[Top 10] LOL Best Champions For One For All

LOL Best Champions For One For All
One For All is a festival, make sure you don't miss out!

In this article, you will know which champions you should vote for or at least ban during the One For All festive! One For All is so much fun but it can get a lot better if you use the information in this article.


Now let’s get to the fun part. Here is a list of the Top 10 LOL Best Champions For One For All:


10. Yorick:

You can't really ignore how strong Yorick is! I mean, look at his biceps!

Yorick can be annoying to play against as he can deal a good amount of damage, clear waves, and turn around fights with his ultimate. It’ll also feel good to keep your enemies in a cage all the time thanks to his W “Dark Procession”.

One for All Yorick Pentakill

What makes Yorick great for One For All:

  • His passive "Shepherd of Souls". Yorick summons Mist Walkers to swarm and attack nearby enemies, imagine how annoying it would be if it was 5 Yoricks. 
  • His Q "Last Rites". Yorick deals extra physical damage while also healing from the attack. If the blow kills the target it leaves a grave. Whenever you have 3 or more graves nearby you can recast Q and summon Mist Walkers from each grave. Now that’s a lot of Mist Walkers if there are 5 Yoricks!
  • His W "Dark Procession". Yorick traps enemies in a wall. In One For All you can exploit this and keep your enemy trapped for a long time!
  • His E “Mourning Mist". Yorick throws a globule that damages, slows, and marks enemies. Each marked enemy awakens nearby graves and takes 40% more damage from the awakened Mist Walkers. You literally build an army of Mist Walkers with Yorick in One For All.
  • His Ultimate “Eulogy of the Isles”. Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist which deals both AD and AP damage and raises Mist Walkers from nearby enemy deaths. This can be huge in One For All as you can destroy turrets easily with 5 Maidens.



9. Akali:

Attractive Akali strikes again but this time multiplied by 5!

Akali is a slippery champion thanks to her dash and her shroud but imagine if you can use 5 shrouds in the same game. Talking about unseen damage!

Chovy LCK Penta Kill on Akali

What makes Akali great for One For All:

  • Her passive "Assassin's Mark". If you attack an enemy that creates a ring of energy around them. Exiting that ring empowers Akali's next autoattack with bonus range and damage. 
  • Her Q "Five Point Strike". You deal both magic damage and physical damage in an arc while also slowing enemies. If you have five Akalis you would be able to affect the whole enemy team more than once in One For All!  
  • Her E "Shuriken Flip". Akali flips backward and deals both magic and physical damage.
  • Upon recast, you can dash to the marked target by the first cast and deal extra damage. 5 dashing Akalis? Sounds like horror to the enemy team!
  • Her W “Twilight Shroud”. Apart from the movement speed, imagine being invisible most of the game! As you can benefit from 5 Shrouds in One For All.
  • Her Ultimate "Perfect Execution". It's literally what it's called. Akali vaults to an enemy target and deals both magic and physical damage to all enemies on the way. Upon recast Akali dashes and deals more physical and magic damage based on the enemy's missing health. This can delete squishy enemies guaranteeing that you turn the fight but that’s times 5 because having 5 Akalis in a game shouldn’t be legal.



8. Illaoi:

Cosmic Invoker Illaoi. Isn't she a pretty killer? Try 5 of her, sounds like hell for the enemy team!

Illaoi is a beast in the solo queue but if you think about her in One For All you will probably be scared. Imagine 5 Illaoi players using her ultimate at the same time in a team fight. You would probably make the enemy team look like mashed potatoes.

illaoi 1v5 pentakill in one for all

What makes Illaoi great for One For All:

  • Her passive "Prophet of an Elder God". Illaoi spawns tentacles which attack souls, vessels, and enemies punished by Illaoi’s W “Harsh Lesson”. Imagine the number of dangerous tentacles around the map when you have 5 Illaois.
  • Her Q "Tentacle Smash". Illaoi swings her idol, causing a tentacle to slam forward dealing physical damage. You can end a fight with Ilaoi’s Q in One For All.
  • Her W "Harsh Lesson". Illaoi leaps on the target dealing a decent amount of damage while also making nearby tentacles slam at the target. 
  • Her Ultimate "Leap of Faith". Illaoi slams her idol into the ground, dealing huge damage to all enemies around and spawning a tentacle for each enemy hit. This means a lot of tentacles and a lot of damage with Illaoi in One For All.



7. Volibear:

Majestic reworked Volibear is so broken in the One For All mood that you might make someone rage quit!

If you like diving the enemy and making them feel useless under their turret then you should definitely try Volibear in One For All. If your whole team uses Volibear’s ultimate in sequence then you will surely make the enemy team feel like there is no place to hide.

Volibear PENTAKILL | ONE SHOT - ONE FOR ALL - League of Legends

What makes Volibear great for One For All:

  • His Q "Thundering Smash". Volibear gains more movement speed, deals more physical damage to the enemy, and stuns the target. If you have 5 Volibears then you basically have 5 stuns for the whole enemy team!
  • His W "Frenzied Maul". Volibear mauls an enemy dealing physical damage and marking the enemy, if this ability is used on a marked champion he receives increased damage and Volibear heals.
  • His E "Sky Splitter”. Volibear summons a thundercloud that fires a lightning bolt dealing magic damage, slowing enemies, and giving Volibear a shield if he’s inside the blast zone. This can be a ton of damage and no enemy can escape 5 thunderbolts at the same time.
  • His Ultimate "Stormbringer". Volibear leaps gaining extra health and attack range. Upon landing, Volibear disables nearby towers and deals a great amount of physical damage to nearby enemies. This ability can help you dive the whole enemy team when you have Volibear in One For All.



6. Fiddlesticks:

Try a 5 Fiddlesticks ultimate on the enemy team. Thank me later.

If you ever played against Fiddlesticks you will remember how scared you were that he wouldn’t use his ultimate on you out of the blue. In One For All, playing Fiddlesticks can be a nightmare to the enemy team thanks to his ultimate.

one for all - Fiddlesticks PENTAKILL

What makes Fiddlesticks great for One For All:

  • His Q "Terrify". Basically, it fears enemies and whenever an enemy is feared he receives more damage from Fiddlesticks, if that enemy was recently feared by Fiddlesticks he receives even more damage. With this ability, you can literally keep all your enemies on fear and keep damaging them in the One For All mode.
  • His W "Bountiful Harvest". Not only do you deal magic damage plus magic damage based on missing health to nearby enemies but you also heal for a percentage of the damage done. All 5 Fiddlesticks can heal for a decent amount while killing the enemy team. 
  • His E "Reap". This ability deals magic damage and slows enemies. Enemies in the center get silenced as a bonus. You can keep your enemies on silence for the whole team fight as each Fiddlesticks can cast this.
  • His Ultimate "Crowstorm". After channeling for 1. 5 seconds Fiddlesticks deals a ton of magic damage to all nearby wherever he lands for 5 seconds. For 5 Fiddlesticks in One For All this ability can be an ace for your team as you can synchronize it with your team members.



5. Urgot:

If you're in the mood for getting people off the game, try Urgot in One For All.

Most would say it’s always a tough lane against Urgot, but if you tried playing against Urgot in a One For All game then you surely know why he’s on the list. Urgot can be a living hell due to his tankiness, high damage, and CC. If you don’t pick him, at least ban him.

Urgot One for All Pentakill

What makes Urgot great for One For All:

  • His Q "Corrosive Charge". Urgot fires an explosive charge dealing a lot of physical damage while also slowing the target. With this ability in One For All your team can slow the whole enemy team.
  • His W "Purge". Urgot fires his chain gun at the closest enemy dealing decent damage over 3 times while having 40% Slow Resistance.
  • His E "Disdain". Apart from receiving a shield, the first champion hit is stunned and thrown behind urgot. All enemies Urgot collides with take extra damage. That means in One For All you can throw everyone behind you while keeping them stunned.
  • His Ultimate "Fear Beyond Death". Urgot impales the first champion his drill hits, damaging them for a great amount of physical damage and slowing them. If the enemy is below 25% Health, Urgot drags them to himself and finishes them. In One For All your team can drag the whole enemy team and end up acing the team fight.



4. Master Yi:

Slice the whole enemy team while being almost invisible thanks to Master Yi's Alpha Strike.

Playing Master Yi is always fun, but do you know what’s more fun than Master Yi? 5 Master Yi in the same team. No one can touch you and at the same time your team deals a ton of damage.

MASTER YI PENTAKILL One For All - 2021 Master Yi OFA League of Legends Meme Montage

What makes Master Yi great for One For All:

  • His passive "Double Strike". Every few consecutive Auto Attacks, Master Yi strikes twice. This will give you extra damage in a small-time which will help you kill enemies easier. 
  • His Q "Alpha Strike". His famous ability as you will be untargetable while dealing a lot of damage to all enemies around you as you strike them all with just one Q. This ability will make your team untouchable as you can all deal damage without being touched. 
  • His E "Wuju Style". With this ability being active you'll deal True Damage with each attack you land on an enemy for 5 seconds. 
  • His Ultimate "Highlander". When it's active you gain Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Immunity to slows for 7 seconds. This will make the whole team dangerous for 7 seconds and with your Q, the team will be too dangerous to deal with!



3. Kennen:

Some may say he looks small but trust me, he deals some good damage.

Kennen is an underrated pick but if you look closely you will know that his kit is full of damage, mobility, and fun! Using his E as a team can give you 2 seconds of dealing damage while being untouched. His ultimate is a main reason for him to be on this list. Try it out, you’ll love it!

One For All :Kennen Pentakill

What makes Kennen great for One For All:

  • His passive "Mark of the Storm". After every 3 abilities used on the same enemy, that enemy is stunned. As you have 4 other Kennens with you, this can help keep the whole enemy team stunned. 
  • His Q "Thundering Shuriken". Kennen throws a shuriken dealing a good deal of magic damage. This can help your team poke the enemy from a distance.
  • His W "Electrical Surge". Kennen sends a blast dealing magic damage to all enemies affected by his passive. If you have 5 Kennens on the team then you can damage the whole enemy team multiple times! 
  • His E “Lightning Rush”. Kennen turns into a ball gaining movement speed, dealing magic damage to all enemies he passes through, and becomes ghosted for 2 seconds! Your whole team can deal a lot of damage while being untouchable.
  • His Ultimate "Slicing Maelstorm". Kennen unleashes a magical storm dealing magic damage to all enemies around him per second! This means if all your team uses this ability at the same time you will be doing a great deal of damage to the enemy team and probably acing them.



2. Pyke:

Snatch enemies, deal damage, and win the fight easily with Pyke!

Pyke is a damage support. This means you can prepare plays for your team while also dealing damage and finishing off the enemy using your ultimate. Now if you have 5 Pyke on your team, wouldn’t that be a game changer?

One For All Pyke Pentas

What makes Pyke great for One For All:

  • His Q “Bone Skewer”. When holding this ability, upon release Pyke throws his harpoon damaging the first enemy it hits and pulling them towards him, then they are slowed by 90%! If all 5 Pykes did this you can surely guarantee at least one kill!
  • His W “Ghostwater Dive”. Pyke gains camouflage and movement speed. If all 5 Pykes do this at the same time you can sweep the whole map in short seconds!
  • His E “Phantom Undertow”. Pyke dashes leaving a phantom behind him that returns to him. Upon its return, it stuns the enemy and deals physical damage to enemy champions. In One For All you can stun the whole enemy team with your 5 Pyke E.
  • His Ultimate “Death From Below”. Pyke strikes all enemies in an X dealing decent damage and finishing off enemies below a certain amount of health. When an enemy dies, Pyke can recast this for free and kill another enemy! 5 Pykes can literally kill the enemy team with this ability only in One For All.



1. Darius:

Thinking about starting a basketball team? Try a team full of Darius to dunk the whole enemy team.

Darius is a definite pick or ban in One For All. If you pick darius you will surely have one of the most amusing games in LOL. Your passive can be easily stacked and your team can dunk the whole enemy team and sweep them easily.

ONE FOR ALL IS BACK 2021 - 5 DARIUS PENTAKILL - League of Legends Meme Montage

What makes Darius great for One For All:

  • His passive “Hemorrhage”. Darius’s attacks and spells cause your enemies to bleed for physical damage for 5 seconds. Whenever you get 5 stacks on a target you gain massive attack damage against that target. If you have 5 Darius on the team then this passive will be easily done making it so annoying for the enemy team.
  • His Q “Decimate”. Darius spins his axe dealing damage to all enemies around him while also healing if any target gets hit with the axe’s edge. Imagine if you can’t dodge this as an enemy to Darius, now imagine if you have 5 Darius spinning their axes! This means a lot of damage,
  • His E “Apprehend”. Its passive gives you armor penetration while if activated you pull your enemies towards you, knock them up, and slow them by 40%. Your team as 5 Darius team can literally keep all the enemy team on CC and deal a lot of damage meanwhile.
  • His Ultimate “Noxian Guillotine”. Darius leaps to an enemy and deals a real lethal blow! And for each Hemorrhage stack you deal even more damage. Basically your team will be dunking the enemy team and you will score an ace or even better a Pentakill!



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