WoW BfA Best Healers (Ranked)

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What kind of healer do you want to be?

Most people think the most important raid role is the tank. In some aspects I suppose you’d be right. However the healer is truly the most valuable role.. Without the healer, the team is sure to fall. Think about it, what does it matter your DPS output if the pre boss mobs kill you? 

In this list we are going to look at the 6 different healing specs available. They will be ranked from worst to best according to strengths, weaknesses, and overall utility to the group.

6. Holy Priest (109k max heals)

"Let my light be your guide."

Overall, holy priests are capable of large amounts of heals. They are great at hitting the HPS (heals per second) requirements. However they do rank very low on this list due to some pretty unforgiving shortcomings.

  • Strengths:
  • Strong sustained healing 
  • Powerful raid CD in Divine Hymn
  • Impeccable for raid and spot heals alike
  • Weaknesses:
  • Low mobility and defensives 
  • Weak burst heals 
  • Overall lacking of damage reduction abilities
  • Holy priest would do well vs The Queen’s Court
  • Example Holy Priest Build:

5. Discipline Priest (105k max heals)

"By the light of Elune, I'll smite you!"

Like the holy priest, discipline spec ranks pretty low on our list. In the higher dungeons, discipline has an overall struggle with throughput. This spec does do pretty well in raids over all, but is kind of lacking in 5 mans. 

  • Strengths:
  • Single Target and AOE damage reduction
  • Mass dispel and Life grip are both exceedingly powerful
  • Strong Defensive CD’s 
  • Powerful burst heals
  • Weaknesses:
  • Low mobility
  • Unforgiving if mistakes are made
  • Lacking any major utility
  • This spec does well against in the Eternal Palace
  • Example Discipline Build:

4. Restoration Shaman (100k max heals)

"Let the waves wash away the pain."

Shaman is one of those good all around classes to play. Though a bit lower on the HPS than other classes, shamans are great for tank and group heals. They are constantly being buffed and nerfed, so that is a big reason that it’s in the middle of this list. 

  • Strengths:
  • Powerful raid heals with Chain Heal
  • Spirit Link is a powerful ability, though it has the drawback of a long CD
  • Only healer with a true interrupt (Wind Shear)
  • Battle Rez
  • Weaknesses:
  • Not very effective in wide spread fights
  • Low mobility bc of some longer cast times
  • Struggles with throughput in some higher keys
  • Shaman would make a great healer for Galvazzt
  • Example Restoration Shaman Build:

3. Holy Paladin (108k max heals)

"Rise my comrade, and continue the fight!"

Paladin in general is an amazing class to play. They have the benefit of plate armor and several mobility boosters. Though they are of high value in raids and dungeons, Paladins are one of the tougher classes to master. 

  • Strengths:
  • Powerful, mana-efficient ST heals
  • Very powerful immunity in Divine Shield
  • Strong defensive CD’s
  • Great damage reduction utilities
  • Immunity to movement effects with Blessing of Freedom
  • Weaknesses:
  • Glimmer of light was nerfed horribly for 8.3
  • Not the best with mobility, though this weakness rates pretty low here
  • Struggles with multiple spread targets
  • This particular healer is prime for Mythic dungeons. It would also do well in most raid bosses like Wrathion, Vexiona, and Lady Azshara
  • Example Holy Paladin Build:

2. Restoration Druid (103k max heals)

"Embrace the love nature has to offer!"

The druid has always been known as one of the best healers in the game, even since Vanilla. They are very well rounded and versatile. This class focuses more on preemptive heals with various HOT’s, all but one being an instant cast. Those preemptive HOT’s can be an obstacle however. 

  • Strengths:
  • Great personal defensive utilities
  • Multiple powerful debuffs
  • Able to talent in to more defensives at the cost of DPS
  • Good sustained Heals while moving, making it great for tank heals
  • Weaknesses:
  • Below average throughput once CD’s are all used up
  • Unpredictable spot healing
  • Can over HOT, leading to bad mana management
  • Druid heals is highly desired in most groups, but does well in High Keys and against fights like Wrathion and Prophet Skitra
  • Example Restoration Druid Build:

1. Mistweaver Monk (100k max heals)

"Jade serpant guide you!"

To round out our list, we have the monk. The max heals is lower than many of the other classes, but their utility and overall perks makes up for that. Overall, they have great immunities, mobility boosters, and they wear chain mail. This is the tankiest healer I’ve seen in game. 

  • Strengths:
  • Way of the crane is a multi faceted ability 
  • Great burst heals 
  • Disease and poison dispels
  • Outstanding build flexibility
  • Weaknesses:
  • Life Cocoon is powerful, but doesn’t scale well
  • If not in the right build, you can possibly hemorrhage mana
  • Unpredictable burst damage to the group can be a problem for monk healers
  • Monk heals are great for all encounters, especially N’zoth’s lieutenants
  • Example Mistweaver Monk Build:

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