Valorant Best Raze Plays

Valorant Best Raze Plays
Raze comes with flashy mechanics for some of the best players to pull off insanity

10. The Double Jump by Tap to add text

A short, but effective play this Raze player who aggressively pushes onto the B site of Ascent. He satchels himself into the air with a precise double jump to spot the enemy Brimstone and blow him away with Showstopper. It’s not easy to get the double jump right, but when you do, it looks extremely clean.


9. Game Awareness by biissuu

Biissuu doesn’t do anything flashy at all in this play, but what makes it great is his awareness of potential enemy locations. He checks each possible entry point onto his site with deadly accuracy to pick up a nice 4 kills.


8. The Peek by Apparition

This was a well thought out play by Apparition. He picks off the Sage who’s trying to make her way onto the A site of Bind and then moves his way over to the Hookah section. A quick peek shows him where the Omen is, but instead of going for the kill, he checks if anybody’s flanking him. Boom, easy kill, and then a nice Showstopper to finish it all off.


7. Pick up the Spike! by SkinnedApple

While he doesn’t have the best aim at the beginning of this play, SkinnedApple still manages to grab a quick two kills near the enemy spawn. What I like the most about this play is that he realizes the time is running out for the enemy to plant the spike, so instead of risking dying, he hides as best he can and only goes for the kill when the round has been won via the timer.


6. Methodical by Soccerstar007

This was the only word that came to mind when I watched this play. Soccerstar007 continuously makes aggressive peeks to check for enemies as he knows they are pushing his site on Bind. Nobody can react fast enough and Soccerstar007 picks up a clean ACE in a 2v5 situation.


5. Picture Perfect Showstopper by Jintex

Jintex and his teammates decide to give up the B site on Split and go for the retake. The best part of this clean execution was his idea to use his satchel to peek out from his corridor quickly and unexpectedly. He takes an educated guess to where the Phoenix is and dispatches him with what looks like a Showstopper that lands right on his face.


4. Four versus One by Prdy

Prdy does a great job sneaking onto the A site of Split and he does an even greater job of winning a 1v4 situation. His experience and awareness are on full display as he guesses correctly where the enemy is coming from and picks up a beautiful 4k to win the round.


3. Switch It Up by ilepsi

Ilepsi and his teammates try to take C site on Haven to mild success, and he suddenly finds himself in a 1v2 situation with plenty of time. Instead of risking planting the spike on a site that the enemy knows he’s at, ilepsi decides to switch it up and goes to B site instead after picking up another kill on Sage. The mind games worked, and ilepsi comes out with the win in style.


2. Try to Kill Me by lumi

So you and your teammates manage to kill off four of the enemies and are comfortably defending the spike on B site of Split in a 1v5 situation. Time to relax, right? For lumi, he decides to go for the big plays and snipes the enemies from a high ground position over and over again until he wins the round.


1. I’m Just Better by HSL Phardon

People who watch this play might not think this is a good enough play deserving of the number one spot on this list, but it’s the last kill that puts it here. HSL Phardon does a great job winning his trades against the enemy in a 1v4 situation, but it’s his last duel with Jett that deserves careful attention.

Both Jett and our Raze player decide to use their abilities to jump into the air. HSL Phardon hops back down and hugs the wall to deny vision to the Jett. The Jett takes the bait and pre-fires on his peek, but HSL Phardon has backed up a bit anticipating this and finishes off the play with Showstopper. Immaculate and highly mechanical play.

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