WoW BfA DPS Rankings 8.3 (Mythic Dungeons and Raids)

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"There is only one queen on this battlefield. You are but a pawn."

What are the best DPS classes to play in Battle for Azeroth's 8.3 patch?

By the light of Elune. Welcome to the World of Azeroth friends. If you are reading this article, then I assume you’ve made it to mythic raiding. Good job, that’s hard work. Now I bet you’re wondering, how should I proceed with my characters. This article is focused around the best, ranked DPS classes to play in mythic level raids and dungeons.. We will start with the lowest on the list, and end with the most epic spec to play.

24. Marksmanship Hunter: 77k max dps

"Put an apple on your head." 

This class is relatively simple to play. focused on ranged DPS, Marksman Hunters distribute a decent amount of DPS rather quickly, which is great for those open area fights that we all so much enjoy.

  • High burst damage
  • Fully mobile, meaning they can be at a safe distance or out of AOE range and still be doing damage
  • Has the benefit of a pet, though it’s not as strong as a beast master’s pet
  • Does very well in ST and can handle itself in some mid range pulls
  • Unfortunately it is highly dependent on it’s CD’s, and the CD rates are somewhat higher than other classes. 
  • Marksmanship Hunter Build: 

23. Windwalker Monk: 76k max dps

"Jade Serpent guide you."

When you think of a monk, you think of a man in long robes searching for that peaceful tranquility and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Windwalker monks are definitely not that monk. . They bring rather large amounts of damage to the table, and are generally good back ups for other classes.  Like druids, they are able to switch between specs relatively quickly, allowing for a little better utility overall.

22. Elemental Shaman: 79k max dps

"Clarity is often found in stillness."

With their naturally higher armor, movement buffs, and totems they are all around powerhouses. Though They don’t have the highest dps of all the specs on this list, they certainly bring invaluable aspects to the table. 

  • Totems bring huge amounts of damage, with a low cd
  • Not great in Cleave situations, but they’re Single Target game is fierce
  • Huge assist to tanks with some off heals
  • Various AOE abilities that come in handy in mid to large pulls
  • Can facilitate skips in certain dungeons
  • Elemental Shaman Build:

21. Assasination Rogue: 79k max dps

"Whatever you can do in five combo points, I can do in three."

Sticking to the shadows normally, rogues are great for scouting around and sneak attacks. They thrive in Single Target fights, but are capable of holding their own in larger pulls.

20. Balance Druid: 79k max dps

"As the Goddess wills."

Druids can switch between various beneficial specs. In this case, Balance druid is a good all around character. They have a natural Tankiness in Moonkin form, while offering an added bonus of power

19. Arcane Mage: 80k max dps

“All things change, whether from inside out or the outside in. That is what magic is. And we are magic too.”

Affectionately called a glass cannon, this class brings a lot to the table. They are best known for their mobility benefits. By mobility, I mean portals! Who wouldn’t want to have portals. This allows for quick access to capitals for fix and sells, given you spend longer than you like mastering that boss fight. 

18. Retribution Paladin: 80k max dps

“Vengeance cannot be a part of what we must do. If we allow our passions to turn to bloodlust, then we will become as vile as the orcs.”

Plate wearing, lots of damage, and overall fun to play. These characters can be outscaled by other classes, but they bring a variety of unique abilities to any group.

  • Large damage count during cooldowns
  • Blessings that benefit all other classes
  • Superior pair for healers, as they have off heals and dispels 
  • They have a ST stun as well as an AOE disorient
  • Beneficial in any tier of raid fight
  • Retribution Paladin Build:

17. Affliction Warlock: 80k max dps

"It's not all demons and magic in this world. Sometimes a simpler answer suffices."

This spec is a great asset to any raid/dungeon group. With the added benefit of skips and ST cheat deaths, this spec is a force to be reckoned with. Their demon summons bring added damage to those heavier DPS fights. 

16. Subtlety Rogue: 80k max dps

"I thought I saw you glance in my direction."

Stealthy and sticking to the shadows, this character can often be easy to miss. Which I suppose is the point of ninjas right. Overall, this spec does really well in ST crowd control and damage. Just think, if your rogue is an engineer you might be able to rez someone after a wipe. Either that or they’ll electrocute themself. It ‘s really 50/50 on that one. 

  • Can talent into a powerful AOE damage 
  • Poisons give way to effective DOT abilities
  • Has a natural cheat death in Vanish
  • Though it has relatively low DPS, it is beneficial in fights like N’Zoth the Corruptor
  • You do have to pay attention to your rotation when playing this character, one mistake can cause the rogue to take a beating
  • Subtlety Rogue Build:

15. Enhancement Shaman: 80k max dps

"Storm, earth and fire, heed my call!"

This spec took a hit in the latest expansion with the loss of the artifact weapon. However it does still have it’s benefits, both in damage and group dynamic. Like other shaman specs, enhancement would be prime for Kiting fights or laser beams. 

14. Frost Mage: 81k max dps

"The strongest spirits will always triumph."

This spec is fun to play in my opinion. They are great for crowd control purposes, as well as playing magical taxi for party members.Frost mages have the added benefit of a summoned minion with above reproach DPS.  

  • Thrives in all fight dynamics
  • Brings powerful AOE burst damage 
  • They have a couple cheat death options, allowing them to survive even if the party doesn’t
  • This spec does well with Kiting for the tank
  • Frost Nova is beneficial in fights like Prophet Skitra, which has occasional adds spawn
  • Frost Mage Build:

13. Unholy Death Knight: 81k max dps

"Our master's will, be done."

When you think of a person raising the dead, this is what I think of. This spec can raise ghouls and nasties to fight with it. Which, incidentally raises its overall DPS. This sounds like a necromancer, and I guess to a degree it is. Right?

  • Very Strong AOE burst damage
  • Does well in Cleave
  • Overall survivability is decent, though lacking a cheat death ability
  • Benefit in ST crowd control in the form of Death Grip and Asphyxiate
  • This spec would do well in The Waking City
  • Unholy Death Knight Build:

12. Survival Hunter: 81k max dps

"I hear the call of the wild."

Survival Hunters are focused more on Melee damage than Ranged. They can summon a pet, but again it won’t have the perks that Beast Master has. Their bonuses lie in weapon choices and talented buffs. 

11. Frost Death Knight: 82k max dps

"Ashes to Ashes."

Frost Death Knights are what I’d call a 50/50 character for raids. They have great benefits, but major drawbacks. 

  • Though anemic in smaller fights, they thrive in large pulls
  • They are highly CD dependent, however those CD’s bring massive benefits
  • They have ST crowd control abilities
  • They have their own form of a battle rez (no you don’t come back as a zombie, though that would be awesome)
  • They can talent into ST slows, AOE stuns and disorients 
  • Frost Death Knight Build:

10. Outlaw Rogue: 83k max dps

"Here to split a drink? It's not poison. Promise..."

This spec, much like the other Rogue specs, is stealthy and fun to play. However, unlike the others, this spec is more in your face. Relying more on DOTs than stealth, this spec definitely earned its place in the top 10. 

9. Demonology Warlock: 84k max dps

"The tides of war encroach, are you ready to meet them?"

Warlocks in general are powerful characters. Add a demon to that and you’d might as well hand him a cannon. Though ranked kinda low on this list, they have valuable attributes. 

  • Demonology warlocks have a fast cd rate 
  • Excelle in single target and cleave damage
  • Great for high keys dungeons
  • Though they lack a natural immunity, they have a surprising natural tankiness for a cloth wearer
  • They’re soulstone and Healthstone help greatly with off heals
  • Demonology Warlock Build:

8. Havoc Demon Hunter: 84k max dps

“There is no sacrifice too great if it brings an end to the Burning Legion.”

This is one of my favorite classes to play myself. These characters are super easy to play, while being a major benefit to any raid or dungeon group. They have mobility perks as well as fun aesthetics. I mean come on, who doesn’t like the idea of having wings?

  • They bring massive amounts of ST and multi target damage
  • Great help for tanks with kiting benefits
  • Super effective in high keys dungeons
  • They have a self heal ability, allowing Healers to focus on other characters 
  • They have abilities that allow unnecessary mobs to be skipped 
  • Havoc Demon Hunter Build:

7. Feral Druid: 84k max dps

"Why don't you make like a treant and split?"

This spec embodies the essence of being a druid. Shapeshifting into a cat, this spec is played very similarly to a Rogue. They bring a steady DPS count to the table, while being capable of shifting into other play modes if necessary. 

6. Fury Warrior: 85k max dps

"I am the King of Stormwind and no one, not the naga, nor the Scourge, nor the fiery lords of the Burning Legion will keep me from my people!"

When you think of a plate wearing warrior, your first thought is strength rather than speed. This spec puts that to rest. Fury warriors are exceptionally fast while easily distributing high amounts of damage. 

  • Though they don’t do well in large cleaves, a group of 5 or less is easy work for this spec
  • group wide defensive and offensive buffs
  • Can talent into a strong stun
  • Lacks an immunity or cheat death, but high health pool gives way to a harder to kill class
  • This spec is great for high keys
  • Fury Warrior Build:

5. Destruction Warlock: 85k max dps

"I apologize profusely for any inconvenience my murderous rampage may have caused."

A powerful spec capable of both cleave and ST fights. Destruction Warlocks Can be played in a variety of different ways, depending on your gaming style and preference. 

4. Shadow Priest: 86k max dps

"By the light of Elune!"

When you see an unholy priest, the first question you ask is likely which way to Neverland? The next one you ask, is how good of a character is it really? Their shadow form brings added bonuses, while still allowing some off heals if needed. 

3. Arms Warrior: 88k max dps

"A gladiator's life is simple: You win and live, or lose and die."

Warrior is a class that is ever present in most dungeon and raid runs. They are capable of switching from DPS to tank with great ease. With multiple agro pulls and damaging abilities, they certainly earned the bronze medal of this list.  

2. Beast Master Hunter: 88k max dps

"Come Misha, our hunt begins."

Beast masters have the uncanny ability to control some of Azeroth’s largest animals. They are known for they’re long range DPS, but they can be played as a Melee in some cases. They are able to tame exotic, rare, and even some boss animals. All of which offer different benefits to the hunter.

1. Fire Mage: 92k max dps

"Fire cleanses all."

A quote from Aladdin comes to mind here. “Great cosmic phenomenal power, itty bitty living space.” Fire mages bring high damage at the cost of low armor rating. Kind of a fair trade if you ask me. Balance is key after all.  

  • Like shaman, fire mage can bring bloodlust to the group
  • Has both a cheat death and natural immunity
  • Dispels and disorient are highly useful in fights with extra spawns
  • Would do well against Il’gynoth 
  • They’re portals as a whole are pretty useful if armor durability becomes an issue
  • Fire Mage Build:

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MM Hunters are completely mobile if you are playing MM incorrectly. Stop telling people that it sucks, I've timed more 20s on my MM Hunter than I have on my Havoc DH. It's a fine spec and it does well in keys like Shrine, WS, ToS, and Waycrest because of its CC and especially Bursting Shot. A good MM Hunter and an Rdruid can make sanguine a non-existent affix.

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