Top 5 WoW Dragonflight Best Fishing Tools (And How To Get Them)

Best Fishing Poles in WoW

So you want to become a professional Dragon Isles angler. Whether you want to make piles of gold, fish for rare mounts and toys, or complete achievements, you've got to have the right equipment. We're going to go over the best 5 fishing tools to use when you want to master the art of fishing. Each will grant you one (or all three) bonus stats such as Perception, Deftness, or Finesse to help you catch more difficult fish. Take a look below to see our top picks!

5. The Brokers Angle'r


Equip: +15 Fishing Skill

Equip: Increase your chance to find bait while fishing in the Shadowlands

This item provides the most +Fishing skill you can get when starting out. The higher your fishing skill you have the less chance you have to catch "junk" and the higher chance you have to catch extra bait, which can be used to increase your fishing success rate even more.

What The Item Excels In:

  • Highest +Fishing Skill on any rod available to anyone
  • Can be easily obtained
  • Immediately usable in Dragon Isles

How To Get The Brokers Angle'r:

From the vendor, The Broker in Oribos


4. Khaz'gorite Fisherfriend


+110 Perception

Equip: +10 Fishing Skill

Made by engineers this rod is exceptionally good as it not only gives you a large +Fishing Skill bonus but it also improves your perception skill, which is arguably the most important secondary stat added into the game for fishing. It can come in many different quality levels depending on the materials used. We've linked the highest because it is well worth the extra cost.

What The Item Excels In:

  • Provides a high amount of +Perception skill which increases your chance to fish up rare items
  • Doesn't require any farming to obtain, but will cost you quite a gold
  • Increases your overall +Fishing skill as well

How To Get A Khaz'gorite Fishfriend:

Crafted by engineers, can put in an order for one in the new Crafting Order function of the game.


3. Iskaaran Fishing Net

Stats: N/A

This fishing net is one of the great new additions to the Fishing profession in WoW. Much like in real life, you can leave nets in the waters around the Dragon Isles and then log off. There are anchor points near the fishing daily hubs and once you complete the daily you will have the option of setting up a net.

What The Item Excels In:

  • The only way to achieve passive fishing in the game  These traps will catch fish for you even when you are logged off
  • They are tied to the daily quests so you will have to check them before dailies reset.
  • They take 10 hours to "finish" fishing so you have to be fairly punctual about when you set them

How To Get Iskaaran Fishing Net:

Must get to Renown 5 with the Iskaara Tuskar


2. Angler's Fishing Raft

Stats: N/A

This is both a fun and practical addition to the game. It's always cool to zoom around on the water, and from a practical point of view, there are world quests that require you to go out into the deeper ocean. This is a much faster and more stylish replacement for using Potions of Water Walking.

What The Item Excels In:

  • Allowing you to move quickly in deeper water
  • Complete daily quests that would take much longer otherwise
  • Allows you to fish out of harm's way from PvP players on the hunt

How To Get Angler's Fishing Raft:

Must get a Revered reputation with the Mists of Pandaria faction, The Anglers, where you can purchase the raft from the legendary fisherman himself, Nat Pagel


1. Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole


Equip: +13 Fishing Skill

Equip: Allows Underwater Breathing

The only epic Fishing Pole in the game, this is a throwback to the Wrath of the Lick King expansion and the first time you meet Tuskar. So it seems appropriate to use this while you fish with the new Tuskar faction which is essentially the "Fishing" faction.

What The Item Excels In:

  • Even after all the expansions this still provides a large +Fishing Skill boost
  • Allows you to breathe underwater if you feel like diving in after a herb node or if you see a rare spawn
  • Flexing on people with your epic fishing pole

How To Get Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole:

Must get exalted with the Wrath of the Lich King faction, the Kalu'ak.

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