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Ranged champions are the DPS role in League of Legends. The outcome of teamfights is dependent on the ADC or mid laner’s  ability to kite, and the rest of the team’s ability to set up plays and peel for them. 

For the ADC or similar ranged DPS player, kiting is as important as optimal clear path for Junglers or warding for Supports. Learning how to kite properly is the great barrier that players have to overcome to reach higher ranks, and this guide will provide guidelines on kiting and provide other resources.


Settings To Use 

Attack Move

One method of improving anyone’s ability to kite is by implementing the attack move feature. Attack move is a keybind that, when pressed, makes your champion attack the closest thing to where your cursor is or the thing closest to your champion (both options are configurable).


Toggle champion only

Under the Hotkeys setting, select “Abilities and Summoner Spells” tab and scroll down until you see the cell named “Toggle Champions Only” and bind it to a key bind. There is also an option to treat the keybind as a toggle rather than holding down the key in the Game section of the settings.


With this enabled, your champion can only target champions when right clicking, but aiming spells and attack moving will be unaffected.


Improving Kiting

Practicing orb walking/attack moving/kiting

Try out the settings listed above in a practice game to get a feel for the settings. Trying out certain items that aid in kiting helps too, such as Phantom Dancer, Blade of the Ruined King, Luden’s Echo, or Shurelya’s.


Playing ranged champions in ARAM

ARAM is a great tool to practice teamfighting, and in this scenario, playing ADCs or any ranged DPS provides valuable experience compared to the few teamfights per game in Summoner’s Rift.


Watching VODs of skilled players

Famous players and streamers have hours of content available on YouTube and Twitch. Some examples are Doublelift, Sneaky, Gosu, Kayle1v9, Drututt, and many more.


Improving mouse accuracy

One underrated skill is mouse accuracy. With how hectic teamfights can be with all the visual effects, losing track of your cursor while attempting to kite back and forth is a common occurrence. One method is to increase the cursor size or change to the legacy cursor.


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