[Top 5] Hades Best Builds

Hades Best Builds
hades with bone hydra

5. High combo

Zagreus uppercutting an enemy

Aspect of talos+ chain lightning 

Not necessarily a specific boon but any Zeus boon that gives you chain lightning makes you pretty difficult to beat. Aspect of talos let you use the twin fists of Malophon in the game and have continuous combos going on. With talos' ability you can also draw enemies toward you, and have a constant bolt of chain lightning running through your enemies to take them out quickly. 

Excels in:

  • High Combo hits
  • Killing a lot of enemies while focusing on one
  • Doing damage to foes over a large distance range

4. Ranged dps

Zagreus causing explosions with his heart seeking bow

Aspect of Hera + Artemis

Aspect of Hera is a  variant of the Heart-Seeking bow that excels in dealing damage from afar. So naturally the goddess of the hunt would pair best with this weapon. With the aspect of Hera, you can load your cast shots into your normal shots allowing you to more fluidly perform your attacks.

Excels in:

  • Damage from afar
  • Staying out of harm's way
  • Avoiding enemies

3. Dps

Aspect of Arthur + sea storms

This is an aspect of the Stygian sword, the weapon you start the game with. Combining this weapon with Poseidon is practically a must for a deep successful run with this weapon because of the knock back effect it causes. The sea storms boon specifically allows you to knock back enemies while also striking them down with lightning, thanks to the duo boon combo. 

Excels in:

  • Doing high damage to enemies up close and personal
  • Chaining together damage to multiple enemies around you
  • Taking out individual enemies quickly

2. Melee aoe

Zagreus throws his spear at an enemy

Aspect of Guam Yu + Dionysus

Aspect of Guam Yu is a variant of the Eternal Spear weapon available. To play this weapon well you need to focus on aoe attacks, especially with the conformed move set on the weapon. Any boons that allow you to excel while surrounded are good but Dionysus' drunk effect is probably the best.

Excels in:

  • Killing enemies while surrounded
  • Surviving when being attacked from multiple directions
  • Taking out groups of enemies quickly
  • Getting rid of enemy shields

1.Ranged aoe

Zagreus works on making his fire lakefront property

Aspect of lucifer + Infinite Ammo.

Aspect of lucifer is a variant on the (gun) infernal arm. Normally the special for this weapon drops bombs but with the Lucifer variant, those bombs instead cause a lake of fire to form beneath your enemies. Nothing else to say other than this basically enacts God mode and is basically an automatic successful run.

Excels in:

  • Doing massive damage from afar
  • Taking out enemies in any direction
  • Winning the game

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