[Top 10] Final Fantasy XV Best Accessories (And How To Get Them)

 Final Fantasy XV Best Accessories
The boys fighting a MA-X Angelus-0 - probably for a Magitek Suit V2

We have already tackled the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV. This time, we will be talking about the best accessories in the game to make life in Eos easier. 

I admit that some are better than the ones below but they are either DLCs or a Royal Edition-exclusive. But, in the spirit of the Final Fantasy “for Fans and First-Timers”, the accessories listed below are available regardless of the version of Final Fantasy XV that you have. 

A general rule is, if you can, get four of each accessory available. This is helpful especially if you have accessories that will make life easier in battle – say, everyone wears a Star Pendant making poison worthless on your team. Do take note that accessory effects stack. For example, when you equip two Platinum Bangles on one character, you get an additional 1400 HP instead of just 700.

10. Platinum Bangle (Best for early game)

Final Fantasy XV - CH1 early Platinum Bangle Grinding


  • Max HP +700

The Platinum Bangle is the best HP-increasing accessory in the game without reaching the endgame. You may get one as early as Chapter 1 by winning 80 chests in the Justice Monsters V pinball game in any Crow’s Nest Diner. You may only win once. In Altissia, there is a special Justice Monsters V machine wherein you may win another bangle after getting 10 chests.

In Chapter 3, add it to the items that you are getting when you visit Costlemark Tower. In Chapter 15, it is available in three out of the eight endgame dungeons. 

To be honest, by the time you reach Chapter 15, there are already better bangles in those dungeons. Still, you can get three Platinum Bangles early in the game – one for each of your bros.

How about Noctis? Accept the Lonely Rumbles in Longwythe hunt as soon as it’s available. This hunt allows you to defeat a LV99 Adamantoise. Doing that wins you the Adamantite Bangle – equip that and Noctis gets a whopping additional 10000 HP!

9. Dark Matter Bracelet (Best for strength building)

Final Fantasy XV How To Get THREE Dark Matter Bracelets In FFXV


  • Strength +100

There are four in the whole game. One you may get in Altissia’s Justice Monsters V machine after winning 80 chests. Another is a reward for becoming Hunter Rank 10. The third one is a reward by winning against Aranea in a training camp session. The last one is in Costlemark Tower’s endgame dungeon.

Prioritize your strongest damage dealers when equipping this. Usually, you may go for Noctis or Gladiolus. I prioritized Gladio to make the most of his tank status.

8. Friendship Band (For smoother combat teamwork)



  • Increases link-strike activation radius

We will now harness the power of friendship! 

As you get used to combating in FFXV, you may have already come across some fun battle options wherein you see the boys literally fight together. 

One of those is link-strikes, special actions that happen when Noctis successfully parries an attack or when he attacks from behind. Noctis tag teams with one of the bros in order to deal heavy damage. Yet, you may notice that link-strikes do not automatically happen.

The Friendship Band widens the activation radius of link-strikes. One of the conditions for link-strikes to work is that you should have an ally nearby. It’s like one of them saw you struggling so they came to help. Only your bros can equip it so whoever equips it can come to your aid even if they are farther away than usual. They got your back, after all.

You may get all three bands as early as Chapter 3 so it doesn’t really matter who gets to equip it first. In combat, practice your blocking and parrying skills. Once you can parry like a pro, link-strikes will happen every time, thus, heavy damage is almost absolute.

7. Megaphone (Best for HP Recovery)



  • HP Recovery Rate +10% for the whole party. Max HP Recovery Rate unaffected.

There is only one in the whole game and only Gladio can equip it. Since the world map fully opens by Chapter 3, you may collect this as soon as possible. This accessory will be of great help especially when you are level-grinding or saving up on items. 

HP Recovery does not happen in dungeons so unequip it during dungeon-crawling since it will be a waste of accessory slots. Use it in the open world. You would really feel the difference when your team slowly returns to full HP while exploring.

6. Nixperience Band (Best for strategic level grinding)

Final Fantasy XV Holiday Pack DLC Nixperience Band Prevent Leveling Up


  • EXP is still gained but never tallied when resting, etc. Cannot save EXP if already at max level

This is the only accessory in this list that you will not get in-game. The Nixperience Band is included in the FREE Holiday Pack DLC. You may get the DLC in the Playstation and Xbox stores. For the Windows Version, the game is the Royal Edition so it will be automatically available to you.

The job of the Nixperience Band is it stops your EXP from being tallied when you sleep, thus, stopping you from leveling up. You can only have one copy since only Noctis can equip it.

Now, why would you want to NOT level up?

The premise of the Band is that it allows you to save all of your EXP until you decide to bank it in. There are EXP Multipliers in places of rent, ranging from 1.2x to 3x. 

For example, you have the Nixperience Band on for seven in-game days, resting in places to restore HP and MP. Besides that, you always eat those EXP-boosting meals. Then, on the seventh day, you go to Galdin Quay to rest because it’s a 2.0x multiplier area. Before resting, remove the Nixperience Band, and all your EXP from the seven days will be doubled!

This is a faster although more challenging way to level up. 

5. The Grand Chamberlain (Best for automatic healing)



  • Ignis will attempt to run over and heal the party leader, including himself, when their HP falls to half, assuming there are no obstructions
  • Ignis will automatically use an elixir when the player-controlled character's maximum HP falls to half.

There is understandably only one in-game as only our best boy, Ignis, can use it. When Noctis (or whoever you are controlling after unlocking the respective ability node) has depleted half of his health, Ignis will go to him to use an elixir, healing the both of them.

Do take note that this only applies IF you have an elixir in your inventory. 

If you cannot wait ‘til endgame for The Grand Chamberlain, then you may grab its cousin, The Good Chamberlain. Add it to the list of stuff that you need to get in Costlemark Tower in Chapter 3. Instead of an elixir, The Good Chamberlain allows Ignis to use a hi-potion instead.

Hi-Potions fully restores HP. Elixirs fully restore HP and MP. It also regenerates half of maximum HP – very useful at night and in dungeons. 

Oh, and you may use both Chamberlains in the Chapter 15 Costlemark No-item Dungeon. It will save your life.

4. Magitek Suit V2 (Best armor in the game)

Final Fantasy 15 How To Easily Get MAGITEK SUIT & MAGITEK SUIT V2 - MA-X Angelus-0 Mega Boss


  • Max HP +2000
  • Strength +100
  • Vitality +70

The best part of this is that, since this is an enemy drop, you can have as many as you want in the game. It can only be found as a reward for defeating the MA-X Angelus-0, a random encounter in Chapter 15. The V2 has only a 5% drop rate.

Well, that’s fine, right? Just kill it many times until you get it. Well, yes. 

Do take note that the MA-X Angelus-0 is Level 99 with 202,000 HP. It's resistant to the Ring of Lucii. On top of that, it has a -90% (yes, negative ninety percent) damage from all damage types. Good luck farming that.

If it is any consolation, if you don’t get the V2 when you defeat this superboss, you get the Magitek Suit with 100% drop rate. It’s like a version one with Max HP +1000, strength +70, and vitality +50. 

Besides that, the Magitek Suit (not the V2) can also be found in Insomnia for the Royal and Windows Edition. It is also a reward for completing the O Partner, My Partner side quest which is available in all game versions.

3. Ribbon (Best status prevention)



Prevents 'almost all' status ailments, including Instant Death, stat debuffs, and periodic elemental damage.

If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you know how sought-after the Ribbon is. In FFXV, it’s back and you can only get three. 

You can get one as early as Chapter 3 after completing ALL of Sania’s quests. The next earliest is when you reach Altissia for the first time. Trade in 40 Oracle Ascension Coins for a Ribbon. The last one is a reward by completing a Chapter 15 hunt.

As you can’t get them all at once, I suggest equipping your first Ribbon on Noctis. Then, equip your next one on your next damage dealer or on Ignis. 

If you unlock the ability to change character control then equip your Ribbon on the bro that you activated that node first. This is so if everyone gets hit by status effects, that bro can heal the others. This also allows Noctis to use other accessories in his slots.

2. Black Hood (Sure, let’s make Noctis invincible)

Final Fantasy XV: Secret Dungeon (Pitioss Ruins) and Black Hood Accessory


  • Enables auto-parries and automatic passing through attacks even while running, but takes away phasing-related abilities (e.g. MP cost is the maximum, disables Blink). 
  • Does not work with the Ring of the Lucii as a weapon.
  • Does not work while attacking.

You only get this in Chapter 15. That is because this accessory allows Noctis to auto-evade. Yes, you read that right. Noctis will automatically dodge and phase through attacks without you pressing a button. 

This is given that you have the MP for it. When your MP reaches zero, the Black Hood won’t work. Good thing MP replenishes on its own, huh?

In my experience in using the Black Hood, it doesn’t work while Noctis is attacking so parries are all on you to do.

The Black Hood is the last treasure that you will get in the not-so-secret Pitioss Ruins in Chapter 15. The game made sure of that. 

Do not and I mean DO NOT leave without making sure you have the Black Hood or else you will do EVERYTHING in the dungeon all over again just to reach it. 

If Pitioss Ruins is a new concept for you then congratulations and have lots of fun when you finally reach it!

1. Moogle Charm (If only they have this in ALL Final Fantasies)


  • EXP +20%

The Moogle Charm is unique to Final Fantasy XV. Well, the name is recurring throughout the franchise but the effects per game is different.

Final Fantasy is generally famous for its in-game grinding – continuously challenging players to get stronger and stronger by leveling up. It is a test of strategy and patience. Any RPG player can attest to that.

As FFXV is a game geared to introduce Final Fantasy (and RPGs) to first-time players, it is only fitting that they make the game easier for them to enjoy it better. Moogle Charms allows the wearer to gain an additional 20% Experience. 

There are six in total. You may get one as early as Chapter 1. That is if you are willing to traverse the Lv40 Crestholm Channels for it. The next three you may get as early as Chapter 3. The last two will be in Chapter 15.

Moogle Charms stack. So meaning, if you put two Charms on Noctis then that is +40% EXP per battle. Eat EXP-boosting food and use EXP-giving Elemancy. Do not forget to equip the Nixperience Band. Collect as much EXP as your patience can allow and cash it all in in Altissia’s 3x multiplier hotel. 

Now, just sit back and watch the most satisfying Level Up animation in Final Fantasy history.

With that being said, the best accessories are not complete without the best weapons. Check out our weapon guide. Learn other ways to gain EXP and AP by checking out our Ascension guide. As always, I recommend playing Final Fantasy XV in its Ultra 4K HD splendor.

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