, Xbox 1, Microsoft Windows

Nier: Automata Official Trailer

NieR: Automata is a stunning hack-and-slash game with a somewhat heavy yet interesting story that explores the humanity and decision-making side of a number of cyborgs and robots. You play as 2B, a mouth-watering cyborg sword-wielder who is sent back to Earth to retrieve some data and continue a job she was programmed to do.

Little do we know, there’s something bigger going on behind the scenes. There’s a huge conspiracy behind the developers of 2B and her other companions. So we, as the player, have to find out by going through the different landscapes and scenery this critically-acclaimed game has to offer.

No other game really captures a melancholic, post-apocalyptic, cyborg-ridden world much like NieR: Automata does. The world itself is a treat to look at. The designs of the landscapes as well as the characters go above and beyond the stereotypical post-apocalyptic fantasy setting.

The gameplay and story rival those of some of the most classic games and pieces of literature. It’s a hack-and-slash with such a soft, woeful undertone to it that despite having such gorgeous scenery and fast-paced action, you can’t help but feel for the world and the characters you’re playing.

I love how this game is a piece of art - the combat included. Some of the puzzles and bosses do get a bit confusing at times, but that definitely doesn’t take away from the top-tier experience you get from playing this extraordinary masterpiece.

1. Devil May Cry 5 | Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS5

Devil May Cry 5 Official Trailer

Really, need I say more? Devil May Cry 5 is the latest game out of the entire Devil May Cry franchise. It was a long-awaited game that had many DMC fans slowly giving up on the developers. But let me tell you, it was a game that exceeded all expectations. I could even say it’s the best Devil May Cry game ever created - because it is.

The game is about one of our favorite (deadweight) Devil Hunters named Nero. He must navigate Redgrave City because out of nowhere, a gargantuan demon-tree known as the Qliphoth has plagued the city. What’s more is that the legendary Devil Hunter Dante has gone missing, so now it’s up to Nero to find out what’s happening in the city and what happened to his good ol’ “friend” Dante.

Off the bat, this game is hovering between a 9/10 and a 10/10. It has great combat, especially with the iconic style point system. It really forces you to come up with new and innovative combos to make sure you’re getting the entire feel of the game.

Storywise, it’s straight-forward and simplistic with some elements from the older games that we veteran fans love to see a lot. Setting-wise, however, everything is unique and beautifully generated until you get to the levels inside the tree. The environment is a bit bleak and more or less the same all throughout these later levels.

Nonetheless, DMC 5 is a gorgeous game with some of the most iconic characters and gameplay features that have ever graced our gaming consoles and PCs.

Now you can get out there and explore the wonderful world of hack and slash games. Make sure to be safe though, since you might just steamroll over all of those enemies. If you’re interested in reading up on more Devil May Cry / Hack and Slash stuff:

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