World of Warcraft Legion: 10 New Things Coming to The Expansion

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World of Warcraft Legion - Illidan

The Exciting Updates in World of Warcraft Legion

The Burning Legion is returning to the World of Warcraft and with it comes many updates to get excited about. The upcoming Legion expansion offers new areas to explore, classes to play, higher levels to achieve, items, dungeons, raids, and more story.

10. New Class: Demon Hunter


Embrace the demon hunter metamorphosis and power in the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft.

The demon hunters will be the newest class added to World of Warcraft in this upcoming expansion. The demon hunters are the disciples of Illidan Stormrage and with their fel and chaotic magics, they are expected to be a powerful and exciting class to play.

Demon hunters will only be available for the blood and night elf races and they will start out on the new prison world called Mar’dun.

The class features skills such as a metamorphosis that enhances their chosen role, a spectral sight that uses magically augmented sight to detect enemies, and more maneuverability than any other class in the game.

9. Higher Level Cap: 110

World of Warcraft | Battle with Illidan

A higher level cap is always exciting because it opens up many more possibilities for the growth and development of characters. Moving the level cap to 110 means higher level items, more skills, more areas to explore, and more content to enjoy.

The expanded experience will give players even more content to enjoy and pour hours into to maximize their character.

8. Character Slot

World of Warcraft | Need more characters? Of course!

An additional character slot is always warmly welcomed by gamers. With the addition of a new class, players won’t have to delete a character to make room to experiment with the new content.

This freedom will allow gamers to enjoy the expansion to its fullest by providing them with more flexibility.

7.  Class Orders & Order Halls

World of Warcraft | Human Priest Class

Class orders and order halls will be an exciting new feature that will give players an organization to participate in that is for their specific class.

Each class will enjoy their own specially themed class hall that will act as a base of operations for the player. It will also be considered a sanctuary where horde and alliance alike can be peacefully present.

There will also be follower missions and the ability to empower a player’s artifact weapon located at their order hall.

5. Broken Isles

Located just south of the raging Maelstrom, the broken isles will be the newest land addition to World of Warcraft. Ancient ruins will litter the islands including the ancient night elf city Suramar and the Tomb of Sargeras.

With nine sub regions to explore across four large islands and three small islands, the new area gives the player new scenery, characters, and monsters to enjoy.

6. Mar’dun

World of Warcraft | Concept Art

Mar’dun is the starting location for the demon hunter class in WoW. It will also host the class order hall for the demon hunters.

The map suggests a mountainous region with fel energy pulsating across the land. It is a level 98-99 area as demon hunters will be starting out at level 98 and will reach level 100 by the time they complete the beginning area.

In addition to the fel energies passively pulsating across the land, there is a fel volcano located on the floating landmass as well.

This land originated as a prison world created by Sargeras before he became the fallen titan. Once he fell, however, he shattered the prison world to free what would eventually evolve into his burning legion.

7. New Dungeons

World of Warcraft | What epic dungeons will there be to conquer? 

In this expansion, there will be nine new dungeons to conquer.

Black Rook Hold will be a max level dungeon located in western Val’Sharah. It appears as a darkened defense structure that was used by night elves to stand against the burning legion.

The Darkheart Thicket will also be in Val’Sharah. Players will be likely rescuing Malfurion Stormrage from the Emerald Nightmare as they make their way through this dungeon.

The Eye of Azhara dungeon is found in Azsuna and will feature naga as the primary enemy.

The Halls of Valor will be above Stormheim and enemies will include vrykul warriors and Burning Legion enemies.

Helheim is a max-level dungeon also found in Stormheim. This dungeon contains the souls of the damned and will require players to defeat the fallen valk’yr queen, Helya.

Other dungeons include Neltharion’s Lair, the epic ruins of Suramar, the prison-like Vault of the Wardens where beginning demon hunters awaken, and the Violet Hold.

8. New Raids

World of Warcraft | Players chillin' in a raid

There are two new raids to enjoy in the Legion expansion: The Emerald Nightmare and Suramar Palace.

The Emerald Nightmare will likely contain seven bosses and it will bring the player through Shala’drassil, the tainted World Tree from which the corruption of the nightmare spreads.

Suramar Palace will have ten bosses and will require the player to fight through the massive palace.

9.The Burning Legion Story

World of Warcraft | Gul'dan

In this expansion, the Burning Legion is returning to Azeroth. This will be the third invasion of the Burning Legion and the player will be pivotal in the defense of Azeroth against the largest and strongest wave of the Burning Legion ever faced.

Not only must the player find tools to stop the Burning Legion, they must defeat Gul’dan, and stop Sargeras from being summoned.

10. Artifacts

World of Warcraft | One of the many class-specific artifacts

Artifact weapons (and artifact relics) are a key thing to look for in the Legion expansion this year. To obtain this artifacts, the player must follow the epic artifact quest line upon reaching level 110.

Every specialization in the game will have access to a specific weapon to match their specialization. These weapons will increase in power as the player finds relics and uses the Artifact Power unlocking traits.

Because the artifacts will be the only new weapons in Legion, they give room for a reasonable amount of customization. Players can choose color and quests will get you new models. 


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