[Top 10] LOL Best Engage Champions That Win Teamfights

League of Legends Best Engage Champions
Being the last standing player in a team fight feels amazing.

In this article, you will know which champions to choose when you want to engage, surprise your enemy, and eventually dominate the team fight!
You should follow this article if you want to feel the rush of engaging on the enemy team and seeing them get rekt by your team!


Now let’s get to the fun part. Here is a list of the Top 10 LOL Best Engage Champions That Win Team Fights:



10. Rammus:

Roll your way to a perfect engage with Rammus.

Rammus is a tanky champion that can do more than just engaging! Rammus can be sticky and can help you extend a fight and burn your enemies’ resources so that would make it easier for you to win the team fight!

Start at: 00:38

What makes Rammus great for Engaging:

  • His Ultimate "Soaring Slam". Rammus jumps into the air and lands on a targeted location dealing damage in an AOE and slowing everyone in that area. If you combine this with his Q it can be more lethal as instead of just slowing the enemy you get to knock them up!
  • His Q “Powerball”. Rammus turns into a ball and runs down with movement speed and upon colliding with an enemy he knocks them back and slows them by a great deal up to 80% for 1 second! This can literally make your target useless if combined with Rammus’s E.
  • His E “Frenzying Taunt”. Simply taunt an enemy while also gaining Attack speed for the same duration. You can paralyze people with that and pick squishies.



9. Nautilus:

Nautilus's anchor can get you even if you're in space.

Nautilus has a kit that would not only make you win fights but you will probably enjoy engaging on the enemy team with him. If you land Q on an enemy and finish your combo you’ll feel like you have the enemy team in your back pocket.

Nautilus Montage - Best Nautilus Plays - Satisfy Teamfight & Kill Moments
Start at: 00:37

What makes Nautilus great for Engaging:

  • His Q "Dredge Line". Nautilus shoots his anchor forward and upon hitting an enemy Nautilus drags himself and the target together dealing damage and stunning the target. This is his signature engage as when locked on an enemy it's probably a kill for your team. 
  • His passive "Staggering Blow". Nautilus's first attack on a target roots them. This means after you engage you root the target too! It helps pin down the target and guarantees a kill. 
  • His E "Riptide". Nautilus creates 3 exploding waves around himself damaging and slowing enemies around him. Right after you engage on a target you get to basically slow all the enemy team if done right. Another reason to win the team fight. 
  • His Ultimate "Depth Charge". Nautilus fires a Shockwave that chases an enemy champion knocking them up, stunning them, and dealing damage too. Other champions hit by the Shockwave also get stunned and knocked up. You can use this to dominate and force win a team fight for your team.



8. Alistar:

Imagine a cow charging at you. Scary right? Now that's how the enemy team feels when you play Alistar!

Alistar can be the perfect pick if you want to engage on enemies while also having the ability to defend your teammates and disengage whenever needed! Alistar’s combo can seem hard but after a few tries you can easily master it and enjoy surprising the enemy team with a perfect engage. Alistar can also be intimidating, what’s more scary than a cow headbutting you?

They Didn't Expect This Alistar Engage
Start at: 00:02

What makes Alistar great for Engaging:

  • His Q "Pulverize". Alistar smashes the ground knocking up enemies for 1 second and deals damage too. 
  • His W "Headbutt". Alistar rams into the enemy and knocks them back. With the W and Q Combo, you can engage immediately on any target and ensure he gets CC for a decent amount of time. 
  • His E "Trample". Alistar deals damage to nearby enemies for 5 seconds, each pulse of damage stacks, and upon reaching 5 stacks you can stun all enemies around you. This is a great strategy after engaging with the W and Q combo to win the fight.



7. Galio:

Not just a great engage, but also looks super cool and feel heroic.

Galio is extremely fun to play, you can deal damage, CC the whole enemy team, and his ultimate can act as a short teleport making it easier for you to roam and turn team fights in your favor. Also, Galio gives a nice feeling of being badass with his ultimate, coming in and saving the day.

Galio Montage - Best Galio Plays - Satisfy Teamfight & Kill Moments
Start at: 00:27

What makes Galio great for Engaging:

  • His Ultimate “Hero’s Entrance”. Galio flies to the targeted ally’s location while giving all allies in that zone a shield. Upon landing, Galio knocks up all enemies and deals a good amount of magical damage. That’s how you can surprise enemies and turn around a team fight.
  • His W “Shield of Durand”. Galio taunts all enemies in the AOE around his W. This ability can be fatal if done properly as you can CC the whole enemy team and win the fight.
  • His E "Justice Punch”. Galio lunges forward and upon colliding with the first enemy, that enemy gets knocked up and receives magical damage, other enemies in the way also take damage.



6. Fiddlesticks:

Engaging when the enemy least expects it and CC the whole enemy team? Fiddlesticks is the short answer.

Playing Fiddlesticks is always fun because you feel like you always have the upper hand as you can engage and collapse on the whole enemy team especially if they position poorly. Apart from being great at the jungle, he’s also great at scaring the enemy team too.

Inspired's GAME WINNING Fiddlesticks Ulti
Start at: 00:09

What makes Fiddlesticks great for Engaging:

  • His Ultimate "Crowstorm". After channeling for 1.5 seconds Fiddlesticks deals a ton of magic damage to all nearby wherever he lands for 5 seconds. If you land this from the fog of war unseen you can deal a lot of damage and combine it with your Q so you would CC all of the enemy team. 
  • His Q "Terrify". Basically, it fears enemies and whenever an enemy is feared he receives more damage from Fiddlesticks if that enemy was recently feared by Fiddlesticks he receives even more damage. 
  • His E "Reap". This ability deals magic damage and slows enemies. Enemies in the center get silenced as a bonus. When combining this with the Ultimate and Q you can make the team fight even harder on the enemy team.



5. Sion:

Can you drive? It's okay if you can't because Sion will teach you to drive into the enemy team and engage like hell.

Sion is a great choice if you want to be able to engage, extend the fight, roam, and learn how to drive thanks to his ultimate.

Start at: 00:40

What makes Sion great for Engaging:

  • His Ultimate "Unstoppable Onslaught”. Sion charges unstoppably for 8 seconds and upon colliding with enemies they get stunned while other enemies in the area are slowed for up to 50% for 3 seconds all with some good damage dealt! You can surprise enemies by even running down from the base and engaging on them. 
  • His Q "Decimating Smash".Sion charges his axe and upon slamming it on the ground, enemies in the AOE get damaged, knocked up, and slowed if the ability is charged for 1 second. You can surprise enemies by hiding in a bush and casting it, by the time they see it they probably won’t react as fast as needed to dodge it making your fight easier and winnable.



4. Malphite:

A huge rock to engage perfectly on the enemy and even pick their carry easily.

What’s better than playing with a rock? You can charge at people, knock up all enemies, and also be annoyingly tanky!

Malphite Montage - God Plays
Start at: 00:49

What makes Malphite great for Engaging:

  • His Ultimate “Unstoppable Force”. Malphite dashes unstoppably and upon colliding with enemies he knocks up all enemies for 1.5 seconds and deals 400+ magic damage! This is Malphite’s unique ability and he can literally engage and win fights within 5 seconds with it. This synergizes really well with Yasuo’s ultimate so make sure you try it out!
  • His Q "Seismic Shard". Malphite launches a shard on an enemy -which is impossible to dodge- dealing damage, slowing the enemy, and gaining movement speed. What else can be fatal to an enemy? This can help take out the enemy team’s priority (ADC, MID, or a Fed target).
  • His passive “Granite Shield”. This makes Malphite fearless when engaging as it gives him a shield that absorbs damage making him tanky and that way you can extend the fight after engaging so you can turn it over in your favor.



3. Zac:

He might look like jello but he's sticky once he engages on someone.

Zac can be a great tool to surprise the enemy with a jumping engage. It can also be beneficial to be able to die once and get revived thanks to his passive! This gives you more flexibility and room for error.

Zac Montage - COMBO WOMBO
Start at: 6:06

What makes Zac great for Engaging:

  • His E “Elastic Slingshot”. Zac launches himself and knocks up enemies where he lands up to 1 second while also dealing damage. This is Zac’s main engage tool as it can be activated from the fog of war to surprise the enemy team and CC them all guaranteeing a winning fight.
  • His Ultimate “Let’s Bounce”. Zac bounces 4 times, when the first bounce hits each enemy they get knocked back and receive damage. The rest of the bounces slow enemies instead of knocking them back, all while Zac gains up to 50% movement speed. This can be used to engage on enemies or even after engaging as it guarantees a good amount of CC on the enemy team.
  • His Q “Stretching Strikes”. Zac stretches his arm, attaching it to an enemy that gets slowed and receives damage. If Zac attacks another enemy he gets both enemies knocked up towards each other while slowing all surrounded enemies and also dealing damage to all those targets. After engaging, you can use this to CC the enemy carries even harder and make it easier for your team to win the fight.



2. Amumu:

He might be crying the whole game but the enemy team will cry even harder after you engage with Amumu on them.

Sometimes crying means winning too. Amumu can engage well on the enemy and can CC the whole enemy team with his ultimate you can literally turn around the whole game.

Start at: 1:01

What makes Amumu great for Engaging:

  • His Q "Bandage Toss". Amumu launches a bandage that pulls him to the first enemy hit, stunning that enemy for 1 second and also dealing magic damage. This is his main engage tool as you can surprise enemies if you go in and stun their carry so you and your team can take them out. Combine this with your Ultimate to guarantee a winning fight. 
  • His Ultimate "Curse of the Sad Mummy". Basically, you click that ability and you stun all enemies around you for 1.5 seconds while also dealing some damage! You can use this right after you engage with your Q so you can give your team enough time to deal damage untouched. 
  • His W “Despair”. Amumu cries, making a pool of tears that deals damage to enemies around Amumu every second. This can help you win a fight as you can toggle it right after you engage with your Q so all enemy team can receive damage when they’re stunned by your Ultimate.



1. Leona:

Best engage champion in the game? Leona is the only answer.

Leona is the best champion to engage with on LOL. Her kit offers a lot starting with her ultimate and E to her Q and her tankiness that can give you the ability to take some damage and still be able to make an impact in the fight.

Leona Montage - Perma Stun
Start at: 3:10

What makes Leona great for Engaging:

  • Her Ultimate “Solar Flare”. Leona calls down a radiant beam of solar energy dealing damage, slowing enemies by 80%, and stunning all enemies in the center. This is a massive AOE CC and can be lethal when used to engage on the enemy team, they can’t react to this and will most likely get caught up.
  • Her E “Zenith Blade”. Leona thrusts with her sword of light dealing damage in her way. The last enemy to be struck will be rooted and Leona will dash to them. This ability is her signature, you can either engage, chase, or even disengage with this one. No one can escape Leona once she lands her E.
  • Her Q “Shield of Daybreak”. Leona’s next attack stuns the enemy for 1 second. Yet another stun in Leona’s kit! Using this right after engaging can prolong the CC chain on enemy carries and make it easier for your team to win the fight.



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