Top 10 WoW Best Solo Classes in Battle for Azeroth

WoW Best Solo Class
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What are the best classes for solo play in BFA? 

Whether you’re new to warcraft or a returning player, SOLO play can be difficult and intimidating. Should you play a healer in case of damage, or a tank to power through the level grind? Aside from class, what specification should you choose? In this article I’m going to break down the 10 best characters to play, to maximize your enjoyment of the game. I’m basing the details of this article around the Battle for Azeroth expansion, however it can be used in Classic as well.

10. Arcane Mage (dps spec)

"Great Cosmic Phenomenal Power."

Even though the mage class wears cloth, this spec is particularly fun to play. With a focus on intel, haste, and crit strike, Arcane mage is capable of a large amount of damage very quickly. This is a perk when you’re fighting a bunch of murlocs that keep running off. 

  • Cheat death and immunities
  • Can teleport to any capital on a whim (can also portal, but that’s for groups)
  • Powerful aoe burst damage for those before mentioned murlocs
  • Polymorph and slow are both outstanding crowd control skills
  • Blink allows for both moving faster at starting levels and escaping a fight if needed

9. Frost Mage (dps spec)

"Keep your feet on the ground."

Like arcane, frost is capable of large amounts of damage. A major difference however, is frost mages have more AOE damage and overall DPS. Allowing for the fights to go a bit smoother, as long as you don’t get hit too much. You are still wearing cloth after all. If you find yourself about to be smacked, this spec also has a natural cheat death. 

  • Like arcane, frost can blink and teleport
  • More aoe capabilities, with rooting after effects
  • Long range instant casts ( such as Ice Lance) 
  • This spec can summon a water elemental, to act as a fighting companion ( much like a hunter or warlock) 
  • The Water elemental summoned has a high health and armor pool, allowing the Frost mage to have a built in tank

8. Blood Death Knight (tank spec)

"Ashes to ashes."

The death knight in general is a great spec armor wise. Since they start at level 55, they are able to wear plate armor. This increases their overall durability and survivability. The down side here, is you have to have a 55th level character to even make one. Which makes Death Knights more of a late game enjoyment for those that want to feel like a god. Overall, Blood DK are able to hold their own vs smaller groups with incredible ease. 

  • 2 taunts and Death Grip allow for smooth crowd control
  • Powerful DOT instant cast
  • Useful tools such that allow you to portal to DK capital, increase max movement speed, and walk across water
  • Powerful AOE abilities 
  • Capable of self-healing

7. Feral Druid (dps spec)

"We must protect the wilds."

As if transforming into a giant cat wasn’t awesome enough, this class does have some amazing SOLO’ing benefits. Played much like a rogue, Feral Druids have the perk of selective fights. Their toolkit allows you to pick off targets, rather than take on the entire group. This can slow down the leveling process in the beginning, but it certainly speeds up closer to end game.  Depending on the race you play, this class even gets a built in cheat death. 

  • Can talent into self-heals
  • Cat form gives an increased movement speed
  • Immunity to polymorph
  • Powerful DOT’s allow for small group cleaves
  • Powerful instant casts 

6. Guardian Druid (Tank spec)

"My strength is yours!"

I know, another druid on the list. What can I say, they are great for solo play. This spec in particular is a powerhouse of a class. They have a high health pool, as well as high armor. Which is a great perk considering they wear leather. Druids in general can easily switch between forms, allowing for stealth and fighting styles. 

  • Bear form offers an increase to armor and stamina, while reducing damage taken
  • Melee AOE spells
  • Self-heals
  • Powerful DOT’s 
  • Roots and growl allow for easier crowd control

5. Elemental Shaman (dps spec)

"Are you ready to watch Doomhammer at work?"

Elemental shamans are very similar to mages, aside from the leather (and eventually chain mail) armor they wear.  Focusing on long range damage and AOE’s, this spec is capable of high amounts of elemental damage very quickly.

  • Super effective AOE’s
  • Water walking, reincarnation, and Astral recall are great tools for PvE
  • Has a travel form, allowing for increased movement speed for those pre-mount levels
  • Powerful instant cast abilities
  • Use of totems, allowing for added armor and health

 4. Balance Druid (dps spec)    

"By the light of Elune."

The last of the damage focused druid specs, this one is my favorite. Though it’s a caster class, Balance druids are also capable of some hand to hand if necessary. They do wear leather, but buffs allow for increase to armor rating and overall health. Like other specs, if playing a night elf this spec has a natural cheat death. Which is a huge benefit when you think you’re badder than you are and agro an entire tower. Trust me, I speak from experience here. 

  • At level 20 you get Moonkin form, which gives an armor increase and immunity to polymorph 
  • Great tools such as travel form, dreamwalk, and aquatic form
  • Powerful DOT (slow to build, but high in damage)
  • Strong instant casts such as moonfire and starfire
  • Like other druid classes, able to self-heal

3. Beast Master Hunter (dps spec)

"Come Misha, there's thing to kill."

The most well known NPC hunter in the game is Rexxar and his bear Misha (pictured above). It’s safe to say most beginning hunters strive to be him when they grow up. Beast master is a special type of DPS. The character itself is a ranged class, but the pets add the benefit of melee damage. Each type of pet brings added bonuses. Bears have buffed armor, cat pets have added agility, etc. 

  • Upgrades from leather to chain at level 40, increasing survivability
  • Powerful instant casts (including a long range AOE)
  • Feign death gives the beast master a cheat death, while allowing his pet to continue fighting
  • Offers buffs and perks for the pet, making it’s dps and survivability great
  • Can tame exotic pets (rares, bosses, etc) bringing the perk of more unique abilities

2. Subtlety Rogue (dps spec)

"Watch your back."

When they say “you’ll never see him coming”, they are talking about subtlety rogues. Subtlety focuses on sticking to the shadows and doing high single shot damage. The rogue class in general has a cheat death, allowing for an easy escape should it be needed. 

  • Strong instant attacks
  • Sap and kidney shot make crowd control simpler
  • Powerful AOE ability
  • Talents to increase speed and movement
  • Long range casts for those pesky runaway mobs

1. Assasination Rogue (dps spec)

“Agents of SI:7 undertake clandestine tasks for the good of Stormwind and its citizens.”

Rounding out our list is the Assasination rogue. This is by far my favorite spec to play. Matter of fact, it was my first character back in the days of Vanilla. This class in general offers high dps, crowd control perks, and above average movement speeds. Assasination specifically brings great speed, versatility, and massive damage very quickly. 

  • Spammable AOE ability
  • Poisons bring added debuffs and damage
  • Ranged instant cast
  • Capable of cleave damage
  • Shadowstep (acquired at level 60) offers temporary increase to movement while positioning perfectly behind your next victim

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