[Top 11] Valorant Best Melee Skins and How To Get Them

Jett takes your life with her knife
Jett the knife handler

Valorant is a shooting game but sometimes we get a chance to finish enemies with our knives! It’s actually so satisfying and extremely tilting for the enemy to die from a knife! But this article is about doing it in style! There are many skins but there are only 11 skins that are actually worth it!


Here are the top eleven melee skins that can help you look much better:


11. Gaia’s Vengence:

NEW Gaia's Wrath Knife Showcase

What's Awesome About Gaia’s Wrath:

  • Unique Axe design and one of the best axes in the game.
  • Nature look which makes it even more interesting for players who like things more natural and realistic.
  • New skin which will make you look up to date.

How to get this skin:

The Gaia’s Vengence skins were released on the 16th of February 2022. The melee costs 3550 VP which is around 37 USD.


10. Sovereign Sword:

*NEW* Valorant SOVEREIGN MELEE Knife Skin Gameplay (All Levels)

What's Awesome About Sovereign Sword:

  • Classical Royalty.
  • Older skin that might show you as a game veteran and you can flex your noob friend.
  • Unlockable blue glowing VFX that can be unlocked with Radiante points.

How to get this skin:

The Sovereign Knife is available to purchase in the Valorant store, individually for 3550 VP which equals around 37 USD.


9. Recon Butterfly Knife:

VALORANT Butterfly Knife: Recon Balisong (ALL COLORS) New VALORANT Knife Skin

What’s Awesome About Recon Butterfly Knife:

  • The cleanest inspect animation in the game! 
  • Different animation depending on what you do whether it’s twice or once and it’s also different if you right or left click which makes it super fun!
  • Military-style if you like it that way! Which is why most players play shooting games.

How to get this skin:

The Recon Butterfly Knife was released on August 25th, 2021. The price of the knife is 3550 VP which is around 37 USD.


8. Prime 2.0 Karambit Knife:

Prime Karambit | VALORANT Knife Skin | NEW Prime 2.0 Skins Showcase

What’s Awesome About Prime Karambit Knife:

  • Unique box cutter style!
  • It might look too much with the colors but it’s surely recognizable and flashy!
  • If you’re into having collections then you’d love it as it goes very well with the Prime 2.0 skins 

How to get this skin:

The Valorant Prime 2.0 knife is part of the new Prime collection and is the second set of prime skins to be released. It was released on March 2nd, 2021. The price of the knife is 1775 VP which is around 18.7 USD.


7. Relic of the Sentinel:

Relic of the Sentinel: VALORANT Sentinels of Light Knife Skin (ALL COLORS) New Melee Skins Showcase

What’s Awesome About Relic of the Sentinel:

  • Looks like a gun but it’s not! That’s what makes it special and people would surely want to check it out.
  • If you’re a League of Legends fan then you would like it as it was designed from Riven’s blade concept.
  • If you like being flashy (which is how valorant players enjoy killing their enemies) then you’d love how this knife looks.

How to get this skin:

The skin was originally released on July 21st. It costs 4350 VP which is around 46 USD, it’s a bit much for a skin that’s not top 5 though.


6. Reaver Knife:

Reaver Knife | VALORANT Melee Skin | Skins HD Showcase

What’s Awesome About Reaver Knife:

  • If you like the Reaver collection then you’d surely want this too!
  • Unique sound effects especially with each swing!
  • Compliments the Reaver designs which depend highly on being aggressive and alien based.

How to get this skin:

The Reaver knife skin or dagger is part of the Reaver collection and was released on November 3rd, 2020. The skin price is 3550 VP which is around 37 USD.


5. Velocity Karambit:

Velocity Karambit | VALORANT BATTLE PASS KNIFE SKIN (ALL COLORS) | New Ep 4 Act 1 Battlepass Skins

What’s Awesome About Velocity Karambit:

  • It is basically an improvement of the Prime 2.0 Karambit.
  • A confidence boost because of the dominance circle design which is unique too.
  • If you’re into having new skins then you’d want to add this to your collection!

How to get this skin:

The new Valorant Velocity melee is part of the Velocity collection and was released on the 11th of January 2022 as part of the Episode 4 Act 1 Battle pass.


4. Oni Knife:

Oni Melee | VALORANT Knife Skin | All Kill Animations | HD Skins Showcase

What’s Awesome About Oni Knife:

  • One of the best unique designs in Valorant skins!
  • Aggressive look that makes you feel like you’re Wolverine but with a badass signature!
  • Because of how unique it is, you will surely get recognized holding it and it’ll make you turn heads!

How to get this skin:

The Celestial melee is part of the celestial skin and was released on February 18th, 2021. The price of this skin is 3550 VP which equals 37 USD.


3. Celestial Fan:

Celestial Fan VALORANT Knife Skin | NEW Melee Skins Showcase

What’s Awesome About Celestial Fan:

  • Very unique design that will definitely make you stand out!
  • It doesn’t feel like a knife, it feels like a Chinese assasiantion weapon!
  • Fun animations as you can troll people and telling them they just got killed with a fan!
  • Your character is viewed from a different angle as you are holding the knife up! 

How to get this skin:

The Celestial melee is part of the celestial skin and was released on February 18th, 2021. The price of this skin is 3550 VP which equals 37 USD.


2. RGX 11Z Pro Blade:

RGX 11Z PRO Blade VALORANT Knife Skin (ALL COLORS) | New Skins Showcase

What’s Awesome About RGX 11Z Pro Blade:

  • The most prestigious knife skin so far! 
  • What’s better than a knife? A Katana! Which is super cool to find in a game like Valorant.
  • Amazing inspection animation that gives you the feeling of a professional Katana user.

How to get this skin:

The Valorant RGX 11Z Pro melee is part of a skin collection with a release date of October 6th, 2021. The price for this skin is 4350 VP which equals 46 USD.


1. Elderflame Knife:


What’s Awesome About Elderflame Knife:

  • The best knife that many Valorant players like! So you will surely turn heads.
  • It’s a knife that’s on fie! That’s absolutely cool and insane! The design isn’t creative but the flames are very attractive.
  • Special inspection animations with great sound effects as you can listen to the sound of flames!
  • With every swing you get a visual effect of the flames flying around which adds a great effect.

How to get this skin:

It’s a bit old as it was released on the 10th of July 2020. It’s still one of the most expensive skins as it’s for 4950 VP which is around 52 USD! It’s too expensive for a skin but we’re only judging the technical aspects.


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