[Top 5] Hades Best First Clear Builds That Are Awesome

 Hades Best First Clear Builds
If you're a complete baby at Hades, these builds are for you.

1. Ares Attack + Athena Special Build

What’s nice about this build is that it doesn’t ask for any specific weapons- it’s specifically what you prefer. The damage you inflect with Doom will be lethal no matter what weapon, so there’s a lot of free choice with this build- if you like long-range, melee, no matter what, you’ll be able to use this build to try and beat the God of Death himself. 


  • Curse of Agony: Your Attack Inflicts Doom (Doom Damage: +50)
  • Divine Flourish: Your Special is stronger and you can Deflect (Special Damage: +60%)
  • Merciful End: Your abilities that can Deflect activate Doom effects (Doom Combo Damage: +40)

For this build you neither either Curse of Agony or Curse of Pain from Ares’s Boon and Divine Strike or Divine Flourish from Athena. Either of Ares’s and Athena’s will lead you to get the Merciful End Boon, which is their duo Boon. Constantly applying Merciful End will apply Doom damage to your enemies and combined with deflecting damage and saving your health this is a powerful build for one of your first runs, and simple to get. It’s even easier to set up the build by giving Athena or Ares a gift of nectar and receiving their keepsakes. With these keepsakes, you boost your chance of them appearing in your run. 

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2. Shield of Chaos + Ares Attack Build

This build is good for beginners because it’s all about defense. With new players, your main concern should be playing defensive, as opposed to the offensive, because you have such lower attacks and lower health. You want to protect yourself here!. As you go along in Hades, you’ll be able to start playing a more offensive style and wrack up your attacks. 


  • Curse of Pain: Your Special inflicts Doom (+60 Damage) 

While the Curse of Pain is the only thing highly recommended- it shouldn’t be the only thing you get. The best defensive boons are from Aphrodite and Athena, so it’s best to watch out for them as you continue to fight your way through the chambers. It’s also recommended you level up Doom as soon as you get the opportunity to. It’s better to unlock Ares’s keepsake and focus on using your Titan’s Blood on the Shield of Chaos if you decide to go this route.  

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3. Twin Fists of Malphon + Zeus Build

This build may have smaller numbers than Ares or Athena’s build, but what is crucial here is repetition. You can easily spam attack your enemies and do several dozen attacks, quickly adding up on the damage each enemy faces. The Fists are required for this type of attack because the Twin Fists of Malphon are the only weapons that let you do damage in quick succession. Melee range is also crucial to this attack, of course. If you prefer close ranger attacks, this build is best to focus on. 


  • Lightning Strike: Your Attack emits chain-lightning when you damage a foe. (+10 Damage) 
  • Static Discharge: Your lightning effects also make foes Jolted. (+60 Damage) 
  • With Jolted, Victim's next attack self-inflicts lightning damage that harms itself and nearby foes.
  • Splitting Bolt: All your lightning effects create an additional burst. (+40 Damage) 
  • Double Strike: Your lightning bolt effects have a chance to strike twice. (+25% Chance) 

When you focus on this build, it’s best to go into your run with Zeus’s keepsake. You get it like every other God, by just gifting them Nectar. Once Zeus gifts you his keepsake, it allows you to see him as soon as possible in your run, and get his boons. And of course which each upgrade on the boons, your damage increases. 

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4. Adamant Rail + Hammer Boon Build

This build only relies really on one Hammer Boon to work out, so it’s easy to achieve- but that makes this build just pure luck. You can’t guarantee you get the Hammer Boon’s, like the rest of the other Gods, so you’re taking a risk using this build. However, this boon is preferred by speedrunners, for obvious reasons. If you can get close enough to attack, this build does serious damage. This one is all about your personal choices- mix and match and see what’s the best for you.


  • Spread fire: Your Attack becomes a short spread that deals 50 base damage. 
  • Piercing Fire: Your Attack pierces foes and deals +50% damage to Armor.
  • Makes Attacks unblockable and causes piercing damage. 

Keep in mind that spread fire cannot be combined with Flurry Fire, Delta Chamber, or Concentrated Fire, so if you like those boons you’re fresh out of luck. It’s preferred to get Artemis’s boons along with this, just for extra padding in your damage. 

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5. Athena’s Build

This build relies completely on Athena. Her boons are for the most part defensive, which is what beginning players want. It’s a simple enough build that anyone can follow, and with her keepsake, it makes it ridiculously easy to follow. Athena’s Dash is one of the best defensive (if not best in general) boons there are in all of Hades. You absolutely cannot go wrong with just relying on her your entire run. 


  • Divine Flourish: Your Special is stronger, and can Deflect. (+60% Special Damage)
  • Divine Dash: Your Dash deals damage and can Deflect. (+10 Damage) 
  • Athena’s Aid: Your Call briefly makes you Invulnerable and Deflect all attacks. (+1.5 Seconds) 

It’s recommended you pair Athena’s boons with either Ares or Artemis to get the most out of your damage. For weapons, you’re free to choose whatever weapon you prefer here, seeing as her build deals more with defense than attack, however, it’s recommended you use the Shield of Chaos here. If you’re going defensive, it’s better to just go all the way and bust out your shield.

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