Top 20 Best WoW BfA Addons (2020) Every Player Needs To Have

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In World of Warcraft, many players have downloaded a variety of addons, usually more than one, to aid them in the game. There are many different kinds of addons, varying from ones to aid with professions and others that aid in encounters. As anyone knows from playing games on Steam, a video game is always plenty more fun with mods and addons in addition to the game itself. Personally, I have always loved Auction House addons that help set prices for me.

20. Quartz

Quartz is a unique casting bar addon, as it makes the casting bar more visible and easier to see. Key features include the ability to change the size, text, icon positioning, and colors.

How Addon is Useful:

  • It makes the casting bar more visible and easier on the eyes.
  • Lets you know when someone interrupts you and who specifically did so, which can be very helpful in any encounters.
  • It also shows the Global Cooldown for abilities near the casting bar, helping players avoid struggling to see the cooldowns on their action bars.

Get Quartz here.

19. Simulationcraft

This allows a player to no longer need to log into the armory website to change their gear layout. Simulationcraft’s GUI helps speed up the process overall.

How Addon is Useful:

  • No longer needing to log into and out of the armory website.
  • It also helps in situations where the armory is unavailable, such as in PTR or beta servers.
  • Using the macro, /simc minimap, allows the player to toggle the minimap button.

Get Simulationcraft here.

18. Method Dungeon Tools

This helps players plan Mythic+ dungeons, as it shows you the enemies and their pull patterns in advance of going through a dungeon. It also allows you to select the enemies you want to fight, letting players choose to avoid enemies if they want to.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Planning how to best handle Mythic+ dungeons.
  • Key knowledge of enemy tactics and pull patterns.
  • The option to choose to avoid enemies altogether, speeding up progress through the dungeon.

Get Method Dungeon Tools here.

17. TradeSkillMaster

This is designed to aid all types of players in streamlining how they make gold. It works for two different aspects of the game - crafting with professions and how to best sell these crafts.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Breaks down how much each craft in your profession is worth, helping players make the most expensive crafts to sell.
  • One of its many features includes a Disenchanting window in the addon menu in-game. This helps players prospect, mill, and disenchant items in an expedited manner.
  • Another feature is one related to your Mailbox in-game. This feature helps players quickly empty their mailboxes in addition to automatically sending items to others.

Get TradeSkillMaster here.

16. HealBot Continued

This offers players healing assistance by configuring healing abilities on your action bar and binding them to your mouse to make healing quicker. This can be key in challenging encounters, as the seconds saved through these configurations can make the difference in whether or not the party wipes.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Mouse configurations that allow abilities to be cast faster than they would if they were only bound to the action bar and number keys.
  • In addition to the above combination possibilities, a player can also add in Focus, Target, and Assist to existing combinations.
  • This addon can also track who has aggro, while also displaying them so you can track them.

Get HealBot Continued here.

15. BigWigs Bossmods

This addon provides players with warning messages during boss encounters. Specifically, it focuses on warning players of certain boss mechanics and can make sounds to help warn the player more efficiently in addition to a few other key features.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Helps warn players of imminent danger during boss encounters.
  • Sounds can be configured to better alert the players.
  • Aids players in avoiding unnecessary damage as well as potential player deaths in boss encounters.

Get BigWigs Bossmods here.

14. OmniCC

This addon essentially makes ability and item cooldowns more visible and easier to read in-game. It adds text to the cooldowns, which again aids in the visual aspect of cooldowns.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Makes ability and item cooldowns more visually aesthetic.
  • Changes cooldowns from analog to digital.
  • This addon shows better visual cooldowns on action bars and even within one’s inventory.

Get OmniCC here.

13. HandyNotes

In short, this addon includes many helpful notes for your map in-game. Among other key features, it allows you to add notes to specific locations on your map.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Ability to directly add notes to the map.
  • Adding notes at your current location.
  • Adding notes with grid coordinates, which can help if you are trying to find something rare in the world.

Get HandyNotes here.

12. GTFO

The name of this addon is pretty self-explanatory, as it aids players in getting out of damaging AoE attacks from enemies. It emits an audible alert to remind players to get a move on.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Prevents players from standing in enemy AoE attacks unnecessarily.
  • An audible alert helps players when they are juggling other tasks during an encounter.
  • It can help prevent character deaths in boss encounters from players simply not noticing every single aspect of an encounter.

Get GTFO here.

11. Pawn

This addon helps players figure out which item from a quest reward collection is the most ideal for their character. If no item is helpful, it also will let you know which one will sell for the most money.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Selecting best gear from quest rewards for characters.
  • Letting you know which item will sell for the most out of quest reward options.
  • It can be a very helpful addon, regardless of the skill level of the player, as it speeds up the thought process in deciding what gear to take.

Get Pawn here.

10. TomTom

This addon is essentially like having a Maps application in-game. It uses an arrow and the distance to a destination to help players navigate through the world.

How Addon is Useful:

  • The equivalent of a simple Maps application in-game.
  • Bold and large arrow allows for easy visualization of the navigation assistance.
  • Distance to target location helps players in understanding how close or far away they are.

Get TomTom here.

9. GatherMate2

This addon aids players in collecting and tracking where gathering materials are in each area in-game via the map. There is also an additional feature in which players can have a map floating in their main view to circumvent having to keep opening and closing the map in-game.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Implementation of thumbnail images of collectible materials on the game’s map.
  • By finding materials, the map populates with the thumbnail images allowing players to relocate material nodes.
  • In addition to adding in the nodes you find after initially downloading the addon, it will begin to add more nodes to the map as you find any not previously on the map.

Get GatherMate2 here.

8. Bartender4

This addon allows the player to completely replace their action bars and customize them. Through these personalization options of this addon, players can better configure their action bars.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Detailed personalization of action bars.
  • Personal preference of how action bars are designed in-game.
  • It even includes action bar customization for pets.

Get Bartender4 here.

7. World Quest Tracker

As the title itself proclaims, this addon helps in tracking world quests. It provides several warnings and key notifications for world quests.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Helps players track their world quests, breaking down what the rewards are for each one.
  • Makes players aware of any world quests that are ending in less than 2 hours.
  • Also helps track total rewards for the day’s worth of completed world quests.

Get World Quest Tracker here.

6. Recount

This addon is one of the numerous damage meter addons available to players. This is the third highest-rated option, providing players with pie chart breakdowns in addition to the numbers one would expect to see.

How Addon is Useful:

  • As it is a damage meter addon, it helps players see how much their damage output is for all encounters.
  • It can be used with dummy targets in-game to test out specialization rotations to see what deals the most ideal amount of damage.
  • Allows players to better understand how they stand among other players, helping them realize if they need to improve further or maintain their character as is.

Get Recount here.

5. Raider.IO Mythic Plus and Raid Progress

This addon is primarily a companion to the website, Raider.IO. Essentially, it allows players to access the website without having to go to a different desktop screen or having to leave the game altogether.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Raider.IO is a website with information regarding Mythic+ and Raid Rankings.
  • By not having to leave the game or swipe to another desktop screen, players can save time in quickly checking the information provided by this addon.
  • It aids players in selecting prime candidates for Mythic+ and Raiding parties.

Get Raider.IO Mythic Plus and Raid Progress here.

4. Bagnon

This addon primarily helps players in customizing their inventory to allow them to better find items with less frustration. All items have a coloring around them to help the player in quickly identifying them, at least based on their rarity.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Personalizing inventory for ease of access and to help players locate what they need in a timely manner.
  • Rarity color outline around all items.
  • Ability to see what items any one of your characters is carrying, regardless of which one you are actively playing.

Get Bagnon here.

3. WeakAuras 2

In short, this addon allows players to better customize their graphics options for the game’s interface. Various features for this addon help the player in fully personalizing their interface to their preferences.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Allows players to customize their interface to their preferences.
  • Animations can be set up to aid players in keeping track of when certain abilities cast on themselves or other players have ended.
  • This addon provides the player with the option to hide their interface when not actively using it, which can be a pleasing aesthetic to some.

Get WeakAuras 2 here.

2. Details! Damage Meter

This is another damage meter addon, though this one is the second-highest rating option out there. This one boasts reliable results and consistency among other features.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Reliable and consistent results.
  • Low CPU consumption means that there is the potential for framerate gains instead of losses.
  • Allows players to build guild rankings between members.

Get Details! Damage Meter here.

1. Deadly Boss Mods

The most renowned and reliable damage meter for World of Warcraft. It also provides an extensive warning system, which is an improvement of and a bit similar to the GTFO addon.

How Addon is Useful:

  • Best damage meter addon currently, providing players with very accurate data.
  • Colored warning messages that are coded to each character’s class.
  • Offers the option to have the addon automatically reply to any whispers from other players, notifying them you are in the middle of a boss fight while also providing them some basic statistics so they can see how far into it you have gotten.

Get Deadly Boss Mods here.

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