[Top 10] Hades Best Weapons and How To Get Them (Early, Mid to Late Game)

With the Infernal Arms on your side, no one has a chance against you. Choose wisely on your next adventure.

[Top 10] Hades Best Weapons and How To Get Them (Early, Mid to Late Game)

Hades’ has a limited number of weapons, but each upgrade you choose can significantly help you clear through the dungeon crawler smoother. Here are the top 10 Hades weapons, starting with your early game weapons. 


1.  “Aegis”/Shield of Chaos

One of the infernal arms, wielded by Lord Zeus and his favorite daughter Athena. Lord Zeus used the shield to banish his father and the Titans to the Underworld. 


  • BASH: (+25 Damage)  Press Attack Button to Strike
  • BULL RUSH: (Partial Charge: +20-39 Damage / Max Charge: +40 Damage) Hold Attack to Defend. Release to Bull Rush. 
  • THROW: (15+ Damage) Press Special to Throw 

Why the Sheild of Chaos Is Great:

  • Aegis is a perfect early game weapon- one of the first ones you’re able to unlock. 
  • Aegis is the only weapon able to block, saving you from damage. This is important in a dungeon crawler like Hades where if you die you go to the start of the game. 

How To Get the Shield of Chaos:

  • Unlock Aegis by collecting 3 Chthonic Keys as you explore the Underworld.
  • Use your 3 Chthonic Keys at the Arsenal Room, located behind Zagreus’s chamber. 

See the Shield of Chaos in Action


2. “Malphon”/Twin Fists

Forged by cyclops forge-masters in accordance by the Fates, and once wielded by Lady Demeter, the Twin Fists of Malphon takes the wielders primal strength and uses it to the users’ advantage.


  • PUMMEL: (+15 Damage) Hold Attack for a sequence of attacks
  • RISING CUTTER: (+30 Damage) Press Special for Rising Cutter
  • DASH-STRIKE: (+25 Damage) Press Attack while Dashing
  • DASH-UPPER: (+40 Damage)  Press Special while Dashing

Why the Twin Fists are Great:

  • The Twin Fists have a strong dash attack. Combined with Athena’s dash and attack reflects, you can become nearly unkillable. 
  • The dash attacks also help dodge any attacks quicker, saving you from any damage. 

How to Get the Twin Fists:

  • You have to unlock the first four weapons in the armory 
  • You must collect 8 Chthonic Keys
  • Use the Chthonic Keys in the armory behind Zagreus’s chamber 

See the Twin Fists in Action


3. “Stygius”/Stygian Blade

The Stygian Blade was once wielded by Lord Poseidon, back when the six elder gods sealed the Titans in Tartarus. The shattered remains were given to Lord Zagreus and are his starting weapon. 


  • STRIKE: (+20 Damage) Press Attack Button to Strike
  • COMBO: (+20 Strike Damage / +25 Chop Damage / +30 Thrust Damage) Attack x3 for Combo
  • DASH-STRIKE: (+30 Thrust Damage) Press Attack Quickly After Dashing 
  • NOVA SMASH: (+50 Damage) Press Special to Nova Smash 

Why the Stygian Blade is Great: 

  • Classics are great! The blade is simple, easy to learn, and the first weapon you get at the start of the game. Once you get the hang of it, it’s great to have while you’re learning the environment of Hades when you’re first starting out. 
  • Because you get it at the start of the game, it’s a good weapon to practice so you can save up and upgrade to more aspects.

How to Get the Stygian Blade:

  • No hassle! It’s your first weapon! 

See the Stygian Blade in Action


4. “Varatha”/Eternal Spear

Lord Hades weapon as he fought with his siblings. He’s since traded in Varatha for a larger weapon, but the Eternal Spear was built for war. Like father like son. 


  • STRIKE: (+25 Damage) Press Attack Button to Strike
  • COMBO: (+25 Damage on First Strike / +30 Damage on Second and Third Strike) Press Attack x3 for Combo
  • DASH ATTACK: (+20 Damage) Press Attack Button Quickly After Dash
  • SPIN ATTACK: (+30 Damage on First Charge / +50 Damage on Second Charge / +100 Charge Max Damage)  Hold Attack to Charge; Release to Spin Attack 
  • THROW: (+25 Throw Damage / +25 Return Damage) Press Special to Throw. After Thrown, Press Special or Attack to Recall.

Why the Eternal Spear is Great:

  • Works well for long-distance and close combat attacks. 
  • You don’t have to approach enemies as much and can save your health more because of it.

 How to Get the Eternal Spear:

  • Obtain Four Chthonic Keys 
  • Unlock the Spear in the Arsenal Room behind Zagreus’s Chamber. 

See the Eternal Spear in Action



5. Shield of Chaos / Aspect of Zeus

The Shield of Chaos, blessed by Lord Zeus. Once he became king of the Olympians, he truly had nothing left to fear.


  • Same Attacks as Original Shield of Chaos. 
  • BLITZ DISC: (+8 Damage / +13 Damage / +19 Damage / +24 Damage / +30 Damage) 
  • Replaces Special with Blitz Disc

Why the Aspect of Zeus is Great:

  • Your special is replaced with Blitz Disc, which will mow through your enemies!
  • It deals damage every .3 seconds, including its travel back time. That’s deadly to large groups of enemies or big bosses!  

 How to Get the Aspect of Zeus:

  • Collect 36 vials in total of Titans Blood; these can be found in final boss fights, bounties, and trading. 
  • Use 5 vials for the first aspect, 15 for the second aspect, and 16 for the third. 

See the Aspect of Zeus in Action 


6. Twin Fists/Aspect of Gilgamesh

The god-king inherited the furry man's savage strength and a stout heart. Primal strength is key. 


  • Same Attacks as Original Twin Fists. 
  • Dash-Upper is replaced with Maim
  • SWIPE: (+60 Damage) Hold Attack for a sequence of attacks
  • RISING CUTTER: (+30 Damage) Press Special for Rising Cutter
  • DASH-STRIKE: (+20 Damage) Press Attack while Dashing
  • DASH-UPPER: (+40 Damage)  Press Special while Dashing
  • MAIM: (+100 Damage / +175 Damage/ +250 Damage /+ 325 Damage / +400 Damage) 

Why the Aspect of Gilgamesh is Great:

  • The Aspect of Gilgamesh is one of the late-game weapons, making it a perfect end goal for the game
  • The last aspect of the Twin Fists is the most powerful, combined with the dash attacks, can deal well into the hundred range of damage. 
  • It makes boss battles easy and painless. 

How to Get the Aspect of Gilgamesh: 

  • Reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu through the Eternal Spear
  • Have 5 vials of Titans Blood invested into the fist 
  • Get dialogue out of Asterius (Before your fight with Theseus). You may need to go through these rounds several times to get the correct dialogue. 
  • Seek fights with Asterius until he gives you the waking-phrase 
  • Equip the Twin Fists and interact with the placeholder to reveal the Aspect of Gilgamesh

See the Aspect of Gilgamesh in Action 


7. Stygian Blade/Aspect of Arthur 

Peace and destruction await a kingdom governed by the rule of the mighty knight.


  • HEAVY SLASH: (+60 Damage) Press Attack Button to Strike
  • COMBO: (+60 Damage / +80 Damage / +200 Damage) Attack x3 for Combo
  • DASH-STRIKE: (+50 Damage) Press Attack Quickly After Dashing 
  • HALLOWED GROUND: (+70 Damage) Press Special Button to use Hallowed Ground, Creating a Static Aura that Gives you Damage Reduction, Disables Traps, and slows the Speed of Enemy Projectiles.
  • NOVA SMASH: (+70 Damage) Press Special During Hallowed Ground

Why the Aspect of Arthur is Great:

  • Holy Excalibur adds +50 to your life automatically- in Hades health is a serious factor to keep in mind. That health can be the difference between life and death for you. 
  • Its aura significantly slows enemy projectiles, giving you time to run away from damage or attack. 
  • Excalibur’s aura disables floor and wall traps, which helps give you an edge in the dungeons over the enemies. 

How to Get the Aspect of Arthur:

  • Reveal the Aspect of Guan Yu in the Eternal Spear. 
  • Have 5 or more vials of Titan’s blood invested in the Stygian Blade. 
  • Talk to Nyx until she gives you the waking phrase. 
  • Equip the sword and interact with the placeholder to reveal the Aspect of Arthur


See the Aspect of Arthur in Action 


8. Eternal Spear/Aspect of Hades

The god of the dead discarded the eternal spear for a larger counterpart. It is yours for the taking. 


  • PUNISHING BONUS DAMAGE: (+30% Damage / +60% Damage / +90% Damage/ +120% Damage / +150% Damage)

Why the Aspect of Hades is Great:

  • Your spin attack becomes a punishing sweep, a much more powerful attack. 
  • It increases your Spin Attack Radius
  • Your Spin Attack can fend off any damage from enemies, increasing your chance of keeping your health up and well. 

How to Get the Aspect of Hades:

  • The Aspect of Hades is the third aspect of the Eternal Spear. 
  • Meaning you’ll need in total you’ll need 36 vials of Titan’s Blood to access this Aspect. 
  • Unlock the two previous aspects before moving on to the Aspect of Hades. 

See the Aspect of Hades in Action 


9. “Coronacht”/Heart-Seeking Bow

The finest bow ever created. Used by Lady Hera during the Titans war, and now abandoned as she continues to pursue her duties as a homemaker, the Heart-Seeking Bow yearns for bloodshed and war. 


  • FIRE: (+20 - +60 Damage) Hold Attack to Fire
  • DASH ATTACK: (+20 - +40 Damage) First Attack After Dash Will Charge Faster but Deal Less Damage.
  • VOLLEY FIRE: (+10 Damage Each Arrow) Press Special to Volley Fire, Releasing 9 Arrows in a Wide Arc.
  • POWER SHOT: (+70 or +50 Damage) Release Attack while flashing to Power Shot. Power Shots on Dash Attacks deal less damage.

Why the Heart-Seeking Bow is Great:

  • The Heart-Seeking Bow is great for long-distance attacks if that’s the way you like to play. If you love long-distance weapons, your best bet is the Heart-Seeking Bow and the Adamant Rail
  • It’s one of the early game weapons, and if you prefer to attack enemies from a distance instead of up close, this is your first chance to play exclusively long distance. 

How to Get the Heart-Seeking Bow: 

  • You only need 1 Chthonic Key to unlock the bow, just go past Zagreus’s chamber and it’ll be unlockable in the armory. 

See the Heart-Seeking Bow in Action 


10. “Exagryph”/Adamant Rail 

The weapon of Lady Hestia, during the war against the Titans. The weapon was considered so dreadful, that it was immediately abandoned by the rest of the Gods and Goddesses. A weapon so dreadful the mortals have not even gotten their hands on it. 


  • FIRE: (+10 Damage) Hold Attack Button to Fire (or Press Rapidly).
  • DASH ATTACK: (+10 Damage) Press Attack Right after Dash to Fire 1 shot at a Higher Fire Rate.
  • RELOAD: Press Right Stick/R to Reload 
  • BOMBARD: (+60 Damage) Press Special to Bombard. 

Why the Adamant Rail is Great:

  • It’s a long-distance weapon and is similar to a gun, but that’s where the pros end. 
  • The weapon style is clunky, and awkward for this type of game
  • No other weapon makes you reload, making it difficult to get used to. 

How to Get the Adamant Rail: 

  • Unlock every weapon in the courtyard beforehand, only then will the option of the Adamant Rail be available to you.
  • Once you collect 8 Chthonic Keys, you can unlock them in the armory, behind Zagreus’s chamber.


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