The 26 Endings of NieR Automata: The Incentive for Replayability

NieR Automata puts players in the middle of a science fiction war between Androids and Robots
This game doesn't stop when you beat it the first time...

Nier Automata Encourages Players to Replay Game

NieR Automata is an action RPG that follows the story of 2B, a combat android that is fighting a war against robotic life forms on Earth in the distant future. The game also mixes in elements of the bullet hell genre, giving players a unique experience. The game also features a large number of endings, 26 to be precise, each expanding upon the game’s story and altering the circumstances the characters find themselves in.

The First Several Playthroughs Drastically Changes the Game

Players will have to play against insane robotic lifeforms if they hope to survive NieR: Automata

9S and 2B combatting some of the robotic life forms that wander around the Earth.

As you complete the game for the first time and access the save file, you’ll notice that the game has changed in certain ways. Some of these alterations are minor and subtle at first, but others change the story mode so drastically that the opening sequences are completely different. The 2B you grow used to will be given new uniforms, missions, and challenges each time.

Without spoiling too much, the stakes of what 2B and her companion 9S rise dramatically after each completion of the game. You’ll encounter many situations that seem hopeless, and the future of all Androids is jeopardized. Only by playing through each ending can you reach the story’s true conclusion.

Each Playthrough Reveals More of the Game’s Story

2b and 9s are just two of the playable characters found in the game.

9S and 2B, the two main characters of NieR Automata. You swap control of them several times throughout the story, and each time reveals more of their background, personality, and choices.

NieR Automata actually does encourage the player to play through the many different endings, as it provides expanded information on the game’s world and characters each time. The hidden forces working behind this post apocalyptic Earth is revealed piece by piece, and the true nature of 2B’s purpose and origins aren’t shown within the first place through. Only by pushing ahead does the whole truth come out.

One particular aspect of the game’s story that remains vague in the first playthrough or two are the origins behind the many bosses in the game. As the player advances from one playthrough to the next, the tragic and often times horrific backstory of these mechanical monstrosities becomes clearer.

Additional Endings for different NPCs

Pascal, one of the many NPCs players can interact with.

Pascal, a friendly machine life form that 2B meets part way through the game. Like the rest of the characters, Pascal’s role and position within the story change drastically. Some of the additional endings relate to his ultimate fate.

Not all of the endings result in grand changes to 2B’s world and identity, some simply shed light on other characters that are found throughout the game. Small alternate endings are available for completing certain side quests or even destroying NPCs. These range from dramatic to humorous, and the ultimate results of them can be wildly unpredictable.

This could present a model for other PC RPGs to expand their stories and provide additional content for their players. NieR Automata does have a satisfied fan base on Steam, and its influence among other games will only become clear with time.

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