[Top 5] Valorant Best Sheriff Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Yoru holding a Sheriff
Yoru in the RETAKE Cinematic

The Sheriff is the best, and most expensive, sidearm in the game. It’s satisfying to use, it makes for some amazing plays, and it rewards good aim, crosshair placement, and positioning. With all that in mind, I think we can all agree that it just looks bland. It’s just a “spiced up” revolver. But what can you buy to make it look and feel better? Skins of course!

Still, we need to know what are the BEST Sheriff skins before we buy anything.

5. Singularity

Singularity Sheriff - Vanilla

Singularity is a great choice for a Sheriff skin. It looks clean, it has transparent elements, lots of moving parts, and a really good finisher. But even if you don’t care about all the effects, if you just want a clean-looking skin, with really good sound effects and a nice firing effect, you can choose not to upgrade it. The obsidian-like body will look great for most people, but if you choose to upgrade it, you’ll get:

  • Transparent elements
  • All the moving parts
  • Futuristic sounding firing effects
  • An amazing finisher that creates a black hole

This skin costs 2175 VP plus an additional 30 Radianite Points if you want to fully upgrade it.


You can take a closer look at this skin here:



4. Protocol 781-A

Protocol Sheriff - Vanilla


This is the newest Ultimate skin collection in the game. And as you could’ve guessed from the fact that it’s on this list, it has a Sheriff skin, and a really good-looking one at that! This Sheriff skin also features a futuristic design, but it’s taken in a completely different direction. It looks like a gun that would be used by an intergalactic military. It’s clean, it’s simple in design, but it’s also very complex.

The gun has a retractable barrel that comes out when you equip the weapon. It also has lots of lights, and as a bonus (if you want to dish out more money), it also has amazing variants. If you choose to buy this gun and fully upgrade it you’ll get:

  • A satisfying and futuristic firing effect
  • The retractable gun barrel animation
  • A finisher that summons an actual killer robot to destroy your opponent
  • The Ultimate feature of this skin: voice lines

Yes, the gun talks.

When you inspect it, when you kill someone, when you get a headshot. The gun talks to you, I won’t spoil the voice lines, but I think you can imagine what they sound like. The voice lines give off a strong Terminator vibe.

This skin will set you back 2475 VP for the base version, plus an extra 40 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it.

If you want to check how the gun sounds and looks, you can watch this video:



3. Reaver

Reaver Sheriff - Vanilla


The Reaver collection has been and still is, a fan favorite. For one obvious reason. It looks cool. Plain and simple. 

It’s edgy, it has amazing animations, and it’s perfect for all the Omen mains out there. The Sheriff skin in this collection looks just as awesome as all the other Reaver skins. The variants are amazing as always, and the effects are on point. And since we’re speaking about the effects, if you choose to upgrade this skin you’ll get:

  • One of the best sounding firing effects
  • The best reload animation for a Sheriff
  • An amazing kill banner
  • A great finisher that drags your enemy in hell

This skin is a fan favorite for obvious reasons. It looks cool and it feels really good to use. Another bonus is also the price, since this skin is a bit less expensive than the other ones, costing you only 1775 VP for the base version, plus an extra 30 Radianite Points for the upgrades.

Here’s where you can have a better look at the skin:



2. Sentinels of Light

The Sentinels of Light Collection

Sentinels of Light is one of the best-received skin collections in VALORANT. All the skins just look amazing, even for the lesser-used guns. The spinning crystals, the black and white color scheme, the gold accents. It just looks good. Even without upgrading any of the skins.That being said, it becomes fairly obvious why this Sheriff skin is so high up the list. It’s just as good as any other skin from this collection.

Besides that, if you choose to upgrade this skin you’ll get:

  • An extremely powerful sounding firing effect
  • Spinning crystals for the gun barrel
  • A decent kill banner with an amazing kill sound
  • The best finisher on a Sheriff skin, a finisher that purifies your enemy

And the finisher also plays a nice violin song! Besides that, the variants are extremely good. Every single one of them is widely used by the player-base, and for good reason. And if you also play League, you might also enjoy this skin because it resembles Senna’s gun, so that’s a bonus reason to get it!

With that in mind, this skin is pricier than the Reaver Sheriff, setting you back 2175 VP plus the 30 Radianite Points to fully upgrade it. If you want to be sure that the upgrades are worth it, consider watching this video:



1. Ion

Ion Sheriff - Vanilla


Probably to no one's surprise, the Ion Sheriff takes the number 1 spot on this list. This skin just looks clean. It’s smooth, it’s white and blue, and it’s futuristic but not over the top! The design is sleek and minimalist, and the effects are not distracting at all. The whole Ion collection is really good and popular, but the Sheriff just looks better when compared to all other skins.


But why is it so popular?

Well, if I’m being completely honest, it’s the firing effect. Ion is for the Sheriff what Prime is for the Vandal. It’s just really satisfying to fire, and some people swear it makes them hit more shots, all because of how fun and satisfying it is to use. But besides the extremely satisfying firing effect, what else do you get?

  • An amazing kill banner
  • A pretty good finisher
  • The animation of the core getting exposed as you equip your gun

Although this may not sound like much, it really adds to the experience of using this skin. Everything comes together perfectly to make the best Sheriff skin in the game. And even with all of that taken into account, there’s also price. This skin costs as much as the Rever Sheriff, setting you back 1775 VP and 30 Radianite points to fully upgrade it.

If you want to see exactly what the hype is about, you can check out this video to see the skin in action:



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