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Unleash your rage upon these top Horde servers

We all love World of Warcraft. Some of us spent our entire childhood grinding dungeons and raids or fighting in arenas and battlegrounds. But only the most passionate players decided to charge into all those fights with the "/Yell FOR THE HORDE!", bound on their "one-shot" macros.

If you're new to the Horde and don't know where to start your journey, or if you are a hard-core Mak'gora champion and you're just looking for more victims to slay. This is what you were looking for.


1. Area 52 (US)

Area 52 is an amazing PvE horde-dominated server with over 90% of players on horde. Also known for being the server with one of the highest populations in the game, estimated at 24770 characters. 

This server is best suitable for already proven and experienced horde players that are just looking to change their stomping field. PvE is flourishing here and it's mostly focused on the END GAME part since the server is super old and everyone is highly experienced.

Guilds that are rocking hard here are Club Camel, Midwinter, xD, Infinity, and Vesper.  So if you need a guild that pushes the limits of this game, look for these and look no further.


2. Illidan (US)

Another one of those "Original Servers". Illidan alongside a few others, was available the same day that WoW was released on November 23, 2004.  That being said, we can already guess the rich history this server has to offer.

From cleaning the Black Temple in TBC to downing Castle Nathria in Shadowlands. This server has proven that players here don't joke around when it comes to high-end game PvE content. This realm has proven to be a good PvP server as well so it provides the best from both worlds. 

This is an awesome server for Horde-heads willing to push it beyond the capacity of the normal mortals. However, one thing to mention is that this server has a small history of lags, long queues and server crashes with big downtime. That's why some people still remember it by its other name "Ilidown".


3. Thrall (US)

Starting in the Spring of 2006, Thrall quickly becomes one of the largest PvE Servers. Horde domination is present here as well.  With over 16000 characters and only 350 players being in Alliance.

Great PvE progress overall is what makes this server heaven for Horde "zergers". For those unfamiliar with that term, it basically means attacking an enemy or a group of enemies with a far bigger group. Which Horde players love to do especially in battlegrounds.

The interesting thing about this server is that guilds here are strong and players are highly skilled but even though that usually means the toxicity level is high. That's not the case here. I've met so many chill and down-to-earth players that I found myself wishing that I started playing on this realm much earlier.

Finally, if this is not enough to intrigue you to give this server a try. I can freely say that this server has very few problems when it comes to lag or painfully long queues.


4. Mal’Ganis (US)

One of the top PvP servers out there for Horde players all around the US. Mal'Ganis is "THE" place to be when you want to want a formidable challenge in both rated Arenas and Battlegrounds.

Known for being highly populated by horde PvP elite. This realm has never disappointed in any expansion when it comes to PvP content.  Personally, I know lots of people that transferred here from other servers in search of glory. 

They say that every PvP server especially the highly Horde populated one is going to be super toxic. But I didn't experience that much toxicity here. Yes, you will occasionally get bashed and flamed by some random undead rogue in front of Orgrimar for not trinketing on time. But that's normal and it happens on every single server. 

So if you are expecting a full snowflake VIP treatment from other players don't bother coming here.  Other than that, the server is great and it provides fun and entertainment for as long as your mana is not below 5%.


5.  Zul'jin (US)

When it was first open, this server was mostly PvE oriented, but over time it became clear that players here love the smell of the roaring battlegrounds in the morning.

Now, Zul'jin holds the title of one of the greatest PvP servers in the US.  Don't get me wrong, PvE is not forgotten here. On the contrary, the PvE scene here is blooming as well, and there are many guilds that are doing the end game content on the weekly basis. 

Population vise, this is of course the Horde server and it has been for a long time now. The thing that separates this server from the other serves is that half of the server population is from Canada, specifically french speaking part of Canada. So if the French language is not your forte, you might want to skip this realm.


6.  Draenor (EU)

The great Draenor is one of the best servers in Europe. Considered a normal PvE server with a full population and its primary language is English. Uses Central European Time and is mostly populated by Horde. 

European players are different when it comes to following the rules and already proven tactics. They are known to be the ones to discover new ways of doing the PvE content which gradually changes the meta all over the world. 

With that said, Draenor is filled with Europe's best of the best Horde guilds. So if you are ready to put some time into your gameplay improvement, this server is perfect for you.


7. Kazzak (EU)

As the second-highest populated server in Europe, Kazzak is an amazing realm filled with raging hard-core Horde players itching to devour every single PvP & PvE content that gets released.

If you like highly active servers with a big population, look no further.  Here you can find a plethora of insanely skilled guilds that are going through the raids and m+ dungeons like it's a morning coffee. 

There's FathSharkYes, Walkthrough, Project, Old Dirty Kobold, S a n c t u m, and many more. All these guilds deserve the respect and recognition for the things they do. 

What about PvP players? The short answer is, They are here. They are killing it and they aren't stopping. With every patch and update that changes the PvP scene drastically, these players keep getting high ranks and are always pushing their limits.


8.  Tarren Mill (EU)

Eu server, check. Horde is crushing Alliance, check.  PvP realm, double-check! What more can you ask for? Other than that it's worth mentioning that the name Tarren Mill, comes from the most famous location in WoW. It's in Hillsbrad Foothills which was the location for all those world PvP events in the early days of the game, hence it suits the type of the server which is mostly PvP.

With that said, there are countless elite players competing over the title of rank one, and the achievement "Unchained Gladiator" proves that you are in the top 0.1% of the arena ladder.

It is not unlikely for new players to join here as well since people here are a bit more gentle than on the other servers. Don't get me wrong, there are still going to be unpleasant moments here and there. But at least you can ignore most of it since it's not going to be in English.


9.  Emerald Dream (US)

For the US roleplaying and PvP lovers, Emerald Dream is the server to go to.  Yes, you didn't misread that. This is the RPPvP server, it combines both Roleplaying and Player vs Player set of rules. 

A fun fact about this type of server is that it was requested by subscribers. That means people could choose to either opt for RP+PvE oriented realm or for those blood-hungry demons, a PvP variation to satisfy both needs.

Emerald Dream is the server you must join if you are aching for some hard-core RP content and since ED is created by THE dragon itself, Ysera. It is the perfect place for all of you dreamers to indulge in this mystical realm.


10. Argent Dawn (EU)

The EU version of Emerald dream server. That's right, another Roleplaying server with a huge dedicated group of players putting their souls into this art of the game and making your experience that much more valuable.

This is the only place in Europe where it's not all about Alliance vs Horde. Here, people actually come to enjoy the stories and connect with other players on a deeper level than just who is stronger or faster. 

Both factions are equally invested in RP but I must warn that Alliance has a higher number of characters. But don't let that keep you away from Argent Dawn. The server is great and quite active even after peak time. 

Rules to follow are really simple. Don't be toxic, don't disturb the RP events. Make sure to stay in character and have a fun in-game name. Other than that you are free to explore and create your own journey throught this wast virtual roleplaying heaven.


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