[Top 5] Warframe Best Dual Swords and How to Get Them

2021 Best Warframe Dual Swords
A variety of Corpus(Ew!) dual swords.

Warframe's Best Dual Swords

I’m sure this comes to you as no surprise, but when you’re playing a game, having a good weapon is just as important as having a decent character to play with! There have been countless times when I’d enter a mission with an awesome modded out Warframe and realized that I just didn’t have the right weapons to succeed, no matter how strong my Warframe itself was. Let me tell you, when I say that there’s nothing more frustrating than getting a big old “Mission Failure” because of a crap weapon, I mean it.

This guide will help you pinpoint the best dual sword melee weapons in game, and help you pick which one suits you best as well. I’ll even take it a step further and tell you exactly how to acquire each and every one of them.

5. Dual Kamas Prime

The sensual lines of these golden Kamas have been long celebrated as a masterwork of Tenno weapon smithing.

These mean-looking pick axes require a mastery level of 8 to craft or equip.

What Makes Dual Kamas Prime Great

  • The Dual Kamas Prime features a high amount of slash damage, making it highly effective against foes’ health.
  • Dual Kamas Prime features a very high attack speed, mixed with a high critical chance, and an extremely high status chance.

  • The stance slot has the Naramon polarity, making it a match for the Crossing Snakes, Dividing Blades, and Carving Mantis stance mods, which offer multi-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks, fighting form devised for Conclave, and strong slashes and quick stabs that keeps momentum forward. 

How to Get Dual Kamas Prime

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