Top 11 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC

best sci fi rpgs
Look at you hacker, pathetic creature of meat and bone.

Space and robots. And space robots!

The phrase “sci-fi” brings to mind the above as well as technology beyond anything we have today, although we do have hoverboards now. Kind of.

Below is a list of the 11 best sci-fi RPGs for PC.

11. Mass Effect Andromeda (2017)

The long-awaited continuation of the Mass Effect series brings the player to a whole new galaxy; Andromeda. There’s dozens of new planets to explore, new alien species to meet and six new squadmates.

Overall the game is lighter than the Mass Effect trilogy (though perhaps it should be a bit more serious), and has improved combat and visuals compared to its predecessors. The game did receive some criticism, especially for the facial animations, but a patch has since been released by Bioware that addresses many of those issues. Also, you get a Nomad in all its bouncy, gravity defying glory and honestly that’s worth some wonky faces. There’s an option to leave helmets on 99% of the time for a reason.

Oh, and Natalie Dormer voices an Asari doctor called Lexi which pretty much just resold the game to me on its own.

Stunning new worlds.

Ryder and the crew.

10. EVE Online (2003)

EVE Online is one of the longest running and most in-depth sci-fi MMOs on the market with an incredibly dedicated player base basically running it.

It was added to Steam in 2008 and a limited free-to-play version was released at the end of 2016. The players in EVE control pretty much everything, from the economy down to epic space battles. You can be a pirate if you want to, though you may find it difficult to succeed.

To top it off, there’s 7,800 star systems to visit and explore. EVE is truly an epic galaxy, and if you can get past the complex interface and game systems learning curve it’s probably the most authentic space-sim MMO out there.

Enjoy epic space battles.

And a scary complicated interface.

9. Star Citizen (TBA)

Star Citizen is an upcoming MMO from Cloud Imperium Games that includes its own single-player campaign, Squadron 42 (2017). The game is set in a 30th Century Milky Way and gameplay is centered around the concept of citizenship in the fiction United Empire of Earth (UEE), which much be earned through certain player actions.

The game combines space-sim elements as well as FPS gameplay with a persistent universe and dynamic economy, and a focus on player interaction.

Enjoy beautiful new worlds.

And epic battles in your very own starship.

8. Bioshock Infinite (2013)

Bioshock Infinite is the third Bioshock game, although it is not directly tied to the first two. The player, through former Pinkerton Booker DeWitt, explores the floating city of Columbia in search of a young woman named Elizabeth. The combat system is more open and dynamic than the other two, and the story, while separate, does have its place in the overall Bioshock narrative.

The game features three DLC packs; one challenge pack and Burial at Sea parts one and two, in which the player controls an Elizabeth from an alternate timeline in Rapture, with gameplay focused more on stealth and open combat.

Also, word of advice, don’t finish up the last DLC at 1 in the morning right before your friend calls you to tell you she was in a car crash because when the end of the story hits you its gonna hit you twice as hard and you will not be prepared.

The floating city of Columbia.

Elizabeth and Songbird.

7. System Shock (2018)

System Shock was scary in 1994 and it’s still scary now and the remake (set to release in Q2 of 2018) looks to be even more scary. The Kickstarter goal was met with 19 days left and raised more than $1.35 million.

The developers are dedicated to making a faithful reboot of the game. And if they pull it off, this remake is going to be absolutely terrifying and I can’t wait to watch people getting their pants scared off by it.

Visceral combat.

A terrifying environment.

6. Elite: Dangerous (2014)

Elite: Dangerous, the sequel to 1995’s Frontier: First Encounters, is a space adventure, trading and combat sim game where the player, with their own spaceship, explores a 1:1 scale open world galaxy based on the Milky Way with open ended gameplay.

Player actions affect the narrative of the game’s persistent universe, but also has and online only single player mode. E: D is one of the few games to support VR, including the HTC Vive and Occulus Rift.

There are around 400 billion star systems in the game with planets and moons that rotate and orbit in real time, and therefore have their own day and night cycles. A portion of the star system’s data is taken from real-world astronomical data while the rest are procedurally generated according to scientific models.

Exciting space combat.

Explore new planets at will.

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