Top 15 Best Fantasy Games 2018

best fantasy games 2018
2018 was a great year for fantasy games.

Here are the 15 best fantasy games 2018 brought us.

15. Lost Ark

Lost Ark Gameplay

When the world was ravaged by the demon army led by Kazeros, the lands became a place for no heroes. The Ark that once defeated the army, was forgotten. To ensure that all hope is not lost, you must venture into the world of the Lost Ark. Recover the pieces of the Ark, and stop the demon army once and for all.

Similar to Diablo 3 with more sense of discovery and freedom in an open world.

If you feel tired of slaying monsters all the time, stop by the tavern for a friendly game of cards or a keg drinking contest.

14. God of War

God of War Gameplay

After the ordeal with the Olympian Gods, you find yourself within the Norway lands of Midguard. After meeting a mysterious man who had godlike powers, you would soon start your journey in these unknown lands Accompanied by your son, Atreus, you will encounter friends, allies, creatures, and foes. While fending off the greatest threat that comes to you, you must also fulfill the duty of being a father in these dire times.

Unlike the previous installment that introduced multiplayer, this game is single player only.

The Leviathan axe can be thrown at enemies and magically return back to your hand. Similar to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir

13. Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Gameplay

Become the pirate you wish to be. With a musket loaded and a grog on your hand, the pirate life awaits you. Build your crew and set sail to treacherous lands for riches and fame. Beware of the dangers and rival crew that dwell within the open waters.

Become a legend in order to learn the secret hideouts only legendary pirates know about.

Multiple players can create one ship together should they wish to sail together.

12. Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay

You watched the anime, you know the story, so why not live the story. Embark the story of Eren and his companions struggling to save humanity from humongous humanoid giants that devour the innocent. Maneuver through the skies with your omni-directional mobility gear, and take down the titans. Get ready to take down some titans in the second part of the game series.

One of new biggest feature in the game is the custom character creation feature.

This sequel to the first game will cover events of the anime’s second season.

11. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Gameplay

In the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian, survival of the fittest is your greatest enemy. Create your legacy, and build from a small cottage to a fortress, and set your reputation in this world. Forge weapons from swords to bows and defeat creatures for vast treasures. Explore the vile lands and even down under of ancient civilizations once ago.

Players can have the choice of playing the open world in full single player, coop, or consistent online multiplayer.

Raid other clans and forge the legacy you desire.

10. HellSign

HellSign Gameplay

Ghouls, ghosts, poltergeists, and demons are roaming about today. A typical day in the office for you as a hunter. Utilize your advanced tools to fend of what lurks in the dark corners of the world.  Exterminate the scourge that plagues the living, for the right price of course.

Start with a flickering torch, a gun, and a lot of courage. Develop your skills as you hunt the creatures of the dark.

Hunt down hellhounds, spiders, and demons as you uncover a dark truth.

9. Kenshi

Kenshi Gameplay

A harsh desert with little to no chance of survival, so what are you going to do? Would you be a farmer, a thief, a rebel, or even a warlord? With nothing but the harsh climate, survival is the key to your success. Build a civilization, train your men, aid or oppose other factions, and ensure that you and your men stay alive in this wasteland.

This freeform gameplay has the largest single player RPG world since Daggerfall, at about 870 square kilometers.

Create many characters as you build up a squad to fight for you. As you gain more experience, so does their stats and appearance.


Dark Souls: REMASTERED Gameplay

Are you ready to feel the heat? Relive the experience that started it all. With high definition and updated content, the kingdom of Lordran awaits you. Acquire the fate you seek.

Dark Souls series was mostly inspired by medieval fantasies, such as the Fighting Fantasy series or the anime/manga known as Berserk.

There was one boss that most players haven’t defeat yet since it’s removal later on known as the Undead King.

7. Darksiders 3

Darksiders 3 Gameplay

With the seven deadly sins wreaking havoc everywhere, it is up to you stop them. Venture in the apocalyptic world to hunt and eliminate the dark forces of chaos. Restore the balance and calamity from the forces that brought havoc to the world.

Harness magic in various forms. Every form will grant new weapons, moves, and abilities..

Move through various environments in the open world and uncover secrets as the story continues.

6. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Gameplay

If you think you can take down a creature bigger than you, then journey to a world where man and creature are sworn enemies. Hunt creatures and collect their materials to craft greater weapons. Hunt alone or team up to take on greater beasts. Are you ready for anything that comes to you?

With 14 different types of weapons with different attacks and styles, you can choose to utilize a variety of them, or master only one.

Scoutflies are guides to monsters as you first observed and track. Every type of monster you observed will be recorded and can detect the same type of monster if you re-encounter their traces.

5. Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Gameplay

Before you were nothing, and now you’re a legend. But now secrets will unfold, and the answers lie within Ancient Greece. Explore from lush forest to volcanic islands, and see what war torn lands had become between men and gods. As you venture where Sparta and the Athens collide, you destiny will be revealed in your odyssey.

You can toggle your helmet for function and change of looks.

In the game, you can choose one of two characters. Either the male or female hero in the Odyssey.

4. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Gameplay

A god turn rogue has become your target. Hunt him down in both land and sea as you captain your ship to the treacherous lands of Deadfire. Customize your character, obtain companions that will accompany you, and explore the exotice island and new inhabitants.

With multiple characters and storylines, the adventures has no limit.

Explore the darkest of labyrinths and face monstrous creatures that dwell.

3. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer:Vermintide 2 Gameplay

With two large forces combined as one to bring destruction upon the lands, it’s up to five heroes to stop them. Choose your hero, choose your career, and gain talent to strengthen yourself. Fight in an abundance of stages and levels and customize your fighting style. What stands between victory and defeat falls within you and your allies.

Complete missions to gain unique loot that are applicable to your career path.

With the forces of Chaos and Skaven combined, it will take a well coordinated team to take down the vast force.

2. WoW Battle for Azeroth

WoW Battle for Azeroth Gameplay

A fractured alliance soon turn into an all out war. Who will win falls within your hands. Would you side with the human alliance and retake the once great kingdom of Lordaeron. Or would you side with the horde and defend the lands that rightfully belongs to them. Your choice determines your fate.

Over 12 classes to choose from with unique abilities. Each with different scenarios and storylines that determines the fate of your race.

Players can reach up to level 120 in the zones of Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

1. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime in this ever expanding world. Complete quests alone or with friends. Craft your weapons and equipment for you character. Travel around on an epic adventure with friends and allies as you face monsters, dungeons, and players in grand PvP.

You tell the story. You can experience the path you take in any part of the world, alone or with others.

Craft, battle, siege, control, or combine equipment and weapons. The possibilities are endless.

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