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Rpg romances in 2020, RPG with Romance
Tidus and Yuna holding each other in a "Lover's" embrace

10. Stardew valley 

Stardew valley romance gameplay (non-spoiler) 

Stardew valley is a 20 something singles paradise. In between building up your farm and raiding the caves you can build a relationship with every other npc in the game by giving them gifts of different objects they may like. But the best part is that if that NPC is at least 18 and single you can choose to romance, and eventually marry them regardless of your gender or theirs. 

A wedding between “your” character and one of the bachelorettes in the game.

9. Nier:Automata

Nier:Automata gameplay (spoilers)

If you want a romance plot that feels unique and that you have to pay attention to then Nier:Automata is for you. No android will actually show emotion but between item descriptions banter between 2B and 9S and even different reactions to NPCs will blossom a truly interesting love story that will have you rooting for them. The only downside is the need for multiple playthroughs through different storyline to truly see the love story between 2 androids bloom.

2B holding 9s in her hands

8. Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 romance gameplay (spoiler)

The beautiful story of blossoming love between Squall and Rinoa, Square's follow up to the immensely popular Final Fantasy 7 did not disappoint. A story of a military academy trying to hold off an invasion of Final Fantasy 8 isn't particularly unique in its genre but it is well told. With one of the best battle systems in the psone trilogy of final fantasy games Final fantasy 8 offers great story and gameplay along with a great soundtrack. 

Squall moving to catch Rinoa

7.Witcher 3

Witcher 3 interaction gameplay (non-spoiler)

Yennefer or Triss is what Witcher 3 asks you to pick to romance in between your questing and monster slaying. Yennefer may be the correct option especially when there's a unicorn involved but Triss makes some compelling arguments. Witcher 3 allows you to have a fun and possibly fairly funny love story between Geralt and these two women.

Geralt moving in to kiss Triss

6. Fire Emblem 3 Houses

Fire Emblem 3 Houses interactions (non-spoiler) 

3 houses is a strategy role-playing game where you take the position as a teacher at a military academy and build relationships with your students in and out of the house you're part of.  Without spoilers, an event happens that causes a time jump and now you're no longer their teacher and free to enter into a relationship with anyone that you've become close enough too. One of the few games on this list where your romance option has any effect on the gameplay, when close to each other on the battlefield, both characters get a boost to their stats to aid them in the fight.

The romance ending with Petra

5. Mass Effect Trilogy 

Mass Effect Trilogy romance interactions (spoilers)

One of the things that Bioware does well is giving you a plethora of choice in who to romance. All your companions have a back story to learn and grow closer to until you're able to romance them. The relationship doesn't have much bearing on the gameplay but their stories are enough for you to become attached.

Shepard and one of the potential love interests cuddling

4. The legend of heroes trails in the sky 1-3

The legend of heroes trails in the sky 1-3 gameplay

The games are one giant arc that you can load in your save from previous games to continue your relationships and character building. Play as a group of kids on a search and rescue mission for their father. The interactions have a similar system to the Persona series but the closer you are to another character the more of a boost both characters can receive in combat.

Two characters attempt to cheer each other up.

3. Divinity original sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 interaction gameplay (non-spoiler) 

Divinity Original Sin 2 has one of the deepest dialog systems in any video game and it can even be used to romance any of your party members, yes even the skeleton man. Your dialog choices matter even when it comes to the relationship between your party members so after you're done figuring out the incredibly deep magic system talk to your party members and see if you can spark a romance with them.

One of the party members declares her love for you

2. Persona 5 Royal 

Persona 5 Royal Interaction gameplay (non spoiler)

Persona games live and die by their relationship mechanics. Increase your friendship with a number of the social links and you'll have yourself a chance to start dating one (or several) of the game's side characters. Persona 5 has some of the best social links that can even help you perform better during the games dungeon crawling sections.

One of the romance options for your character

1. Final fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 romance (spoilers)

Tidus and Yuna's story is as tragic as it is sweet. Go on an adventure as Tidus who joins a group of people on a quest to unlock summons to defeat the evil whale like monster Sin. A fairly standard jrpg but with a beautiful story and I dare you to not get emotional at Yuna' sending scene. (And yes the laugh is awkward but it's meant to be.)

Tidus holding Yuna as they gaze at each other.

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