Warframe: Deadlock Protocol, Everything We Know

Corpus investments pay off.

The First Tileset In Warframe Remastered

More to explore

New Corpus architecture to explore

Through the years Warframe has seen many changes both drastic and minor. The Corpus ship tileset has remained unchanged since being introduced in 2013 until now that is. Corpus missions will have many graphical and structural changes in Warframe’s next update. 


A New Arsenal 

Protea vs The Jackel

Protea vs The Jackle

Coming with the various improvements to the Corpus is a new Warframe Protea, with the ability to rewind time. The Jackal boss is going to be more formidable this time around. Luckily, you'll be equipped with a radiation rifle, a new gunblade, and Protea’s signature pistol to get the job done.


More Corpus Lore

The beginning of a cult

Rise of a cult 

With Protea Comes a new questline to obtain her. Focusing on her unique abilities and Corpus origins. Corpus have been in the game since launch and much about them has remained a mystery. This update is sure to shed light on our favorite augmented space cult.


Coming Soon

Greed driven destruction bound

Driven by greed

You won't have to wait long to feast your eyes on the Corpus new investments. Deadlock Protocol is set to release June 5 on PC with Playstation and Xbox to follow in the coming weeks. Here is the official trailer to compare the drastic changes to the Corpus ships, and the devstream for more on the update and gameplay.


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