Hades Best Companions - Which Is Best?

Hades Best Companions
Zagreus and Meg ready to face off

All can be used once per encounter 

6. Antos

Achille offers you Antos a companion that can attack multiple enemies in succession but deals relatively low individual damage.

Great for use on bosses with multiple enemies to attack but probably best used only if there's no other option.

Use Antos when:

  • Fighting in Elysium 
  • In the final battle in Elysium 
  • Fighting the Hydra
  • Fighting two high health enemies at once
  • Fighting mini bosses


  • Give Achilles at least 5 Nectar 
  • Deal 1500 damage to 2 foes consecutively 

5. Fidi

Fidi is Dusa's thanks to you. The lowest total enemy damage keepsake but can do well when a lot of powerful enemies start to overwhelm you.

Use Fidi when:

  • Fighting many enemies at once
  • Needing to focus on one enemy
  • When the number of enemies feels overwhelming 


  • Give Dusa at least 5 Nectar
  • Summon familiar for 30 seconds
  • Shots do 70 damage each shot
  • Shots fire once a second
  • Shots cause petrify


Rib is the ultimate distraction. The heart it summons likely has more health than you do and can take enemies a while to take down all while giving you free rein to attack without getting hit if you know enemy attack patterns.

Great for when you have difficulty staying away from bosses. 

Use Rib when:

  • Needing to distract the final boss
  • Needing to stop enemies from surrounding you
  • Having difficulty with enemy attack patterns


  • Give Skelly at least 5 Nectar 
  • Summons distraction with 250 health that provokes enemies to attack it until health depleted. 
  • One of two that can be used with the final boss fight. 
  • Can't be used against Charon

3. Mort

After giving Thanatos enough Nectar he will offer up Mort, the companion with the most damage and powerful if used correctly. 

Use Mort when:

  • Fighting a boss
  • Finishing off Theseus
  • Fighting in Styx
  • In quick need of a lot of damage to non-shielded enemies 


  • Give Thanatos at least 5 Nectar
  • Deals 3500 damage to area in front of you after a delay
  • Can't be used in Thanatos' encounters 

2. Battie

After giving Meg enough nectar she'll offer the use of her companion. Battie gives you an important damage boost to help finish off bosses

Use Battie when:

  • Need help fighting in Styx 
  • Need help fighting the Hydra
  • Need help fighting Theseus 


  • Give Megaera at least 5 Nectar
  • Deals 2500 damage in the area around your nearest foes and through a chain hit.
  • Can't be used against fury sisters 


Shady is given to you by Sisyphus and greatly improves your resource gains in a run. He has the lowest overall damage but more than makes up for it with the increased survivability.

Use Shady when: 

  • Need emergency heals
  • Need extra coins
  • Want to add extrude shade to your run
  • Need a little more damage to finish off opponents 
  • Fighting the final boss


  • Give Sisyphus at least 5 Nectar 
  • Deal 1000 damage in surrounding area 
  • Drop 10 shadow 
  • Drop 60-90 coins 
  • Drop 50-60 health 
  • One of two companions which can be used in the final boss fight

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