Valorant Knife Tier List [Valorant Knife Best Knife Rankings]

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Valorant’s knife-wielding duelist, Jett

S Tier

    These skins are the cream of the crop when it comes to knife skins in Valorant. Dare I say some of these skins are more than 60% of the reason why some players play the game–from the amazing concepts and explosive finishers to the beautiful sound effects, inspect and kill animations, each and every single skin on this tier deserves to be appreciated, as they simply just make Valorant a game worth appreciating.


The Reaver knife in action.

The Reaver knife skin is probably the most sought-after knife skin in Valorant, along with its gun set. It has a very sleek design coupled with a smoke effect that isn’t too distracting but still captures the intensity of its intended grim concept. It also features a subtle yet ear-capturing inspect sound effect to top the knife skin off. This skin is highly suitable for all you Omen mains out there!


The Elderflame knife is literally ON FIRE!

The Elderflame knife skin gives off a magical vibe more than all of the other fantasy-based knife skins that currently exists in Valorant, like it's a broken shard of a dragon bone, with a blazing fire as an effect that gets a little bit brighter upon inspection. This skin is highly recommended for those of you who want to mix in a little bit of medieval with Valorant’s current theme. Elderflame suits Phoenix mains, for sure.


The Ruin Dagger will RUIN your enemies' games.. with style.

This is undoubtedly the king of all battlepass skins. So simple, yet so elegant; it features no additional sound and visual effect aside from a different equipt animation and yet this knife skin has been sought after by a lot of players just ‘cause it really is different from the then-usual flashy skins. That, coupled with the fact that this skin probably won’t return to the store in a while due to it being a battlepass-exclusive skin just makes people want it more. This Ruin dagger fits perfectly in all you Reyna mains’ hands.

Prime Karambit 

The controversial Prime 2.0 Karambit in all its glory.

The knife that made Riot devs create a new feature to make skin versions prior to the final upgrade accessible again just cause players hated its final upgrade’s equip animation, but with that hassle out of the way, players can now buy the Prime Karambit skin and expect to enjoy its smooth equip animation throughout their games. This skin fits well with Killjoy, if you KJ mains want to try it out!

Celestial Fan 

Get breezy with the Celestial Fan knife skin.

Everything about the Celestial Fan just feels extraordinary: from its overall design to equip, inspect, attack and kill animations. There’s just something about swatting the back of your opponents’ heads with a fan like a strict mother that ‘hits different’. This skin especially goes hard if used by a Sage main!

Gaia’s Wrath 

All hail Gaia's Wrath, mother nature's very own knife skin!

Aside from the fact that this axe is different from all the other metallic-styled ones, holding Gaia’s Wrath feels like holding a mini-Stormbreaker because of its design, and its effects scream nature all around, as the skinset boasts a mother nature-themed concept, so that’s a plus for all you environmentalists out there, especially you Skye mains!

RGX 11z Pro Firefly 

This RGX 11Z Pro Butterfly knife skin will surely wanna make you float. 

This knife skin is different from all other butterfly knife skins due to its hi-tech, RGB-flashy concept mixed with the regular tactical military knife. Feel like a cyborg every time you pull it out and flip it like a soldier whenever you feel like inspecting it. KAY/O mains will surely love using this!

Oni Claw

The Oni Claw is the first and best gauntlet-type skin to exist in Valorant as of current. Its edgy equip effect will surely make you feel powerful whenever using it, and it has an equally edgy kill effect to add to its greatness, as well. Yoru mains, this is the knife skin for you!

Sovereign Sword 

Slash with style with this Sovereign Sword knife skin!

This sword is actually the closest we can get to a knife skin that actually looks and feels like a sword in Valorant, given its constraints. Its glowing effect and subtle but clean sound effect heavily emphasize its elegance, which Chamber and Cypher mains will surely love!

A Tier

    These skins are pretty good. From the overall design to the quality of the inspect and kill animations, they are unique and fun to use but just fall short of creativeness when going up against the S Tier knife skins. 

  • K/TAC
  • Ion Energy
  • Glitchpop
  • Winterwunderland Candy Cane
  • Glitchpop Axe
  • VALORANT GO! Vol. 1
  • Song Steel
  • Relic of the Sentinel
  • .SYS Melee
  • Origin
  • Forsaken Ritual Blade

B Tier

    These skins, as the tier list suggests, are the mid skins of Valorant. Some are here on this list and not higher because they just lack that ‘wow factor’ though their designs are pretty nice, and some are here and not lower just cause using them feels like taking part in an inside joke (looking at you, Smite.)

  • RGX Blade Skin
  • Prime Axe
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  • Magepunk Electroblade
  • Tethered Realms Prosperity
  • Recon
  • Velocity Karambit
  • Titanmail Mace
  • Smite

D Tier

    These skins are not necessarily bad, it’s just that as much as players appreciate the effort Riot put into designing these, it brings nothing new to the table. We’d use these skins from time to time, sure, but that’s just because there was only this or the default skin available; and we’d surely jump ship to another much sleeker skin given the opportunity to do so.

  • Prism III
  • Kingdom
  • Hivemind
  • Nebula
  • Smite
  • Singularity
  • Blastx Polymer Knife
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Artisan Foil
  • Waveform
  • RGX 11Z Pro Blade
  • Catrina
  • Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat
  • Magepunk 2.0
  • Snowfall Wand
  • Hu Else
  • Hack
  • Neptune Anchor

F Tier 

    These are just the worst of the worst–they’re either a lame attempt to replicate an existing design, aka bootleg skins, or just the default knife skin splashed with some paint and stickers. The only reason to use them is if the player only has this and the default skin available, and most of the time players would much rather choose the default one.

  • Xenohunter Knife
  • Luxe
  • Prism
  • Ego
  • Outpost
  • Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb
  • Personal Administrative Melee Unit
  • Strike


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